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The Elusive Edward Cullen

Edward's first visit to Bella in Twilight. This is her dream.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer rocks! The people are hers...not mine.

1. Chapter 1

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After taking a long, hot shower, I put on my pajamas. I entered my room and crawled under the nice, warm blankets. My mind began to race, analyzing my conversation with Edward. He hadn’t spoken to me in six weeks. So, why had he decided to change things today?

When it came to Edward Cullen, I found that I was a little Obsessive Compulsive. It made me feel like I was just a tad crazy. I over analyzed everything he did. That’s what made today’s little chat so hard for me to get out of my head.

What had he meant by “it’s better if we’re not friends”? His ignoring me had made it pretty obvious that we were not friends. So what kind of statement was that? What point was he trying to make?

Then there was my comment on the fact that he must have regretted saving me from Tyler’s van. He said he didn’t regret it. At least I think that’s what he meant by “you don’t know anything”.

Who was this guy and what was his deal? I hadn’t done anything to deserve his bizarre behavior -- had I? He always seemed so distant even sitting right next to me in class.

I must have finally found sleep because I was no longer in my room.

I was walking across the school campus in the dark. The only light I could see was Edward’s silhouette walking away from me. I called out to him. “Edward.” He must not have heard me because he didn’t turn around or even slow down.

As I tried to follow him, quickening my pace, Mike stopped me. I kept looking over his shoulder trying to keep my focus on Edward. Mike wanted to talk about the stupid dance and Jessica. I only wanted him to go away so I could catch up to Edward. I blew him off and resumed my quest.

I hadn’t gotten very far at all when Eric came into view. Leave me alone! I didn’t even stop walking. He walked along side of me for a few steps and then slowed. The next time I noticed he was gone.

I’ve got to find Edward.

It felt like I had lost something. Not something; someone. I began to panic.

Where had he gone?

A figure appeared out of the darkness, but it was not who I wanted -- who I needed.

Tyler. I looked right through him. He was talking, but I didn’t listen. I simply pushed past him instead. I didn’t even care if I’d hurt his feelings.

My panic was starting to turn into terror as I continued searching.

Where was he? My eyes scanned the courtyard looking for the light in the darkness. I saw him in the distance. “Edward.” He paused. My heart leapt in my chest. I hurried to catch him. As I got closer to him, he simply faded into nothing. I searched; but he was nowhere to be found.

Again, even in my dreams, he seemed to be a mystery.