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Believe in Love

This poem is from Bella's POV about Edward after he left up until the point where she jumps off the cliff. i might continue with more poems after this one, as chapter, but i'm not so sure yet.



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I feel empty,

he is the other part of me that I am missing.

He left me.

He never knew how much I loved him,

how much I love him now.

How much he hurt me when he told me,

he didn’t want me anymore.

I wasn’t good enough for him he said,

I knew it all along.

I just wish. . .


Dull and pallid.

As if there is barely any life left in me.

He took it with him,

when he left me,

months ago.

I miss him,

his voice,

his scent,

his laughter,

his perfection.

I try to tell myself that he wasn’t good enough,

that it could never have worked,

and then the tears come.


I am finally at my weakest point.

The point of no return.

I can never go back to how things were before he left me.

Every ounce of life that was in my body,


I want him to want me again.

But wanting someone isn’t what makes things happen.

Actions do.

I smile down at the cliff,

I hear his voice ringing in my ears.

Just hearing his voice is enough for me,

for now.

I look down,

close my eyes,

. . .

. . .

. . .

and jump.