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trust her with your life and your eternity


How Alice and Jasper met, according to Eclipse.

1. trust her with your life and your eternity

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She waits, sitting calmly with perfect patience in her eyes. Completely still -- unmoving as a fragile girl's stone statue. Who is she? he wonders, gazing at her from across the granite-topped bar. Her eyes are alluring, a golden-honey color that brings other sweet things to mind, like angels and happiness and love. Flawless beauty and pale, pale skin, so striking against raven-black hair. A sudden urge to reach out and touch it hits him, to feel the silky softness beneath his fingers, imagining that the dark color would simply slide off her hair.

He does not touch her, of course. Her presence brings many questions into his mind, but he is too well-mannered to approach her. But there is a simpler reason; talking to her is a frightening idea. Something about this small, delicate woman puts him on edge, and he is afraid of her. His most basic instincts tell him to keep far away, even as her calm beauty draws him closer. For there is something inexplicable that makes him believe she is far older and far wiser than she appears.

The rain beats on the windows, a ceaseless drumming that mingles with the murmuring of dozens of voices, intertwining in a soothing lullaby. The sky outside is gray-blue with clouds and deepening sunset, for it is twilight. And still, the woman waits.

Who is she waiting for?

And at that moment, a man walks in. The owner of this diner, having surreptitiously observed the pixie-haired woman, can tell immediately that this man is the one she is waiting for. His hair is blond and cropped, military-style, and he is tall and muscular. His skin is the exact pale shade as hers, and the timeless look in his dark eyes is the same.

Her eyes brighten when she sees he has arrived, and she leaps off her barstool with the agile grace of a ballet dancer. They stand before one another -- one awkward, the other radiant. A few quiet words, unheard over the din of so many other conversations, and then they are holding hands, walking out into the darkening night.

And as they fade from sight, the man behind the counter wonders if he'll ever see anything like it again.

x x x

The emotions emanating from her are difficult to understand, because he has never felt anything like it before. She emits blinding bursts of happiness and something else he can't quite place, something beautiful and painful, like staring at the sun. Something that sears his heart and paralyzes him so that he cannot look away.

And so, without a further thought, he takes her tiny hand in his. It's an instinct to him, something inside him that leads him to trust her when he has never trusted anyone in his life. As they touch, a fluttering feeling settles deep within his chest and he knows this is where he belongs. This is love, he realizes wonderingly. And she is my soul mate.

He does not know how he has come to this conclusion. As they walk out of the city and into the surrounding forest, all he knows is that this is the first certain thing to happen to him, ever. The presence of this woman warms his heart and makes him feel as though their love knows no bounds.

She laughs, a high, tinkling laugh, because she is just as caught up in the play of his emotions as he is. Whether as a result of his supernatural gift or because she is already giddy and has been since before they ever met -- their happiness and their love is one, and it is hard for him to distinguish the difference between their separate feelings. He loves her, and he influences her to love him, and she loves him even more, and it's a circle and a cycle and he never wants it to end.

They talk endlessly that night, because however much that he knows they are in love, he still knows next to nothing about this strange beautiful woman. In the bright glow of the starlight their skin shines silver, lying on their backs in a clearing, their marble fingers intertwined.

x x x

She had always known that he is the one for her. The first thing that she remembers is his face, filling her vision -- her second-sight -- and seeing that they would live together, forever. She had known that he would love her, and that she would love him.

But as she lays beside him in that starlit clearing, she realizes she hadn't known anything.

Hadn't imagined the feeling of his skin against hers, hadn't thought of how perfect they were together. This is beyond anything she could have dreamed, anything she could have seen. All she wants to do is hold him close, and so she does, turning on her side and wrapping her tiny arms around his muscled body. She can feel his contentment -- even though she doesn't have his gift of sensing emotions, his feelings are written all across his face.

And, luckily for her, they don't have to move anytime soon.

She sighs happily in his embrace, because this is the only place she wants to be. She feels she could easily ignore those primal instincts -- to hunt, to drink -- as long as she has him next to her. But how could she expect the same from him? She knows he is thirsty; she's seen his eyes, darker than midnight, deeper than the ocean. He has to hunt, and she will help him. They can do everything together, now.

Her concern alerts him, and he stares down at her with those dark eyes. A sigh, and then they're running back toward the town, with him in the lead.

She has to teach him -- he doesn't know her way of life just yet --

"Wait, Jasper."

A small tug on his hand, and they've stopped. "Yes?"

"Can I show you something?"

He's confused, but she's calm and he's soothed by that. She leads him far away from town and its living streams of blood, full of that tantalizing scent. They're soon in front of a deer, who freezes in fear, staring them down.

She skips daintily over to the animal and quickly breaks its neck, blood flowing out of the wound. Jasper's eyes narrow the tiniest bit, but in a flash he is drinking, quenching his thirst with something that isn't quite as satisfying, but for now, it'll do.

When he is done, Alice takes his hand again. "I don't drink from humans," she says earnestly, and he stares at her. "Please, could you do that much for me?"

"Anything for you, Alice," Jasper whispers, though the words are hard for him to say. "Anything for you."