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Fire and Ice

**ECLIPSE SPOLIERS** this takes place in ch 22 of Eclipse. This is Edward's POV of the conversation held between Jacob an Edward. it has all the dialoge from the ch, just it includes edward's thoughts instead of Bella's and hears what Jaocb has to say through Edward's head! Please read!

Enjoy! this will have to be about two to four ch even though it is only one ch in the book. It was to long ot be one ch, so it will be split up in to several.

1. Fire and Ice- Part 1

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The wind shook the tent again and so did my angel. She was huddled in the jacket and a down bag, on the other side of the tent. I sat as far away from her as possible. I didn’t want to increase that level of cold from the temperature of my skin.

I wanted to help her ever so badly, but I would only make it worse. I wanted to take her into my arms and cuddle her till she was warm again. But I could do no such thing, so I sat as far away from her as possible and tried to think of something to do. I had suggested making a run for it dozens of times already, but she refused every one of them.

We both knew that it would only make things possibly worse. For one thing, it was even colder out there with the wind howling and the snow blowing. Plus all of the work done today would be worthless and she could get hurt if for some reason we came across the others. I may be strong, but I could not take down nineteen vampires while trying to protect my angle too.

Lastly, everything we did this afternoon would be a wasted effort. I knew she definitely knew that and that is what was keeping her up here. We probably wouldn’t have enough time to redo everything before the battle and we would have to think up a new plan in less than a few hours.

“W-w-w-w-w-what t-t-t-t-time is it?” she managed to get out through her chattering teeth.

“Two,” I simply answered.

I wanted to comfort her so much. With my luck, she would get terribly sick after this little trip, but she would be safe. This was my idea and why I didn’t factor in everything at the time, I’m not sure.

“Maybe…” I started again. We should leave, but only if she asked me to, I wasn’t forcing her unless we must.

“No…I’m f-f-f-f-f-fine, r-r-r-really, I don’t w-w-w-want to g-g-go outside.” She trembled.

Oh, she looked fine right now. She was so stubborn and unselfish. I wanted to voice my thoughts, but I didn’t think she would appreciate them right now.

“What can I do?” I begged. I wanted to help her somehow, anyway I could. I felt so helpless. Guilt and frustration overwhelmed me.

She just shook her head, to cold to even talk. Out in the snow, the dog whined at me. He knew Bella was freezing right now and his thoughts shouted at me.

“Do something!!! She is going to die if we don’t do something and I can hardly just walk in there and comfort her. What are you doing to help?”

I ignored his thoughts right now. I didn’t need more guilt. I couldn’t help her this time. The desire to take her into my arms was nagging at me, but it wouldn’t do any good. It might calm her for a minute, but it wouldn’t help with the cold she was suffering at the moment.

“G-g-g-get out of h-h-h-here!” Bella ordered her friend. Somehow, even when freezing to death she could still worry about that mongrel.

“He’s just worried about you.” I tried to comfort her. He wasn’t even cold; he was just worried about her.

“He’s fine. His body is equipped to deal with this.” I added.

“H-h-h-h-h-h-h.” she had started to say something but either thought better of it or couldn’t even get it out. Her teeth chattered and she shivered uncontrollably.

The dog whimpered loudly again, a very high pitched sound. His thoughts yelled at me again.

“DO SOMETHING, YOU BLOODSUCKER! Can’t you see she is suffering?”

“What do you want me to do?” I growled back. I didn’t even add any politeness that I had been trying to give to him lately. “Carry her through that? I don’t see you making yourself useful. Why don’t you go fetch a space heater or something?”

His thought growled back to me, but I ignored them once again, knowing exactly what they would say. My Bella whimpered in the corner.

“I’m ok-k-k-k-k-k-kay,” she protested back. I groaned back, unconvinced.

“Hardly” I spoke under my breath, doubting that her ears picked up the words. Jacob too grumbled outside the tent, too unconvinced.

The tent rocked harder with the wind blowing roughly outside. She trembled with it. That dog howled loudly outside, scaring Bella even worse. She covered her ears against the noise. I wanted to go knock some sense in to him or maybe something harder, but this was hardly the time or place.

“That’s hardly necessary.” I muttered back to him.

