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She was hurting, in more ways then one. She hated him for doing this to her. She hated herself for letting him do this to her. So what happens when she sees him again? When Laurent confronts Bella in the meadow, she is rescued just in the nick of time by the werewolves. But what if the werewolves were a second too late?

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2. Chapter 1

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Bella POV, One Year Later:

It had been exactly a year since I had been changed. I was counting.

I had no form of clock, only the moon--which now hung like a pale yellow saucer in the clear night sky. A full moon.

I’m not quite sure when exactly I went very-nearly-crazy. Perhaps it was just the stress of the fire, Edward, and Laurent that pushed me onto the brink of insanity. Perhaps it was when I smelt a hiker, my senses going into overdrive--craving for his blood--the beast coming loose inside me, that I gave up on life itself.

I lived amongst the bark and branches--high up in an old oak tree. I camouflaged quite well, hidden beneath a thick branch. I stayed up here, watching the sky--day by day, coming down only to hunt.

The tree was my home.

I was happier here.


It was colder then most mornings when he came--not that it had any affect on me. It was perhaps six o’clock, judging by the sun in the sky, and I had just climbed down from my tree when I saw him. He was a little short of six foot, tall and handsome, and evidently a vampire. Crystal skin and brown hair struck a pang of misery in me, he reminded me too much of… I couldn’t say it. He was of the same food source as me--animals--if his butterscotch eyes were anything to go by. He looked about my age, and smiled tentatively at me, taking two steps closer. He held out his hand, as if to show that he meant no harm.

“Who are you?” I croaked, shaking my vocal cords awake from their year long slumber. I took a step back. It was the first time I had ever run into another vampire in these woods.

“I beg your pardon, ma’am, I am Gabriel.” He took another two steps forward. I stayed where I was.

“And what are you doing here?” I said, my voice coming out a little cleaner.

“I was merely going to hunt, although I see that this is your territory. Are there any other of our kind here?”


“You are alone?”


“Then you must come and live with me and my coven!

It was such an out of the blue gesture that my mouth fell open.

I shut it quickly.

“I live with two other vampires, and I do believe we could offer you some company. That is, if you would like it?”

His voice went up at the end--a question. I vaguely realized I was supposed to answer.


I’m not quite sure how I ended up on a porch, with Gabriel at my side. He was very persuasive.

“You will love it here,” He was saying. “We have been searching for another member of our family for a long time. Aaron and Frances are very nice. None of us hunt humans--you maybe can tell by my eyes, as I see yours are the same color. We just moved here, to Forks, and are hoping that we can stay here for a while…”

He continued, telling me all about his family. I could tell I was going to get along with him.

The door swung open, after a couple seconds on the porch, and two other vampires stood there. The girl was a goddess, mahogany hair cascading gently down to her butt and dark lashes framing her wide set eyes. The boy was less handsome, heavily muscled, with a friendly air around him. Both greeted Gabriel and then turned to stare at me.

“This is Isabella,” introduced Gabriel. “Or Bella, as she prefers to be called. She was living in a tree north of the city, and I figured she could stay with us for a while.”


Fast forward: 40 years later

“Beeelllaaaa!” Frances called from downstairs. We were still in Forks, having moved around a lot, only to end up back here. “Its time for schoooooooooooolll!”

I growled softly. I hated school--especially this one. But Frances and Aaron loved it, so we continued to return.

A few seconds later, Frances bounded into my room. She reminded me a bit of Alice, with her cheerful personality and love of shopping. But she was much more beautiful. I sighed.

“Come on, silly goose!” She said, taking me by the wrists and towing me into my closet. She held up a frighteningly low cut black sweater, and some suffocating tight jeans. “I even picked you out a first day of school outfit. Now change.” She thrust them at me, and without waiting for a reply, walked out and shut the door.

“Fraaannnceess!” I whined. I pushed against the door, and it didn’t budge--Frances was holding the door closed. “Let me out!”

“Not chance. Not until you change.” I heard her giggle on the other side of the door.

Ughh… I pulled on the jeans and sweater, and in half a second decided that there was no way in hell I was wearing this. I yanked it off and opted for a navy blue turtle neck and more sensible white denim pants.

“Okay. I am dressed. Let me out.” Frances peeked at me from behind the door and frowned.

“You changed!” She accused. I nodded.

