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This is a really crappy title, I know. I'm trying. A little help here. It's a normal day for Bella Swan. Then she goes to see her friend Alice. Alice has some bad news for Bella. How will she react? Will she stop it? Will she be too late? This is my first fan fic and I'm really nervous. Tell me if I'm doing something is wrong. KELLY- STOP READING NOW!Chapter 7 Added!

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, none of the characters in my story belong to me. :( They all belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer. Also, this isn't really why I think could actually happen. That's all up to Stephenie Meyer.

7. Confrontation

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"Bella?!" Charlie's frantic voice cried.

"Oh, she looks terrible! Absolutely terrible, I tell you!" a shrill female voice exclaimed.

"Let me look!" cried a girl.

"Please! Everyone back up! She needs peace and quiet!"

I opened my eyes minutely to see a female nurse trying to keep a mob of people out. She braced her arms against the door frame as the crowd became more insistent.

"Family only! Is anyone here family?" she questioned.

"Yes, I'm her father," Charlie declared.

"Okay. You can come in; everyone else-back to the waiting room. This is a hospital, not a zoo!"

She pulled Charlie in and slammed the door behind him. There were several cries of pain from the other side of the door.

The nurse had pressed herself against the door, her eyes closed. She sighed with relief.

"Chief Swan, I'm going to leave the three of you alone. Try not to rile her up too much."

"Okay," Charlie agreed.

The nurse left the room, elbowing her way through the crowd and yelling at them to go back to the waiting room. Charlie immediately turned on Edward.

"This is your fault!" he cried.

Edward winced to hear what he believed was, in fact, the truth. He opened his mouth to, I'm sure, agree, but I spoke up first.

"Don't you dare blame Edward, Dad! It's my own dumb fault for letting the, the, um... boulder hit me!" I argued, thankfully remembering my excuse.

I grimaced at the effort it took my lungs to say all that. Charlie dropped his argument to fuss over me. Edward hung back, pain evident in his eyes.

"Are you okay, Bells?" Charlie asked.

I nodded, unable to voice the lie.

"What hurts?"

I would've laughed if it didn't hurt because, well, everything hurt. Instead, I shrugged my shoulders, restraining the yelp of pain that bubbled to my lips.

"Maybe I should call for some pain medication," Charlie suggested, edging towards the intercom.

"I don't think any amount pain meds in the world could help me right now, Dad," I gaspily laughed, trying to turn it into a joke.

Neither Edward nor Charlie laughed. Geez, tough crowd.

"Seriously, Dad. It's fine," I amended, reassuring no one.

Carlisle entered just then, saving me from making anymore false reassurances.

"Ah, Mr. Swan. Ashley told me you were here. May I speak to you for a moment?"

They walked out the door, but didn't go far, judging by the hushed tones seeping through the cracks. Edward reclaimed his place at my side, gently taking my hand.

"How are you feeling, love?"

"Honestly, I feel like crap."

He smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. Suddenly, the room began spinning around his face and dark blotches blocked my vision. My breathing grew slower and more difficult. I kept my eyes focused on Edward's face like it was my anchor-the only thing keeping me conscious.

"Bella, Bella!" Edward called. His voice sounded faint and dim. I saw Carlisle and Charlie rush back in.

Then, everything went black.