I opened up to his thoughts and I almost screamed back to him at his outrageous idea. He expected me to just let him in here, in to this small tent. He could lose control in second with both of us in here and Bella wouldn’t survive it.

“And that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard,” I voiced my thoughts aloud. I knew he could respond back now, out loud also.

“Better then anything you’ve come up with.” I saw Bella jump ever so lightly, his human voice startled her. “Go fetch a space heater,” he grumbled under his breath “I’m not a St. Bernard.”

He unzipped the tent to the smallest opening, despite my concerns. The artic wind flowed in around him and a few flacks landing amongst the tent floor. Bella shivered so hard, it was more like a convulsion.

“I don’t like this,” I hissed at him as he zipped it back up and stood at the front of the opening, holding a parka in a balled up fist. His thoughts were complaining about the horrid smell. When he saw Bella they quickly turned to blaming me for letting this go do far.

“Just give her the coat and get out.” I commanded, already worrying about him losing control around my precious, yet freezing Bella.

I could tell she was thoroughly confused at the moment, not understanding that we were half talking through our heads. “W-w-w-w-w-w-w?” she couldn’t’ get the hole word out of her lips.

“The parka’s for tomorrow-she’s too cold to warm it up by herself. It’s frozen.” He dropped it by the door. “You said she needed a space heater, and here I am.” The pup held his arms open wide or as wide as the tent would allow.

A deep growl threatened to make its way out of my throat. He was not getting near my Bella. He was already closer than I wanted him to be. There was no way that he was just going to cuddle up to her, even if it was to keep her warm.

His thoughts or his little fantasies raged through his mind and I desperately wanted to pounce on the dog.

“J-J-J-J-Jake, you’ll f-f-f-freez-z-z-ze.” Bella complained in the corner. She was still shivering uncontrollably. For a brief moment I considered letting the dog comfort her. NO! He was no getting any closer.

“Not me, I run at a toasty one-oh-eight point nine these days. I’ll have you sweating in no time.”

The growl grew deeper in my throat and I couldn’t hold it back. The dog didn’t even take notice. Instead he inched closer to my Bella and unzipped the sleeping bag.

No! This was no happening, I would not allow. I reached forward and placed a firm hand on the vile mongrel’s shoulder, stopping him in his tracks. His nostrils flared, jaw clenched, the deep rumble in his chest. He was ready to fight back; I would push him out of the tent before he even considered phasing.

“Get your hands off me!” he growled at me through his clenched teeth, preparing to defend himself.

“Keep your hands off her,” I growled back also, defending my precious Bella.

“D-d-d-don’t f-f-f-f-fight!” Bella interrupted our hatred stares at one another. Another tremor rocked through her.

“I’m sure she’ll thank you for this when her toes turn black and drop off,” the dog snapped back. I held my hand tight again on his shoulder, then hesitantly dropped it too my side. I gave one last look at my freezing, precious Bella, and then crawled back into the corner.

His thoughts disturbed me immensely. He was going get to comfort MY Bella tonight. He would get to wrap his arms around her and hold her to his chest. He was able to comfort her and… I couldn’t. He loved the thought and it screamed through his head. Although it revolted me significantly.

“Watch yourself!” I warned the mutt in my darkest voice. He merely chuckled to himself. He took pleasure in the fact that it displeased me greatly.

“Scoot over, Bella.” The mutt unzipped the sleeping bag with a huge, smug grin spread across his face.

It took a moment for Bella to realize what Black was doing. Then as it came to her, almost like a light bulb flicking on in her head, she started to protest.

“N-n-n-n-n,” she objected.

“Don’t be stupid. Don’t you like having ten toes?” The mutt teased her. I could see indecision flicker across her face. She didn’t seem to want to be any closer to this dog, then I wanted her too, but she also seemed eager to get the warmth from his body.

Jacob crammed his way in to the nonexistent space. His thoughts made me scowl and I held back the very tempting idea to rip him to pieces for being so darn close to Bella.

The moment Bella touched his feverish skin, she relaxed and signed in content. His arms constricted around her, holding her to his bare chest. He cringed from the coldness of her skin when pressed up against him.

“Jeez, you’re freezing, Bella!” he complained out loud and in his thoughts, only his words out loud were somewhat more polite than the ones spoke in his childish yet zealous head.

