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The only Life Worth Living

This poem is very romantic. it's about Bella's love for Edward, and how even his being a vampire could not frighten her away.


1. The only life worth living

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When he smiles, his fangs show slightly.

That sight does not have the effect on me I thought it would. . . .

It makes my stomach go tight with butterflies.

For I know that he is smiling at me.

And even though his fangs may threaten me,

I know that they will never act.

He is a better vampire than the ones who feast on humans.

Edward is "My Angel",

we are in love,

a vampire and a human.

Something that no one would ever even think could happen.

But we are,

in a sweet love that no one can deny, or stop.

Our love is an infinite time in which no one understands.

We can only understand how we feel about each other.

We can be the only ones to see how great the strength of our love is.

It is stronger than any strength ever known to man and to vampire.

I believe that the only life worth living is a life where love has founded it.

And so, "My Angel" smiles down at me.

and even though his fangs are sharp and dangerous,

I will be there beside him,


for I know that he would not hurt me.

For we do not hurt the ones we love.