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She was hurting, in more ways then one. She hated him for doing this to her. She hated herself for letting him do this to her. So what happens when she sees him again? When Laurent confronts Bella in the meadow, she is rescued just in the nick of time by the werewolves. But what if the werewolves were a second too late?

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4. Chapter 3

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Bella POV:

My immediate reaction was panic.

Why was he here? Is this just an advanced illusion? I thought I gave up on those forty years ago! He looks just as surprised as me. Is this really a dream? A daymare? How come Aaron didn’t see this! What if…

My thoughts were jumbled, but one thing was clear:

I needed to get out of here.

In one fluid motion, I stood up and took off into the surrounding forest, never pausing until I reached my car. I flung open the door and got in, mashing down the locks.

What had just happened?


Edward POV

I’m not quite sure how long I stood there.

Eventually, though, she disappeared.

I felt the warm grass collide with my knees, then the palms of my hands, and then my cheek.

I lay like that for a long time.


Bella POV

How could he do this to me?

I had come to the conclusion that I had in fact witnessed Edward at the meadow--although it contrasted strongly against all logical thought. I no longer could sleep--ruling out the possibility of a dream. If he was indeed an illusion, he would have done something--anything--but he wouldn’t have just stood there. And he wouldn’t have looked surprised.

Maybe I’ve died, and this is Hell? Or heaven, I suppose, depending on how you look at it. But as far as I was concerned, I hadn’t died in the past few weeks--ruling out that possibility.

So all that was left was the incredulous concept that he might have actually been there, been standing close enough to touch, only a few feet away.

I shivered.

Maybe he had come looking for me? The thought slipped out before I could shove it back in. NO! I told myself firmly. Don’t hope…

Hoping wouldn’t get me anywhere. He didn’t love me anymore, and that was that.

I threw my car in drive and sped home.


Alice POV

As the figure spun around, a pang of familiarity washed through me, and I froze. She looked exactly like she did forty years ago, only prettier. The sun glinted off her skin in a dazzling array of sparkles, and her ocher eyes gazed out beneath chocolate colored lashes--the image of a vampire. I gasped, locked inside the vision.

I saw the immediate flash of recognition in Edward’s eyes, followed by disbelief, joy, and a thousand other unrecognizable emotions the last was sadness. Come on Edward! I thought inside the vision, willing him to do something--anything. But he only stood there, hopelessness and misery dominating his facial features.

Bella gracefully stood up and took off running, leaving Edward there alone…

I shook myself out of the vision, and allowed my chin to hit my chest.

Oh. My. God.

Either this could possibly be the happiest day this family has ever seen since we left Forks for the first time, or God was playing an awfully mean trick on us.

“JAAASSSPPPERRRR!!!” I shrieked, sprinting up the stairs and nearly knocking the door down in my haste to get into our room. Jasper looked up from a book he was reading, visibly flinching away from the jovial happiness that must be shooting out of me right now.

“We need to go get Edward. Bella’s back.”


Frances POV

Tap, tap, tap. Tap-tap, tap-tap.

I whirled in my seat and turned to face the human boy behind me, who sat, tapping his pencil in irritating rhythms on the back of my chair. He froze as I scowled at him, and gently placed his pencil next to his paper. I frowned, and turned back around.

How come Bella wasn’t here yet?

It was 7:59--she was 29 minutes late.

Ughhh! She said that she would be here! That little liar… Well she was going to get a strict talking to from me when we got home.

Tap-tap, tap, tap. Tap-tap, tap, tap.

I whirled again, and the boy immediately set his pencil down, smiling apologetically. I narrowed my eyes, but turned back around.

I had a gut feeling that it had something to do with the vampires. Every time we got somewhere with more than one vampire in town, she panicked, and we had to leave immediately. She got especially nervous when the group was over five.

I wasn’t quite sure what had spurred this extreme fear of vampires, nor was I rude enough to ask, but I guessed it had something to do with her past. Every time any of us asked anything about her human life, she would shrug and change the subject.

Tap, tap, tappity-tap. Tap, tap-tap, tap-tap.

Holy cow! Was this boy trying to drive me insane?!

I whirled around to face him for the third time. This time, I didn’t even give him a scowl or glare. I simply took the pencil, snapped it in half, and laid the pieces next to his paper. I gave him a mocking smile, and turned back around, satisfied.

I settled back down into my chair, looking at the clock again. 8:04.


Edward POV:

Eventually a clear thought ran through my head:

Did I just see what I think I saw?

The answer was no. It had to be. Bella… died, forty years ago. I went to her funeral. My imagination was playing tricks on me.

But, in all my fantasies, Bella had been human. I remembered distinctly in this one that she was sparkling, her golden eyes blinking back at me. I finally understood why she had said topaz was her favorite color…

Either way, I wouldn’t have pictured Bella as a vampire. Which made me wonder… what if she really was there?

My dead heart flipped in response, hope bubbling up through me. I squashed it down. Don’t hope! I told myself firmly. She couldn’t still be here--she died--unless… What if death was only an excuse for her transformation? What if she was turned by someone else, and now…

NO! Not possible. Don’t hope!

It was then that I noticed that I was not alone, I looked up, into six pairs of concerned eyes. My entire family stood in front of me, each smiling. Well, all but one. But at least Rosalie didn’t look mad…

I finally found my voice. “Wh-why aren’t you at school? Carlisle, why aren’t you at work?”

He smiled reassuringly. “Alice saw everything, Edward.”

I let my mouth fall open. They saw it? She was really here? Or was this some kind of sick joke?

Carlisle continued, “So where is she?”

This couldn’t be a joke. My family knew how moody I was, and how sensitive I was about her. Which left only one option--she really was here. The thought elated me, but I attempted to keep my emotions in check. Jasper was less then a foot away.

I tried to keep cool. “She left about half an hour ago.”

Alice jumped up. “EDWARD! Snap out of this! The love of your life is in a fifty mile radius and you are SITTING HERE LIKE AN IDOT! GET OFF OF YOUR BUTT AND GO APOLOGIZE!!” I flinched. No. I couldn’t do that. Bella couldn’t possibly love me after all I’d put her through, and… I couldn’t either.

No. Deep down I knew that was a lie--the blackest of blasphemy. But my non-living heart was too broken…