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"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite" --Romeo and Juliet

This story is from Bella's POV. Bella is thinking about lots of things. There is slight humor in it which i think makes it seem more like Bella.


3. sorprendere! (surprise)

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Later that night, Edward asked me if I could stay at his house because he had a surprise for me. Charlie wouldn’t let me go so I just snuck out of my window when I got home and came back here. Charlie would kill me if he found out, but that’s why I love that men sleep so late, he wouldn’t even be up when I got back.

I was laying on his bed, under the covers. Edward was laying next to me, he lay on the top of the covers so that he didn’t make me cold. His arm draped around my shoulders, his skin on mine was so cold that it was hot.

"I still have to give you your present" Edward whispered into my ear.

"Ugh," I moaned "a present! You know how much I hate gifts."

"But you’re going to love this present" he smiled, then frowned "but, if you don’t like it then I can bring it back, no problem."

"No, I’ll keep it" I smiled reassuringly.

"Great" he smirked, he got up and left the room.

I sat there under the covers. Thinking about what it could be.

I’d be happy if he just kissed me without any limitations, I thought. To kiss him once and not have him stop me because of what’s in his mouth (referring to his razor-sharp, venom-coated teeth, of course).To—

a low knock interrupted my thoughts. I looked around and realized that it was coming from the window. I knew that it was Edward at the door "come in."

To my surprise Alice walked in, she was smiling wide "hello Bella."

"Hi Alice, where’s Edward?" I asked her.

Her smile grew even wider, she smiled so wide that it looked like it hurt her "well. . .I need you to come with me right now." she still didn’t answer my question though. Where was Edward?

"Uhm. . .okay." I shrugged. She took my hand and ran (running to me anyway, to her she was walking slowly). She pulled me into her room and locked the door behind her.

I sat on her bed "okay, so what am I doing in your room?"

She didn’t answer, she merely brought out a huge pink bag and opened her walk-in closet filled with gorgeous clothes.

She opened the pink bag and took out the most make-up I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I sighed "is this the surprise?"

"Part of it" Alice smirked.

"Where’s Rosalie, you’d think she’d love this stuff," I smiled.

"Well," Alice shifted from one foot to the other "as much as she likes clothes and make-up. . ."

"She hates me." I stated flatly "I get it."

"Hate is too strong a word," Alice reassured me.

"Okay, then she despises me" I shrugged "no biggie."

Alice laughed "so, pick a dress, I’m sure we’re the same size."

"Alright" I sighed, I really had no other choice in this scenario.

I went over to the closet, there were so many dresses in it that it made me head hurt. I saw the most beautiful dress. It was the only red dress that she had.

When I picked out the red spaghetti strap dress Alice laughed and smiled "that’s my favorite dress, so plain yet so bold."

"I like it because of that, just one solid color, it’s simple but gorgeous in its plainness," I stated.

"Exactly" Alice said.

I went to her bathroom and tried it on, it fit me perfectly. Fitting me in all the right places, making me look like I had a much bigger chest than I actually do.

I came out of the bathroom to show Alice and saw that she had a pair of red high-heels, with little diamonds on the buckle. "Are those real?" I asked Alice pointing to the diamonds.

She raised her eyebrows "would we get shoes that didn’t have real diamonds on them."

I laughed "true."

Next, Alice did my make-up, very light make-up except for my lips, which she put a red lipstick on. She did my hair in cascading curls.

I asked, impatiently "are you done yet?" while she finished curling my last piece of hair with the curling iron.

"Yes," Alice smiled and let me see myself in the mirror.

I was speechless, I had never thought I could look this beautiful in my entire life. My hair looked perfect, every strand in place. If it wasn’t for my eyes I could probably pass for a vampire, and the fact that I would trip and fall very soon, most likely.

Edward walked into the room now, his hair looking perfectly tousled in that gorgeous way, that half-smile I love on his face. "Bella, my love, you look beautiful."

I smiled "so, what’re we doing?" I asked and turned to Alice, but

I spoke to Edward "she still hasn’t filled me in on anything."

Alice laughed, "I’m gonna go find Jasper." and next thing I knew she was gone.

Edward pulled me towards him with one hand and pressed my body to his. Sticking his face in my hair. He kissed my hair "beautiful would be an understatement."

I smiled and stood in his embrace. I pulled away after a few minutes "so, you still haven’t told me what we’re going to do now."