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"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite" --Romeo and Juliet

This story is from Bella's POV. Bella is thinking about lots of things. There is slight humor in it which i think makes it seem more like Bella.


1. Song of Love

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I stared at him. He would never change. And yet. . . I would grow old, and wither slowly as the years pass.

He would stay in his perfection. His rare red-ish brown hair. His (usually) topaz eyes. His cold, rock hard chest. His musical laughter. He will not change at all, but I will change drastically.

My hair will begin to turn a disgusting gray. Wrinkles will appear on my skin. I will end at one point, where as Edward will not. He will live as 17 as I grow older, and older.

Almost like a flower. As the time passes by, the flower will shrivel and eventually it will die. As I will as well.

He sat next to me staring at my face intently. Probably trying to figure out what I’m thinking. Because he cannot hear my mind he is usually engrossed in trying to figure out what I’m thinking.

"What are you thinking?" he asked me, as if on cue.

"Nothing" I lied mercilessly. If I brought up the fact that I would die eventually, he would get angry at himself again. He doesn’t understand that he is my life and without him my life isn’t worth living. He doesn't understand how much I love him and how great an aspect he is to my life. How meaningless and dull my life was without him when he left me.

He sighed heavily. "Are you going to tell me what’s wrong or not?"

"Or not" I smiled, but it didn’t touch my eyes.

He sighed again "don’t be difficult, Bella."

"Being difficult is one of my finest qualities" I stated unenthusiastically.

"If you’re not going to tell me what’s wrong, then. . . ." he stated as he grabbed hold of my hand and pulled my body to his with intense strength.

The second his cold lips touched mine I stopped breathing. It always happens when I kiss him. Kissing Edward even the slightest bit has always taken my breath away. His scent, his touch, his everything. It takes the breath out of me.

When he pulls away from me he presses his forehead to mine, he has a smug expression on his face. "So. . . .will you tell me now?"

"Please don’t press the issue" I sighed, pressing my lips to his once more. The slight pressure of his lips against mine always makes me forget my worries. And that’s all I want to do right now, forget exactly what I was thinking before.

He laughed when I pulled away "you’re pushing your limits."

"Oh contraire, it is you who are pushing your limits by not kissing me right now" I smirked at my sudden confidence. I was even surprised at myself.

He grinned "well then, I would never want to push my limits with you." and with that he pulled my body towards his tighter, gripping my waist.

I sighed and parted my lips. Tangling my fingers in his hair. It was something any regular human in my position would have done. I felt Edward’s lips turn to stone beneath me and push me away.

A smile began to tug at the sides of his mouth.

My heart was beating rapidly, threatening to jump out of my chest at any second. I'm sure he heard it, too.

"You underestimate my control" he stated, still smiling slightly. He had a serious look in his eyes though.

"Sorry" I mumbled, licking my lips. I was disappointed, and who wouldn’t be. I have certain boundaries I must keep with Edward. A wall keeping me away from his mouth, although being away from his venom-coated teeth wasn’t such a bad thing. When I kiss Edward I tend to forget about the fact that he has razor-sharp teeth.

There was silence for a while but I did my best not to disturb it, because if I did then I’d have to think of something to say first. The silence was louder than anything I had ever heard in my life. The awkward silence was making me insane, if he didn’t say something fast then I’d have to say something. . . .and probably end up making a huge fool of myself.

In this silence I realized a few things that started making me nervous:

1) Edward was in my bedroom.

2)Edward was going to hear my sleep ranting (again)

and 3)I was in my pajamas!

My mouth went dry as I tried to think of something to say. . . .it wasn’t working. Nothing came to my mind. If he didn’t talk soon. . . .

Edward was the first one to break the silence. Thank goodness he did.

Edward took my hand in his and placed my hand on his cheek, he stared into my eyes as he spoke"I wish you could understand what it’s like for me."

"Well, maybe if you’d let me I would" I mumbled under my breath. I know that Edward had heard it because of his amazing hearing but I said it anyway.

He sighed and dropped my hand "you’re a human. I’m a vampire" he pronounced the word vampire as if I was stupid and never realized that yet.

"Yes, I think we’ve established that fact quite well" I rolled my eyes.

He actually laughed a little but then his face turned pained, almost tortured. "Bella, you’re in danger with me. You know that, and I know that." he sighed and looked out the window "then why am I still here?" I’m pretty sure he was talking to himself and not to me.

"Edward, you under-estimate your control, you saved me from James. From when he. . . .he. . . .bit me" I flinched as I remembered the pure fire in my veins, the burning was an excruciating pain.

"I also could’ve kil—" Edward started.

I interrupted him "but, you didn’t k-kill me. You could’ve, but you didn’t." Just saying the word kill as i was referring to Edward made my blood run cold.

Edward sighed, defeated "but you also under-estimate my danger towards you, and especially you. I could kill you right here if I wanted to, no witnesses" he stated matter-of-factly.

I took this in. Everything he’s been saying to me is true, for other vampires. But with Edward, at least in my case, it’s different.

"Would you kill someone you loved?" I whispered. I almost wanted to take it back, how could i say that? I started to blush a deep red.

That one stumped him for a while. He just sat there staring out of my bedroom window. He seemed deep in thought.

"No" he spoke finally, turning his face back towards mine "I don’t believe that I would." he looked unsure of himself as he said it.

"Well, then, would you kill me?" I whispered again. My heart was beating faster and faster the longer he waited to answer.

"No" he smiled "I wouldn’t" I hear him say under his breath "but my instincts might have different plans."

I sighed "can’t we just enjoy what we have now and figure out the rest of it later."

"yes, we can" he smiled. Whenever he would say "we" my heart would soar. But, how could someone as perfect and great as Edward ever love me. Someone who was destined to be Rosalie's, the gorgeous and perfect Rosalie, choose to be with me. I'm ordinary when he is so much above that, it is he who does not see himself very clearly.

i yawned involuntarily.

"Do you want to go to sleep now?" he asked me as he pushed my hair back.

I yawned again "can you sing me my lullaby?" I asked him.

He laughed lightly "but of course."

The humming started. That song will always be there. Engraved in my mind. The sweet gentle humming of the song of love. The song my own angel sung to me, as I drifted into a deep sleep.

"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite." Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare