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Waiting for Reality

Set right after Eclipse, Edward and Bella are coming back from the meadow at the end of the book, and they stop and talk for a while. It was supposed to be a long story, but i am having problems coming up with anything else to write so now it is just a short story. haha

Disclaimer- Obviously I don't own any of this, it all belongs to Stephenie Meyer, who I owe this wonderful series to.

1. Chapter 1

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Waiting for Reality

Running back through the forest with Edward was an entirely different experience than when we had run there. As I relaxed and let the trees whip by me I closed my eyes and thought. There were so many thoughts running through my mind.

One- my left hand felt much heavier than it had a few minutes ago. I clenched my fingers tighter around the beautiful ring even though I knew that it would not come off. Two- I was going to have to break the news to Charlie when we got back. I would somehow have to explain why Edward's ring was now on my left ring finger. Three- I was going to be a vampire, and four. The corners of my mouth pulled upwards into a half smile when I thought about number four. It was that Edward wanted me just as badly as I had wanted him. I had mistaken his black eyes before we left for the sunny meadow I loved so much. I had thought that they were because he was thirsty- thirsty for blood. Yes, he was thirsty, but it was not for blood. His thirst was for me. I wanted him in ways I had never experienced, and our time in the meadow confirmed that he felt the same way.

I smiled fully at the thought, and out of sheer joy, and subconsciously tightened my hold around his neck. Edward noticed the slight change in position, and, feeling the same way I did, slowed gradually to a stop. Then, without ever letting my feet touch the ground, he swung me around so I was facing him. The black color of his eyes was gone now, and the melted gold was back. I could feel my breathing start to quicken as I stared into his eyes, so mesmerizing. Gently, he pressed his lips to mine, the coolness sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.

When we broke apart, that look was back on his face. The same look that he had when he first saw the ring on my finger. It seemed like so long ago, before the fight, before Jacob... my breath caught when I thought his name. I quickly shook it away and concentrated on the love of my life, Edward, whose eyes were swirling with emotion. His skin was glowing a little with the soft light coming in through the trees, and he looked almost ethereal. I ran my fingers slowly through his thick bronze hair, and tried to concentrate on breathing evenly. I found it impossible, when he gave me that look that should be illegal.

"Am I dazzling you again?" he asked, a smile playing on his lips.

"No... I'm just... well, yeah," I grinned sheepishly, and his eyes lit up as he laughed. He ran his fingers down the side of my cheek, the way he did when we first met, and crushed his lips against mine again.

I think my heart stopped for a second when he kissed me. His cool lips, so hard, but yet molding against mine in a way I couldn't imagine. I didn't want this kiss to end, but, as I am human, I do have to breathe, so reluctantly I pulled away. He smiled his amazing smile, and set me gently down on the grass. I took a deep breath and got light headed as the oxygen rushed into my lungs. Edward held me in his arms as I got my breath back.

"Bella," he said, his eyes searching mine. "I have to ask you one question." He took me by the hand and led me to a small log, where we sat facing each other, our hands entwined.

"What is it?" I asked, not knowing whether to be alarmed or not. I decided not because he still looked perfectly relaxed.

"Answer me truthfully, now. I want to know everything." He said, his eyes melting my brain into mush. I knew that he got frustrated sometimes, not being able to read my mind, but it's impossible for anyone to answer anything when their brain is mush. I composed myself enough to get an answer out.

"I will."

"Is there anything, anything I can do that will make you happier than you already are now? Because if there is, if there is ANYTHING that you are unhappy about, anything that you think would make things better, tell me now, and I will make it happen."

I smiled up at him, and answered confidently, "No. There is nothing you can do. I am the happiest person on the earth at the moment, and I don't want anything to change." He smiled, and pressed his lips on mine for a moment before swinging me back onto his back and taking off through the forest again.