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"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite" --Romeo and Juliet

This story is from Bella's POV. Bella is thinking about lots of things. There is slight humor in it which i think makes it seem more like Bella.


2. You are the wind beneath my wings; without you i would fall

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I opened my eyes, taking in the fact that it was a nightmare. Simply another nightmare.

"What? What is it? Bella, are you alright?" Edward asked me, suddenly jumping out of the chair and to my side at my bed.

"Edward!" I screamed as I jumped up and hugged him so hard it would hurt any human.

He frowned "what happened?"

"Nothing" I lied, letting him go. Realizing that I was being ridiculous by clinging to him.

But, it was the most horrible nightmare.

"Bella, I heard you screaming my name in your sleep, I think you actually cried" he looked concerned. "Are you sure it was nothing?"

"Positive" I swallowed the lump in my throat. This was one of the reasons why I hate my sleep ranting, I always say exactly what I’m feeling. Like when I was having that [I shivered to myself] nightmare.

"Are you cold, Bella?" Edward asked me when he saw me shiver.

"No" I stated "not cold at all. And I tried to smile, but I didn’t succeed.

Edward stared at me now, not knowing why I was acting so weird. It’s times like this that I’m glad that he can’t read my mind, because if he had. . .I would have to start crying all over again.


Edward and I were in the meadow where we had gone that day I was supposed to be in Seattle. Edward was just laying there in the sunlight again, as I watched his skin sparkle like diamonds were embedded in his skin.

He was staring up at the cloudless sky with one arm draped around me as I lay beside him. I stared at him in awe. His perfection and beauty was overwhelming.

I sighed in content. I was just happy laying there with him, having his cold skin so close to mine.

Then, the sky turned black and the clouds blocked the sun. I looked over at Edward to see where he was, but he wasn’t there. He was gone.

I searched frantically around the meadow. The sky stayed black the entire time. But I didn’t find Edward.

I kept on searching until I found a note by the spot where he was laying next to me before, it must have blown away in the wind before.

I held it in my hands before I opened it. . .wondering if I should or not. If what this note held for me was something that I wanted to know.

I opened it, finally. And what I saw scared me to death. I thought I would faint–no, die–right there on the spot where I stood.

I sat on the ground and held the note to my heart. I started weeping. A silent, low cry that only my ears could hear. But I felt them, the tears drift slowly down my face.

I looked back at the note again and memorized his hand-writing. The hand-writing of a person I would never see again. Because in the note it said. . .

Goodbye, Bella

Later that day Edward and I were in his room. I had mostly forgotten about the dream, except for the fact that he had left me before, that doesn’t mean that he would leave me. . .again. He promised me he wouldn’t do it again, and because I love him so much, I trust him. I believed him when he promised me and I still believe him now.

Alice and Jasper entered the room, Jasper stayed in the doorway but Alice jumped right onto the bed next to us "how are you two love birds doing?"

I blushed. Edward grinned and pulled me closer to his chest. "Great."

"Well, Alice saw something very important" Jasper said, urgency in his voice. His eyes looked angry and tortured at the same time.

"What is it?" Edward immediately stiffened and placed me back onto the bed gently.

"Well. . ." Alice shifted her weight from one foot to the other, if I would’ve done that I would’ve fallen flat on my face, but Alice did it gracefully. I watched her feet move until she spoke and my eyes glued to her face again "we saw someone new, someone we haven’t exactly heard of, or even met before. His name’s Gregory, Gregory Thomas." then she spoke to me only "he’s your age, Bella." Then she was talking to Edward again "he wants her, he doesn’t know it yet, but he does. He’s only traveling through, but he’s going to go after Bella. And the really peculiar part is that he doesn’t drink human blood either. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of him."

Edward snarled "I don’t care what he drinks. If he wants to get to Bella he has to get through me first" and with those words a loud growl formed in his throat.

"We won’t let him get near her" Alice smiled happily "but the problem doesn’t end there" and then her face turned grave "he’s going to do whatever he can to get near her." Alice looked at my frightened expression and turned to me "don’t worry, Bella, he doesn’t want your blood." I don’t know why but that sentence made me grip Edward harder.

"I won’t let him near you, love" he whispered in my ear when both Jasper and Alice left the room. He kissed my forehead and I calmed down a bit. Although it was still there, the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, i felt as if I was going to be sick. I knew that this was not going to turn out well.

And then I remembered something very important, I jumped up and ran down the stairs to Alice, Edward chased me "Bella! Bella, what’s wrong?!"

I ran right to Alice "how soon will he be here?"

And instead of hearing Alice’s answer I heard a voice come out of the darkness of the other room "my name’s Gregory Thomas, I am here to see Carlisle."

Wait! He's here to see Carlisle?! Then how could what Alice have seen been correct? He's here to see Carlisle, not me.

With that I stopped dead in my tracks. Edward, who was now in front of me due to his fantastic speed, pulled me behind him.

"Carlisle!" Edward roared.

Carlisle was there in a flash "hello Gregory, how nice to see you again."

Edward looked stricken by what he’d said. By again did Carlisle mean that he'd known Gregory before?!

"Carlisle" Gregory took a step towards Carlisle "I see you have expended your family." Gregory gestured to all of the vampires in the room. He stopped at Edward "move out of the way."

"No" Edward growled. I moved in front of Edward, because if he got too angry I knew that there would be a fight. We couldn't risk having a fight right now, because if my blood got anywhere then we would all be in huge trouble. I couldn't stand putting Edward through that again, last time he left me because of it. . . .

Gregory stepped towards me, a huge smile growing on his face, he grabbed my hand and kissed my palm "a human" he stated, not to anyone in particular. "And a very beautiful one as well" he smiled at me. I blushed, it happens when people give me compliments.

Edward roared. Gregory looked up from my gaze and looked at Edward, a look of understanding spreading across his face "oh, she is yours," he nodded and turned back to me, he whispered into my ear "I will see you again, my sweet."

"I will be back." he said it more to me than to the others, "i must go and check on the others."

The others?! i wanted to scream. There were others! More than only Gregory. I can't handle that.

I looked up at Edward next to me, he was looking down at me with a tortured look, I hugged him tight, but to him it was a loose grip "I love you Edward. Gregory will not come between us, I promise."