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Banner by kaiwynn (Banner by Kaiwynn) Rosalie/Laurent.

First Fan Fic. REVIEW!

1. Addiction

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She couldn’t keep her mind off him.

Ever since she saw him in the baseball field, he had constantly been in her mind, distracting her from the most trivial things. Even the important ones, like hunting. She shuddered as she remembered the encounter with the mountain lion, but quickly put her attention back on her car. Ever since she fought with Edward about Bella the last time, she had been spending a lot more time alone. Or relatively alone, because she could never escape the face in her head. Just thinking about talking to him, or feeling the touch of his cool hands gave her goose bumps. Even his name made her shiver, in the good way. Laurent.

Even though she was spending a lot less time with her family, she knew that she could never have anything with Laurent. And that simple thought infuriated her so much that Rosalie pushed the pedal as hard as she could and kept driving. She wasn’t sure where she was going…she was just driving. Suddenly she snapped out of her reverie and realized that she was back at her house. “I could never help but come back home,” she muttered moodily under her breath. As soon as she got out of her car, she knew that Edward had been listening to her thoughts, because suddenly Carlisle appeared.

“We need to talk, Rosalie.” As they walked toward the house, she resigned to the thought that she would never be able to have a relationship with Laurent, no matter how much she desired it. Once they sat down in Carlisle’s office, he cleared his throat.

“Rosalie, Edward told me what you were thinking about Laurent, and I just wanted to make sure that you understood that anything with Laurent is strictly forbidden,” he said. “You know we would be putting Bella in danger.”

Rosalie sighed and muttered, “And we wouldn’t want to be hurting wonderful, amazing Bella. All she ever does is ruin our plans…we can’t even go hunting without Edward or Alice being distracted by thoughts of Bella.” Obviously Carlisle heard her, but that was part of her plan. Suddenly she had an idea…why not get Bella out of the way, that way everyone could concentrate, and she could be with Laurent without worrying about Bella.

Abruptly, Edward appeared in front of her, whiter than usual and tight lipped with fury.

“I never want to hear you think that about Bella again. It’s not her fault that for some reason you hate her! All she has ever done to you is be polite and friendly!” he spat.

“I don’t care! Ever since you met her everything has been different! We can’t go hunt whenever we want to,” she cried angrily. “We have to be careful with everything we do. And even a tiny paper cut could make us kill her. Being with Bella puts all our lives on the line. All you care about is her, her, her. Since she’s been putting our lives on the line this whole time, I’m sure there's no problem in an innocent meeting with Laurent.”

“No Rosalie stop right—“ Edward and Carlisle both yelled, but a second too late.

Rosalie leapt from her chair and bolted out the door. She took off at an amazing speed, even for vampires, and was at the baseball field in no time. She knew that it was almost impossible for Laurent to be there, but she didn’t care. She went, just to see what would happen. As soon as she walked into the field, she saw that it was completely empty, and she slowly crumpled to the floor. She knew that she had really hurt Edward, and she had fought for Laurent, but he wasn’t even there. She decided that she might as well go hunting while she was out here, so she slowly walked into the woods, loosening her muscles and tuning her senses to the forest.

About a mile away she heard an elk and slowly started running towards it. She knew there was no rush, because she couldn’t hear anyone else around and she could catch the elk any day. She slowly trotted until the sound and smell of the blood almost drove her crazy. It had only been a week since her last hunt, but somehow she was thirsty again. Once she was close enough for the elk to smell her, she sprinted, quickly catching up to the elk. Without any warning she pounced, swiftly breaking its neck and biting it all in one move.

As the delicious, warm blood slid down her throat, she smelled something even more enticing. She had only smelled that once before, and she hadn’t gotten to really smell it before she had had to go. She slowly sucked the elk dry and stood.

She was no longer Rosalie, she was an animal. Her instincts took over as soon as the delicious smell, that combination of the two things she couldn’t have, hit her nose. She sprinted, not knowing where she was going exactly. She just followed that amazing smell. Only one thought was in her head, and it was like a mantra, repeating over again. It was exactly what the smell was. Laurent and human blood. She heard it over and over again in her head until she almost lost control.

Suddenly she was upon him, and he was staring at her with passion in his blood red eyes. She didn’t need to see her reflection in his eyes to know that she was staring at him with the same passion in her now honey golden eyes. The slowly leaned towards each other, not caring about the consequences of what they both knew was coming. Their lips touched and Rosalie was euphoric. His taste, mixed with the human blood on his lips drove her to a dangerously high point. She knew that once she did anything with Laurent, she could never go back to her family, but in that moment, nothing, not even Emmett was important to her. Slowly, they deepened the kiss, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, and without ever stopping they slowly undressed each other. They didn’t care that they were in the middle of a forest, or that Rosalie’s family could show up at any minute. They were alone in the world, and that was what mattered to them.

They fell to ground, and for the first time in a long time, Rosalie felt complete.