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What if Jacob and Bella actually did get together in New Moon? Probably a one-shot.


1. Chapter 1

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The cool sea breeze ruffled my hair as I waited on the torn down tree, my cheeks were flushed pink. I wrapped my arms around me, wishing that I thought a head and brought a sweater with me. But of course, I wanted to get down to La Push, so my jacket laid abandoned on the dining room table. I shivered violently. I was always so cold these days… just as cold as Edwar-

I doubled over, grasping my stomach. I thought the forbidden word and it was time for my punishment. I squeezed my eyes shut and willed the pain to go away, but of course it didn’t. the hole only grew larger, threatening to rip me apart. The agony was unforgiving as it grew and grew, swallowing me up. The memory singed me, making me want to remember and forget at the same time. His pale skin, his topaz eyes, his bronze hair, his-

“Bella?” Jake’s concerned voice drifted over to me, making me look up at my sun. He wrapped his arms around me and sat me up strait. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around me, giving me some extra warmth. And as soon as the pain came it was gone. Jacob always helped put me together again. I looked up at him, grateful.

“Thanks,” I whispered, snuggling in closer to him. I was being horrible, teasing him. But he was warm and his heat felt good against my cold skin.

“No problem,” he said, holding me closer. Every thought was screaming at me to stop this all now, Jacob was going to get hurt if I lead him on any longer. But he was so warm. What was I going to do if he took my advise and ignored me? How was I going to survive if he left me like Ed- he did? But what was I going to do when Jacob decided friendship wasn’t enough for him? What was I going to do when he wanted me to choose? I squeezed my eyes shut and mentally prepared myself. Was I so broken that I couldn’t love again? I thought hard about that question. Yes, I was took broken. And I didn’t want to break Jacob like Edward broke me.

“Jake,” I said nervously, detaching myself from him. He loosened his arms, eyeing me disappointed. I looked away guiltily, knowing that this would hurt him. He scooted a couple of inches away from me, giving me room. I looked at his concerned face and my heart almost broke. What was I going to do to him?

“Yes, Bella?” Jake asked formally, too formally. It was like he knew what was coming. He looked resigned, knowing that what was coming wasn’t going to be good.

“I…” I started, having trouble continuing. I shook my head remembering what it was like when Edward left me. I got too close even though I knew some day he was going to leave. I couldn’t let that happen to Jacob. “I can’t hang out with you anymore,” I stated, my voice sounding cold. Jacob sat still, not moving. I frowned and touched his arm but he flinched away from me.

“Why?” Jacob asked, his voice full of pain. My will almost crumbled down right then, but I kept my resolve.

“I can’t pretend any longer,” I said, hating myself. “I can’t to you what you want me to.” I kept my self from looking at him, knowing one glance would send me crawling back to him. “I’m sorry, but I don’t love you,” I muttered and stood up, taking off his jacket and tossing to back to him. I didn’t look back. I knew that if I did…I wouldn’t be able to keep walking. Each crunch of the sand when I stepped on it was like a bullet to my heart. I lost my sun, but at least I kept him from being broken like me.

My truck was nearby so I didn’t have to walk far. My hand rested on the cold metal handle, gathering up the strength to open it. I pulled on it lightly and the door swung open. I shook my head again and took a deep breath. Just one more step…

Suddenly the door was shut again. I whipped around to see Jacob standing next to me, his brows pulled together.

“What the-” I screamed, surprised. Jacob cleared his throat, interrupting me. He lightly pushed me away from my truck and stood in between me and my method of escape. I narrowed my eyes at him. How hard was he going to make this?

“You’re lying,” he stated confidently. I did a double take. My jaw dropped open. How was he able to see through me so easily?

“No, I’m not,” I urged, willing him to believe me. He just shook his head, his mouth turning upwards into a smile.

“Yes you are,” he disagreed, stepping closer to me. “Your face gives away all of your emotions. You don’t want to leave me.” I looked away from him, knowing that he wasn’t going to believe me. He took my silence as an agreement. “It’s because of him, isn’t it?” he asked suddenly. I looked at him quickly, confused. “Why you don’t want to commit to me. Because you still love him, don’t you?” I nodded slowly. There was no point in arguing with Jacob. “Can’t you just try?” he pleaded. I shook my head quickly.

“I’m broken, Jake,” I whispered. “I can’t…anymore.” He looked like he was going to argue again, but he just kept his mouth shut and nodded slowly in understanding. “I have to get home now. I have to think things through,” I said quickly, glancing at my watch. I just had to get away from Jacob for a few hours. I had to decide what I wanted. I turned around and opened my truck door and hopped into the driver’s seat. I took a deep breath and started to engine.

“Bella, wait,” Jacob called, jogging up to my window. I looked at him nervously. “Maybe this will help you decide what you want.” And with that he leaned into my open truck window and kissed me.

It was like nothing I ever experienced. His hot lips warmed up my cold ones, giving me a new found energy. I never wanted Jacob to leave now. And then a thought hit me. I didn’t have to be cautious with Jacob. I could go was far as I wanted. So I kissed him back, harder. It turned into a full blown kiss, leaving us both breathless. Our lips parted and he looked up at me, his eyes questioning. I smiled, truly smiled. I enjoyed the kiss. Very much so. It was something I wanted to do again…and again. I realize then what I wanted. I looked at Jacob and he instantly knew what I was thinking.

“I think I want to try,” I whispered. His responding smile was huge. “I think that maybe I can love again.” Jacob nodded and opened the driver’s door. “What are you doing?” I asked confused.

“I’m going to drive you home,” he said, unbuckling my seat belt. I nodded, not having the energy to refuse. I moved over to shotgun and he got into the car, buckling himself up. We drove in silence for a few moments until Jacob spoke up. “So, are you my girlfriend now?” Jacob asked teasingly. I thought about that question. The kiss reawakened feelings I thought I lost. I missed having someone to hold me and kiss me. I missed having someone that belonged to me, someone I could call mine.

“Yes,” I said confidently. “And you’re my boy friend.” The word sounded nice. Jacob, my boyfriend. The thought made me smile.

We pulled up to my house too soon. Jacob leaned over the seat and kissed me again and I happily kissed back. He smiled against my lips before pulling back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Jacob confirmed. I nodded eagerly. Not one day would go by when I wouldn’t want to see him. He smiled again and watched me as we both got out of my car.

“How are you going to get back?” I asked, realizing he had to ride home.

“I’m going to run,” he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I rolled my eyes and stood up on my toes. He was so much taller then me, one kiss was kind of a stretch. He helped me out by lowering himself to my level. “See you tomorrow,” he said after we finished our kiss. I nodded and walked towards my front step. I saw Jacob jog into the forest, and heard the rip that always followed. I smiled to myself again and opened the front door. But out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white to my right. It was gone within the second, so I took it as a hallucination. But I could have sworn that I saw some bronze in the mix. I shook my head again, thinking myself crazy. Edward would never come back. I had Jacob now, so at least the thought of Edward didn’t send me into a spiral of depression. But even as I closed the door, shutting out the outside world, I wondered if it really was Edward out there. Would he actually come back. I highly doubted it, but my life was full of doubts. Even so, Edward said he didn’t love me anymore. He left me. So without a second thought I went into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner.