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This is a really crappy title, I know. I'm trying. A little help here. It's a normal day for Bella Swan. Then she goes to see her friend Alice. Alice has some bad news for Bella. How will she react? Will she stop it? Will she be too late? This is my first fan fic and I'm really nervous. Tell me if I'm doing something is wrong. KELLY- STOP READING NOW!Chapter 7 Added!

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, none of the characters in my story belong to me. :( They all belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer. Also, this isn't really why I think could actually happen. That's all up to Stephenie Meyer.

3. Race

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"What? What is it, Alice?" I cried, panicked.

"I've got to go, Bella!" She was ignoring me, already halfway to the door. I ran to her and grabbed her arm. It was almost like déjà vu. It reminded me of begging her to stay when she came back after Seeing me jump off the cliff.

"What's wrong, Alice? Tell me!"

"There's no time, Bella! I have to go now!"

"Please tell me, Alice," I begged.

"It's - it's Edward-" she admitted.

"No!" I gasped.

"And - and...Jacob."

"Who else? The Volturi?"

"There's...no one...else, Bella."

Realization dawned on me, even though I fought against it with all my might.

"No-NO, but...but they wouldn't! What about Emmett? Or - or Jasper?" I asked, desperately trying to grab at anything that would make it false.

"I don't know, Bella!" she snapped. "I didn't see him, but I have to hurry. All I Saw was that Edward smelt the werewolf and decided to go after him. Then, of course, everything vanished. I might not be too late, but I've got to go!"

"Wait a second, did you say ‘I'? You know you're taking me with you!" I was determined about this. I knew that the only one who could possibly stop them was me. Alice wouldn't be able to stop them. She would just engage in the fight and I didn't need another person hurt.

Alice sighed. "I was afraid that you would say that. Well, climb on up."

She turned away from me and offered me her back. I climbed up, with a lot of assistance from Alice.

As soon as I had a firm grip around her neck, we were off. I didn't even notice the front door flying open. One second we were in the house, the next we were zooming down the porch steps.

All I could think about was Edward's decision. He wouldn't really do that, would he? I remembered him saying he wouldn't hurt me like that. But maybe that was only if I had chosen Jacob. Maybe he thought that this wouldn't hurt me. Or maybe he wasn't thinking at all, acting on instinct alone. And what about Jacob? Would he really do this to me? I thought they had gotten over this after the fight with the newborns. But, I couldn't really be sure and I might never get the chance to ask him.

I was then pulled from my thoughts by Alice.

"Bella, we're here."

"Huh?" I looked around. All I could see was trees. There was no Edward and no Jacob. Were we too late?

Please don't let us be too late, please don't let us be too late, please don't let us be too late.

"Bella, don't worry. They aren't fighting yet. It's just that if we went right into the clearing, they might start fighting sooner. They're just past these trees. Come on and calm down. We would hear something if they were fighting. Trust me."

I tried to believe her. She took my hand and led me silently through a wall of trees.

We stepped into a clearing and froze.