“S-s-s-s-sorry.” She stuttered. Her shivers were dieing down, becoming more controlled, and for that I was thankful for.

“Try to relax.” Another shiver rippled through her, but she still was improving. “You’ll be warm in a minute. Of course, you’d warm up faster if you took off your clothes.” He smiled eagerly in his thoughts and I growled at him, warning him to keep those thoughts to himself.

“That’s just a simple fact, survival one-oh-one.” He defended himself. Although he was correct, he wasn’t joking. He made that clear through his mind, which he knew I was listening to intently. Even though I tried to cut it off, it was hard to stop when they were about my Bella.

“C-c-cut it out, Jake! N-n-n-nobody really n-n-n-n-needs all ten t-t-t-toes.” I could tell she tried to pull away form him, but it was hard to resist his heated body with the arctic wind blowing fiercely outside.

“Don’t worry about the bloodsucker. He’s just jealous.” He smiled to me, knowing he hit a spot with his words or more the truth that he so eagerly wished to get out of me.

“Of course I am.” I replied to his question that he desired to be answered. “You don’t have the faintest idea how much I wish I could do what you’re doing for her, mongrel.”

“Those are the breaks. At least you know she wishes it was you.” He spoke the truth and it did help in a way.

“True.” I answered simply. I could tell Bella was getting close to unconsciousness with the shudders more under control. She was warm in the arms of my enemy.

“There, feeling better?” he seemed pleased that he could help and in this physical way that displeased me so much.

“Yes.” She spoke clearly for the first time.

“Your lips are still blue. Want me to warm those up for you, too? You only have to ask.” He smiled zealously as he teased her, though he deeply wished that she would say yes. I just signed heavily, laughing at his attempts in my head.

“Behave yourself.” Bella muttered to him as she pressed her face into his bare shoulder. He cringed at the coldness and I think I saw Bella smile in satisfaction. That’s my Bella.

I heard a scuffle of feet and I realized that Bella was kicking off her boots. She pressed her close to frost bit feet against his warm legs, under the sleeping bag. He scowled again, then leaned in and pressed his head against her numb ear. I watched his every move with jealously and wrath. But I was relived that Bella was warm and I mainly tried to focus on that idea.

It was silent for the moment, expect for the howling wind and Jacobs thoughts that ran through my head. Oh do I wish he could control them. They were tempting my self control.

“Jake? Can I ask you something? I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, I’m honestly curious.” They both chuckled at a private joke. All I caught was that those were the same words used in another conversation.

“Sure.” Jacobs sighed remembering.

“Why are you so much furrier than your friends? You don’t have to answer if I’m being rude.”

“Because my hair is longer.” He gave her the simple answer. He leaned down and tickled her with his hair that fell past his chin. I gagged.

“Oh. Then why don’t you cut it? Or do you like to be shaggy?” she pressed on.

I laughed out loud and Bella turned her head towards me, wondering my reason. She seemed guilty as she snooped.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. You don’t have to tell me.”

“Oh, he’ll tell you anyway, so I might as well… I was growing my hair out because… it seemed like you liked it better long.” I waited out Bella’s reaction. He was right though, if he didn’t tell her I would, it amused me too much to keep it to myself.

“Oh, I, er, like it both ways, Jake. You don’t need to be… inconvenienced.” She found it awkward, and didn’t seem to want to respond.

He shrugged. “Turns out it was very convenient tonight, so don’t worry about it.”

Bella slowly started to relax further in his arms as the silence lengthened. Her eye lids dropped and then shut as her breathing became slower and even.

“That’s right honey, go to sleep.” She sighed, already half unconscious. This was one moment that I do wish to read her thoughts. To see if it is me who she wishes had their arms around her. I could never be sure and I did fear that she wanted to be with Jacob more than she realized.

Which brought on the whole other fight of who was right for her. Of course she was better off with that wolf, but it is not him who she wishes to be with. So where does that leave my decision. What position should I choose? I wanted to stay with her, but I was not healthy for her. Wait! I would not let my self press this issue further, at least not tonight. She has chosen me; she has chosen to be married to me and to be with me for eternity. I should not worry, but I am a man deep under this vampire being, and I am jealous of a werewolf, how weird.