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He seemed sweet when he stopped her from jumping. But then she found out the truth, a little too late. She wants away from him, but he threatens to hurt her family. So she stays with him. There is one person, or Vampire rather I should say, that can help her. But first he and his family have to figure out what they have to help her with.

I own nothing, Stephenie meyer owns all.

1. Chapter one

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I stared at my wedding ring and sighed. I was married but not happily. I met Justin thirty years ago, I was about to jump off the cliff. He stopped me, he was really sweet. And he even convinced Jake to trust him. But when he was driving me home, he decided to drive me to a little town in Pennsylvania instead. And his once Topaz eyes changes to red.

He has two powers, to change his appearance, and he can make vampire’s feel pain. That’s how he hurts me. He beats me. You see when he brought me to Pennsylvania, he changed me. He told me that he found out about me being the only human that is immune to some vampire’s powers. He told me that he wanted me because of it, because if I’m human and immune to some Vampire’s powers then I should be very powerful as a vampire.

And he made me marry him. He said that if I didn’t, and if I left he’d kill everyone I care about. He also told me that until I find my power, he will beat me. So he beats me. But I have found my power. I just haven’t told him. Because if he knew my power, he would try and take over the Volturi, and become leader of the Vampire world. My power is that I can knock any vampire out. I found that out because I accidently knocked one of his guards out. Oh yeah about that, he has guards. That’s another reason I can’t escape. He has two pretty powerful guards.

He works, and I go to school. He knows how much I hate school, so he’s making me go to it. I might hate school, but I am grateful to go there since that means I get to get out of the house. We have been living in Pennsylvania for thirty years, but I have only been going to school here for two years. And he started working when I went to school. Because he was bored, since he didn’t get to beat me during the day. But since we were both vampire’s, we didn’t sleep, so he made up for it by beating me all night long.

I just got home from school, and he was going to get home in an hour. I decided to get my shower over with, then get my homework done. I turned the water on scalding hot, and gently took off my clothes. The bruises and scratches all over my body still hurt. They all took over a month to heal. And even when they heal I get two new ones in its place. As I got in the shower I sighed in contentment. The hot water felt good on all my wounds.

I washed myself and got out. Putting on a mini skirt, and a spaghetti strap shirt. That’s another thing, to school I have to dress in baggy clothes to hide my wounds, but here I had to dress like a slut. To please Justin. As I blow dried my hair I wondered what Jake was doing. I hoped he didn’t take me missing to hard. It has been thirty years, I hope he has a wife and a wonderful family. When my hair was good and dry I put it in a messy bun.

I walked into the living room and started on my homework. I finished right whenever Justin got home. “Hey sweaty! I got some great news. And by great news I mean news that’s good for me, but is probably going to hurt you.” He said as he walked into the living room.

“What is it?” I asked him, I was really curious. He looked at me straight in the eyes. And smiled an evil smile.

“Some new vampire’s just moved into town. And five of them are going to go to your school. Starting tomorrow. You know them too. They go by the names; Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward.” He said and I got sick to my stomach. Then he started looking serious. He jerked my head up, for I started to look at the ground. “Here’s the thing. It’s going to hurt you to see them again. But It will really hurt you if I say you can’t talk to them. At all! There is two reasons for that, one you might spill that I beat you and they might take you from me. And if that happens I will go kill Charlie. Who by the way is retiring this year. And the second reason is that it will hurt you to not talk to them. To just ignore him.” He told me and I knew it was all true. I didn’t want Charlie to die until it was his natural death, so I agreed. No matter how hard it was I would not talk to them.

That night he beat me so hard that I could barely put my cloths on in the morning. I put on some regular Pants with a small hole in them at the knee. I also put on a baggy long sleeved shirt. And I slipped on some sneakers. I grabbed my backpack on my way out to my car. As I put the key in the ignition I took a unnecessary deep breath.

I was scared to go to school. I did not want to face them. But I drove to school, I drove to school because as scared as I was to face the Cullen’s, I was more scared for Charlie’s life. When I arrived at school I got out of my car slowly. I looked around the parking lot, the Volvo wasn’t here, yet. I reminded myself. I walked to my first period, after the bell rang. Then my second period. Third period rolled right along soon after second. I hadn’t seen them yet, but I knew I would during lunch time. Which was right after fourth. So when the bell rang for fourth period, I started panicking. But I didn’t let it show. I made my way to fourth period, and didn’t listen to a word the teacher said.

Fourth period was over in a flash, but I held off lunch as long as I could. I slowly walked to the cafeteria. But even then I made it there too fast for me. Because I’d rather not go in at all. As I walked in the vents blew my scent over to where they were sitting. They all turned around and stared at me. I stood there frozen, not sure what to do. I wanted to go over there and beg them to help me get away from Justin. But I remembered Charlie, and walked through the lunch line. I didn’t even pay attention to what I got, and nobody but the Cullen’s paid attention to me as I went to go sit at a small table by myself. I sighed as I stared at my food.

I smelt the familiar scent of Edward getting closer. NO! Please Edward don’t do this to me. He sat down across from me. I refused to look up at him though. I just stared down at my food. “Bella? Is that really you?” He asked
I nodded, still not looking up at him. We sat through the entire lunch period like that. Me staring at my food, and he just staring at me. I made the mistake of looking up. I was locked in his gaze. Then the bell rang. Saved by the bell! I swiftly got up and threw away my food. I walked to my class, and I was aware that Edward was right behind me. Apparently we had fifth period together. And the only open seat in that class was next to me.

“Bella how? Who? When?” he asked not able to make complete sentences. I sighed. I could talk to him, it’s not like Justin could find out. Hopefully.

“I will only answer the when? Thirty years ago.” I said to him and stared straight at the chalkboard. Soon fifth period was over. But it turns out I had sixth period with him too. And I had seventh period with Alice. She didn’t try to talk to me at least. But after school, as I was making my way to my car all of them were in front of it. “What do you want?” I asked them and looked around, making sure Justin’s guards weren’t watching me. I didn’t see them so I sighed in relief.

“I want to know if you hate me!” Alice said suddenly. Stared at her. What was I supposed to say. I knew I didn’t hate her, but If Justin found out I told her no to that question he would kill Charlie. I sighed and closed my eyes. I really hop Justin doesn’t find out about this.

“No Alice I don’t hate you.” I said scared out of my wits. What if Justin found out about this. I heard Alice sigh in relief.

“Why are you scared?” Jasper asked me suddenly. Crap! I forgot about his power.

“Ummm… ummm… I-I-I’m not scared.” I stuttered then I mentally slapped myself for being such a bad liar.

“You are such a bad liar Bella.” Alice said. Then she ran up to me and clung to me. I screamed out in pain. She pulled back. And I doubled over in pain. She ran into the bruises Justin made just last night. “Bella! I’m so sorry. What did I do?” Alice asked me.

“It’s ok Alice. But I can’t tell you what you did.” I said and stepped around them to get in my car. “See you tomorrow.

“Bella, your hiding something from us. And I will find out what it is, because it’s obviously hurting you.” Alice said to me.

“I really really wish you wouldn’t try Alice.” I replied before backing up.

The lucky thing about today was that Justin didn’t find out about me talking to the Cullen’s. The unlucky thing was that I knew Alice would be able to find out what Justin was doing to me. Part of me wanted her to find out. But a bigger part didn’t, for Charlie’s sake.