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guess what? i'm back nd i'll update this soon chapter two is already on mibba though along with chapter three Edward and bella expect a baby but then jacob finds out When Chapter two is up: " You can be my sister any day." She said with a smile and then she hugged me!


1. Realizing

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I woke up earlier then usual, I wasn't quite sure why something just didn't feel...right. I looked over towards the rocking chair in my room and there Edward was, just like every morning, I gave him a small smile.

Instantly the smile was gone, i felt a funny tickle in the back of my throat i jumped up and ran towards the bathroom.

Out of the corner of my eye i saw Edwards face full of shock and then he was beside me,
i slammed the door in his face and leaned over the toilet to puke my guts out.

"Bella?" Edward asked, anxious concern filled his voice thickly.

I sighed and sat up, leaning my head against the wall "It's okay Edward I-"

I stopped and leaned over the toilet again to throw up some more. I took a deep breath then walked over to the door and opened it "Sorry about that Edward." I said.

He raised his eyebrows but nodded "I assume you need
a proper human moment?" he asked, he voice still concerned. I nodded then closed the door again.

After i had brushed my teeth, and hair then gotten dressed i returned to my room and found Edward sitting on my bed.He looked up then frowned "Bella are you sure your alright? No offence but you look really awful,
your so pale." He said quietly.

I smiled "I'm fine really, I am." I said, sitting beside him now. He kissed me, My reacted the same as always.

He pulled away and smiled "What should we do today?" he asked.

"Well i need
to go into the store for a minute and then I'm up for anything you want to do." i replied. He chuckled.

"Well Alice wanted to see you today so do you want to up to the house?" He asked getting up and pulling me with him.

I laughed "Okay as long as i don't have to play anymore dress-up games." I said. He chuckled "You know Alice, so I'm not promising anything." He laughed at my face when i glared.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal and some juice before we left. He held the car door open for me and I climbed in, just missing hitting my head off the frame.
He went around to the other side then started to back out of Charlie's drive way "So" He started now that we were on the road driving.

"Why do you need to go to the store?" He asked absentmindedly.
I started fidgeting with my fingers 'Oh thank go he can't read my thought's this would be awful how am i supposed to tell him i have to go look at pregnancy tests he'll flip.....I need a cover-up' I thought to myself.

He turned to look at me "Bella?" He asked. I jumped a little and turned to look at him, he had his eyebrows raised, his face full of suspicion. "I...I just need to get something" I paused "Girl stuff." I added quickly.
His face filled with embarrassment and uncomfort, he turned away.

"oh then ummmm, I'll........I'll stay here." He said as we pulled into the parking lot I gave him a small smile then got out and walked into the small store
at my corner. I pulled my hair over my shoulder to hide my face and put on some sunglasses, I knew the clerk would recognize me, everyone knew everyone in this tiny town but it was worth a shot.

I quickly grabbed the first pregnancy test I saw and shoved it onto the counter. The clerk looked at me but i never met his eyes, he shrugged then handed me the bag after i payed.

"Haven't seen you around here, ya new?"

He asked. I nodded he shrugged then walked over to get his glasses. I realized that meant he didn't know who i was i shoved the bag in my purse and ran out just before he turned around. I climbed back into the car and
turned to Edward to smile but he was looking at me suspiciously again, I smiled any ways then turned away.

"What are you thinking?" He asked quietly, unnecessarily keeping his eyes on the road. I was looking out the window beside me luckily because he couldn't see the uncomfortable look that was now on my face.
He hadn't asked me that question in months, he knew something was up.

"Oh just wondering if Alice is going to torture me today." I said with a smirk. He looked unconvinced but we were now pulling up to his house so
he let it go. He opened the door for me when i got out of the car and then walked me up to his front door and we walked in to see Alice waiting an unfamiliar look on her face.

I turned to Edward "I'm going to use the
washroom" I whispered. Out of no where he and Alice grabbed each of my arms and dragged me up to Edwards room. i kicked and screamed but it was useless they knew something. Edward sat me on the couch
and then took a seat across the room on the floor beside Alice, He looked very upset.

"What's all this about?" I demanded angrily. Edward just looked down so Alice got up and grabbed my purse from my hands.
"Hey!" I yelled at her but she ignored me and opened it taking out what i had purchased earlier. "So it's true" she mumbled to herself. Edward still didn't look up.

I should have known Edward could have just read the store clerks mind to see what i bought and Alice would've seen as soon as i decided to do it. This wasn't good. I thought my panic level rising. "How... How
could you do this to my brother Bella... no WHY? would you do that what you couldn't wait until you were married?" She screamed at me angrily. "Had to go off and find some other guy to take his place?" I stared at her in awe she thought that i cheated on Edward! I would
never do that to him. She made it sound like I was a slut!

I turned to look at Edward who I swear if he could blush would have been redder then I've ever been he looked embarrassed but a little angry. "Alice" I whispered. She glared at me, hate filled her eyes "What?" She
snapped. "I...I..didn't." i started but she interrupted. "What you didn't mean to? didn't think he'd find out?" she screamed.

I started to cry why wasn't Edward stopping her, he had to of remembered what had happened it was only two months ago, why was he letting her scream at me? "Edward." i whispered.

His head snapped up and he looked at me "Bella, Bella why are you crying?" He asked as he ran over and put his arms around me. I pushed him away and glared at Alice. He looked at her...no he was listening to her

"Was I really gone that long?" he asked. Alice nodded he turned his gaze back to me "I'm sorry Bella I just as soon as i saw that" He glanced towards the bag. "I just go lost in my thoughts." he whispered.
I ignored him.

He glared at Alice "Why did you yell at her? She would never sleep with anyone but me!" He growled.

I went red and Alice looked surprised "You actually....Oh I....I..." She looked terribly embarrassed.
Edward smirked and my face went a deeper shade red "Leave Alice Now i need to talk to Bella, if you listen or breath one word of this to anyone downstairs I'll hurt you!" He said she just turned and left, not saying

"Bella sweety I'm sorry I let that happen but you don't need that." He took another wary glance towards the bag.

"Vampires can't have babies remember." He said as he hugged me.

This time i allowed it "Oh yeah" I sighed with releif, He chuckled.

"But I've been throwing up and....okay at least let me take the test, i need to be sure. I don't think i was supposed to see this but he rolled his eyes "fine, I'll wait here" he said.

I got up grabbed the bag and ran out into the bathroom. When i came back into the room my stomach felt sick but not the normal sick, just nervous sick I walked into edward pacing back and forth, his face looked
anxious when he heard me come in he ran in front of me and grabbed my shoulders.

"What's it say?" he asked anxiously, I looked at him and raised my eyebrows but then frowned and took a deep breath "It says positive." I whispered. His face grew wide with surprise.

I started to cry again "I don't know Edward, I've never slept with anyone but you before I swear!" I said into his shoulder.

He rubbed my back "I know, I know Bella we'll just ask Carlisle He'll know what's going on. Also I've heard those tests arn't so accurate so you never know." He said. I looked up and smiled that was true they weren't
that accurate .

"Okay lets go see him." I said wiping the tears from my face.

We both headed down the stairs and then down the hall, Edward took an unnecessary breath then knocked on Carlisle's Office door.

"Come in."