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This is a really crappy title, I know. I'm trying. A little help here. It's a normal day for Bella Swan. Then she goes to see her friend Alice. Alice has some bad news for Bella. How will she react? Will she stop it? Will she be too late? This is my first fan fic and I'm really nervous. Tell me if I'm doing something is wrong. KELLY- STOP READING NOW!Chapter 7 Added!

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, none of the characters in my story belong to me. :( They all belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer. Also, this isn't really why I think could actually happen. That's all up to Stephenie Meyer.

2. Assurances

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I went into the kitchen and downed a bowl of cereal. Then I went back upstairs and pulled on my favorite dark blue blouse and a pair of jeans. It was my favorite because Edward had once complemented me on it.

Then, I looked in the mirror at my reflection. I decided that my hair was hopeless and there really was no need to fix it up, so I pulled it back into a ponytail.

Finally, I ran down the stairs and pulled on my sneakers. Then, I grabbed my raincoat and ran out the door, pulling my raincoat on as I ran.

I opened my car door and jumped in. I turned my keys in the ignition. My truck roared to life. I pulled out of the drive way and drove down the street, toward the Cullen's house.

As the buildings of Forks slowly turned into trees, I thought about my dream. Would Jake really want to kill me?

I shuddered at the thought. I looked up just in time to make the turn that took you to the Cullen's house. I drove for a few more minutes before I finally saw it. I pulled up in front of the house and cut my engine.

Alice was already waiting, sitting on the porch steps.

As soon as my door was open, Alice was by my side, jabbering about flowers and ribbons. She led me up the stairs and into the house. We settled down on one of the couch.

"So, Bella, I was wondering what colors you want at your wedding. I'm rather partial to ivory or crème, or something like that. What do you think?"

"Sure, sure. That sounds fine, Alice." I was trying to think of how to bring up my dream.

"And for flowers. Do you think we should have roses or lilies?"

"Roses, I guess."

"I think you're right. What about centerpieces? Should we have centerpieces? If we do, should they be candles or flowers?"

"Um, both?" I said, unsure.

"That's a great idea! Oh, and the cake! You mustn't let me forget about the cake, Bella! What flavor cake do you want?"

"Uh, I think that vanilla is traditional, Alice."

"Vanilla. Perfect! And what about..."

She kept talking, but I had other stuff on my mind. However, soon enough, Alice pulled me from my reverie.

"Hellooo? Earth to Bella? I asked you a question!"


"Do you want the wedding inside or outside?"

"Well, I always imagined it being outside." I hoped she'd stop asking me questions for a while. This is not to be, though.

"Um, Bella, do you have something on your mind? I mean, something other than your wedding?" She sounded like she thought this was unbelievable.

"Well, there is one thing..."

"Do you want to talk about it? If you do, I'll listen and try to sympathize."

"Yeah, I guess we can talk about it. See, I had this nightmare..." I hesitated.

"Uh-huh," Alice nodded her head, encouraging me.

"Yeah. So, I had this nightmare about when I'm-I'm a-a...vampire."


"And-and when the transformation was over, I looked around. I saw Jake and he ran toward me, turning into a werewolf. He chased me, trying to get me. Eventually, I stopped running. He attacked. Then, I woke up." I burst into tears.

"Oh, Bella! Don't worry. It'll be fine. I don't need to See it to know it's true. Really! Everything will be fine!"

"No it won't!" I wailed.

"Yes, Bella, it will! I pro-" She broke off mid-sentence. Her arms were still around me, but they were stiff. I struggled against her grip. It was useless. So, I sat there, patiently waiting for her vision to end.

Finally, I heard a sharp intake of breath and knew it was over.

I lightly pushed her off me, hoping she would take a hint. Her arms fell limply at her sides.

"Oh no," she breathed.