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She was hurting, in more ways then one. She hated him for doing this to her. She hated herself for letting him do this to her. So what happens when she sees him again? When Laurent confronts Bella in the meadow, she is rescued just in the nick of time by the werewolves. But what if the werewolves were a second too late?

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3. Chapter 2

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Edwards POV:

Rain drummed on the shingles of the roof, an intricate beat playing through my head. I was perched on my black leather couch, my arms around my knees, thinking.

I found that since school had started, I had had plenty of time to think. Too much time to think.

Thinking always led to her, a subject I tried to avoid. You might think that after 41 years I would have forgotten--would have moved on. You thought wrong.

Vampire’s never forget--people like me never move on. Despite the nagging of my friends and family to ‘get a life’, as they put it, I persevered in my misery. Being miserable served me right.

I glanced up at my bare walls--the music that had once dominated the room was now a pile of ashes somewhere north of Kansas. The only thing that rested there now was a small oak bedside table, with a stack of papers and a single CD resting on it. The CD was in a black case with an intricate cover… a replica of the one I gave to Bel--it hurt to say her name. The only other furniture in the room was the couch, and the rug.

I stared out the window at the sleeting rain, wishing for my life to end. After I had heard of Bella’s death, I had tried to escape to Italy many times--each attempt was thwarted by a very angry future-telling Alice. After a few tries, though, I gave up, and continued to live my life as a walking zombie, oblivious to the world around me.

Which, looking back, was probably the reason I wasn’t informed on the appearance of four new vampires in the city. Although, even if I had been informed, I probably wouldn’t have taken interest. How was I supposed to know that the fate of my existence rested behind the doors of that house?

At seven a.m., I got in my car. I still had half an hour before school, so I decided I would make a stop at the meadow. It was my favorite place to be on days like these, when I was feeling so down about myself. It brought back happy memories.

The rain had stopped, and a fragile sun poked out from behind the clouds. I hopped out of the Volvo, and took off towards my secret spot, enjoying the sparkle of my skin.

Unfortunately, as I got there, I found that my spot was not-so-secret after all. Another sparkling figure lounged in the tall grass, her face hidden by a mane of chocolate hair. I was taken aback by her scent--it smelled like… freesia.

I stepped back, disappointed that my spot had been discovered, and stepped directly on a frail twig. It snapped under my weight.

Immediately, the still figure sprung to life, whirling quickly to face me.

I froze.

Facing me was the one being I craved more then life itself, the one person I spent every waking hour of my life thinking about, the one girl I had left more then forty years ago--who had died a year after.

In front of me stood Isabella Swan.

I blinked.


Frances’s POV:

I was downstairs just in time to hear Aaron:

“Yes, there is another group of vampires just outside the city. There are seven of them. Judging by the… scent, they share the same food source as us.”

I frowned. Seven? I had never met a group that large before.

“Does Bella know?” I asked. Bella had always been… nervous, about the appearance of other vampires. I had no idea why, as every time I asked she would distract me with something else, but she seemed to feel the need to stay away from any others of our kind.

“No.” Aaron said, “She left before I could tell her. I think we will be fine, though. They seem harmless enough.”

She will be fine, I thought. However, I was very, very wrong.