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This is a really crappy title, I know. I'm trying. A little help here. It's a normal day for Bella Swan. Then she goes to see her friend Alice. Alice has some bad news for Bella. How will she react? Will she stop it? Will she be too late? This is my first fan fic and I'm really nervous. Tell me if I'm doing something is wrong. KELLY- STOP READING NOW!Chapter 7 Added!

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, none of the characters in my story belong to me. :( They all belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer. Also, this isn't really why I think could actually happen. That's all up to Stephenie Meyer.

5. The Blame Game

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The Blame Game

I woke up as Edward gently laid me on a hospital bed. Still, even that caused a spasm of pain. I tried to cry out, but it was more like a whisper.

I tried to suck in a breath, but my lungs protested. I felt like I couldn't do anything.

"Edward," I whispered, "I can't breathe."

"Bella, you've got to try. Focus hard. Breathe in, breathe out. Please, Bella, please. For me."

I smiled (even that hurt). I would do anything for him. I focused all my energy on that simple motion, in, then out, over and over again. For Edward, for Edward, I repeated like a mantra. This is what will make him happy.

"Carlisle, how bad is she?" Edward sounded agonized, like he didn't really want to hear the answer.

I didn't want him to be in so much pain. I had to do something to help him. I tried to reach up and touch him, to reassure him, as he hovered over me. I cried out at the pain in my arm.

He'd probably think I was silly, putting myself in pain to stop his own.

"Shh, Bella. It'll be fine," Edward's soothing voice came to me. I tried to believe him, but it was hard when there was so much pain.

I went back to trying to breathe. The pain was easier to ignore this way.

"Well, Edward, I think that all her ribs are broken and probably most of her arm bones. She has bruises covering nearly every inch of her body. What happened?"

"I was going to fight the-the w-werewolf. We didn't know she was there. We leaped at each other and she threw herself between us. We tried to stop, but we weren't fast enough. We...crashed...into her." Edward began to choke out dry, tearless sobs.

"Is there a-anything else, Carlisle? Or is it only b-broken bones? Can you mend them?" He sounded as though he were begging. I had hardly heard him beg before. I'd never heard stutter before, either.

"I'm not sure, Edward. It appears you probably slowed down enough to not crush her internal organs. If you did crush them, though, I'm afraid there's not much I can do. I'm sorry, Edward. However, we can't be sure of any of the damage until after I get the results of the x-rays. Speaking of which, they should be ready now. And, calm down Edward. Don't do anything rash." I heard a door open and close.

Then, Alice came rushing forward to Edward. I wanted to do the same, but I was hovering on the edge of unconsciousness and in a lot of pain. It was impossible to move.

"Oh, Edward! I'm so sorry! I should have tried to stop her, but I wasn't paying any attention. I shouldn't have gotten carried away with the fighting. I should have Seen..." Alice cried.

"Don't be silly, Alice. We all know you can't see people who entwine their lives with werewolves. It wasn't your fault. I shouldn't have gone looking for the werewolf. If Bella...if she...d-dies, I will be eternally responsible."

"Well, I didn't have to bring her in the first place. I could have chained her to a tree or something like that."

"Really, Alice. It's okay. I now how stubborn Bella can be. It's my consequence for trying to fight that dog."

I rolled my eyes. I thought we'd already been over this. I couldn't let them go on like this, feeling guilty. It was my choice to leap between them and I had to make it right.

"No, Edward, Alice..." It was so hard to breathe. "My...fault."

"You're always so selfless, Bella. Here you are, lying on your death bed and you claim it is your fault." He laughed weakly. "Unfortunately, though, it was my fault and I am so, so sorry. Even after all this, can you believe that I love you?"

Those were the words I had wanted to hear this whole time. I knew that I had to stop him from blaming himself, but I couldn't hold on anymore.

"Of course I can, and I love you, too." I smiled. Those were the last words I murmured before drifting into unconsciousness.