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The Meadow

This is a poem about Bella dreaming of her dancing with Edward in their sacred Meadow. She wakes up to find a subtle surprise! Please review!!!


1. Chapter 1

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As I lay down my head
I close my eyes and dream

There's a man not older than 17
in a meadow with the sun shining on his brilliant face

He approaches me with golden eyes and the face of an angel
Offers his hand
and helps me up

He gracefully sweeps me off of my feet into a dance
As we glide around the sun filled meadow with the enhanced scent of tulips and roses
We gaze into each other's eyes

His angelic voice calls my name and I respond
And we continue to sway and gaze

As his sweet, brilliant face fades and the meadow slowly disappears
the scent of the tulips and roses remains
As my eyes flutter open, I turn to realize that it was all a dream

But suddenly my eyes capture the vision of a bouquet of the tulips and roses from the meadow and the note beside it

Thanks for the dance
Forever yours, Edward