“Hey, I’m going to go ahead of you and stop by the meadow. I’ll see you in an hour!” I hugged her quickly and then sprinted downstairs.


Half an hour later, I was sprawled out across the floor or the meadow, basking in the warmth that the sun brought to my freezing skin. Despite all the pain and suffering this place brought back, it was the thing I missed most throughout our travels. Forks had changed a lot since I had been gone--Charlie had passed away, our house occupied by another happy family. The school was basically the same, but with new students, and a new building attached. I also happened to find out that the Cullen’s old house was occupied as well. I shook my head.

I was okay with this new life--even if I wasn’t completely happy with it. Gabriel, Frances, and Aaron blocked the gap in my chest, even if they couldn’t exactly fill it.

Aaron was like the big brother I never had. Over-protective and super strong--he reminded me of Emmett. He wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but he gave great bear hugs, and was always there for me.

Frances knocked out all the Cullen girls in one. With Rosalie’s beauty, Esme’s motherly compassion, and Alice’s bubbling personality, she was definitely one of a kind. She was Aaron’s husband/boyfriend, and was an amazing friend.

Gabriel was something special. I was closer to Gabriel then I was to Aaron or Frances. While part of that was the fact that he was the one who saved me from my insanity, there was another part that I couldn’t quite grasp. We were only close friends--I loved him like I had Jacob--but I was sure that had it not been for Edward, we would have been more. But my heart had been broken one time to many, and I wasn’t going through that again.

As for vampire talents, we were a plentiful group. Aaron, while being super strong, could also sense any other vampires for a hundred miles. Frances was a telekinetic, being able to lift things with her mind. Gabriel… well, his was a coincidence.

Gabriel could read minds.

Some might call it fate, some may see it as a coincidence. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I knew it was strange.

As for me, well, I could control minds.


Flashback: Thirty seven years ago

After three years as a vampire, I finally found my power.

I had been reading a book, perched on the couch. I was thirsty, but didn’t feel like going hunting. It was more of a thought, actually. I wish Aaron would bring me back an elk.

Aaron had been out hunting, at the time, and three seconds after I thought it, the door opened and in walked Aaron--a dead elk over his shoulder, blood visible from the cuts.

“Um, Bella, I brought you something.” He blinked twice, dropped the elk, and turned around and sprinted back outside. I was puzzled, to say the least, but thankful for the elk.

The second occurrence happened two weeks later, while me and Frances were watching a movie in her room. Both of us were sprawled on her hot pink vinyl couch, on opposite sides, our legs colliding in the middle.

I didn’t have enough leg room, so I thought again: Ughh… I wish Frances would move her legs a little bit to the left. A split second after I thought it and she moved her legs.

The third occurrence was a couple months later, while we were congregated in the living room, reminiscing on different stories. Gabriel was telling some embarrassing story of my first experience eating human food as a vampire, and I hated it. If I had been a human, I would have been scarlet.

How does he still remember that story? Curse vampire memory. I wish he would just forget it!

He stopped mid-sentence, whilst everyone else was laughing, and asked:

“What’s so funny?”

We all turned to look at him, and had to retell the story to him, after which he laughed as if it was the first time he heard it. In a way, it was.

I figured out that I could control other people’s minds--to some extent. I could sort of hypnotize people--bend them to my will. And I could control memories--make someone think that something happened when it didn’t, or make someone forget something like I had with Gabriel. I had already known I could resist all mind-related vampire powers--that had been proven when I was a human. But this was new.

It made sense, when you thought about it. I had always wondered why I was so different from other people--someone had compared it to the radio--I was an AM station and everybody else was FM. I had a private mind.


So mind reading was my special talent. It was fun to have, to say the least--I had spent many hours hypnotizing (if you could call it that) people and laughing at the way they tripped over the back of the couch, or poured water down the back of Frances shirt and received an extreme beating… Yet it also came in handy a lot.

I had never told my new family about my past--it brought back too many painful memories. Instead, I preferred to live in the present, and enjoy the company I had come to crave.


A small twig cracked behind me, and I panicked. If it was a human, I was dead--the sun had me glittering like a live crystal. But then how come I couldn’t smell the blood?

I turned around quickly--and my heart flipped.

In the entrance to the clearing, stood one man I thought, and hoped, never to see again. However, fate never tends to respect your wishes. There, between two trees that formed a sort of arch above his head, stood Edward Cullen.

I must be dreaming…