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A Light in the Dark

Chicago during the Spanish Influenza Epidemic. Edward's life is changed forever...for better or worse? I'D BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL...TIMES A MILLION FOR ANY REVIEWS! :) thanks!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. Just another fan who loves Stephenie Meyer work! Hi! So, I've always been intrigued by Edward's life pre-vampire. Hope you enjoy! © Edwards Rose 2007

1. Chapter 1

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A Light in the Dark

By Edward’s Rose

Light poured through the slats in my small, bedroom window. I leaned casually against the casing, one hand toying idly with the green curtains my mother had so lovingly made for me.

“Green to go with your eyes!” she’d teased.

I smiled to myself, but then grimaced inwardly as I heard my fathers racking cough in the next door room. I heard the soft patter of my mother’s footsteps as she rushed to his side, acting as nurse. Father had been terribly sick for the last week, with a raging fever and bone-rattling cough. I tentatively walked into the next room and regarded my mothers bent form for a time.

"Is he alright?” I asked softly.

She whirled around to face me, her bronze- colored hair plastered to her forehead. “He’s fine, Edward. I-I think he might actually be getting better!” The ghost of a smile appeared on her white face as she regarded me.

I folded my arms across my chest and sighed. Mother had been telling me this same lie…she always wanted to protect me, to shield me from all the evil in the world.

“Mother, I’m seventeen. I’m not a little boy anymore…you can tell me the truth.”

The smile disappeared from her face and she sunk into a chair. “Do you really want to know the truth?” she asked warily.

I smiled wryly. “Don’t worry; I won’t start running and screaming.”

She didn’t smile. “Edward…I think your father has the influenza.”

My blood ran cold, the Spanish Influenza…the deadly disease which had been seeping through Chicago’s streets like silent death. My fingers tightened on the doorway until my knuckles turned white.

“Wha-what?” I asked shakily, fighting to regain my composure.

Mother got up swiftly and stretched to put her arms around my neck.

“Edward, you need to go call the hospital for me, sweetheart,” she said slowly.

I disentangled myself from her embrace and walked slowly towards our small phone. The hospital…the hospital. I took a step closer towards the phone, but then it felt like my muscles were locked. A searing pain began to rip through my head, and I put shaky fingers to my forehead. It was burning hot.

I felt my legs collapse beneath me, and felt the cool of the wooden floors underneath my cheek.

“EDWARD!” I heard Mother scream.

Then my world went black.

* * *

Ghosts and shapes, flitted through my vision like specters. A pain that seemed to weaken my muscles every time I gasped for air… My mother’s fevered touch and the soothing, deep voice of a man. I would sometimes see his face through my hazy eyes…a painfully-beautiful face with topaz irises. I wanted my mother…I remembered screaming her name as a fresh spasm of pain overtook me in waves.

The beautiful and strange man, his touch like ice against my fevered skin.

“Hold on, Edward…” he’d say in his clear and mesmerizing voice.

“Save him! Save him!” I heard my mother’s voice call as it echoed through my brain.

Then the smell of death disappeared and I was flying…through the air in the man’s arms. Bright lights obliterated my vision and I heard no sound save the air on my face…cool and clean air. I was slipping away, the world focusing to an ever smaller point…

Then there was nothing but the pain.

A guttural scream tore loose from my throat as fire enveloped my entire body. I heard the man’s soothing voice, but I could think of nothing but the terrible fire. I should have been dead by now…I craved the sweet release of death…anything but this. I could hear my heart beating frantically, as if it would stop beating soon.

And then she appeared.

The pain spun around in my head, but instead it revolved around an image of a girl. She had pale skin, dark hair and beautiful, soulful brown eyes. Her expression was calm and I strained to focus on her…only her.

“It’s alright, Edward. It’ll be over soon.” Her voice was like spring water and I basked in its radiant light.

My head thrashed wildly and I felt cool hands restraining me. I focused on my savior as the pain reached a blinding point. She stayed with me throughout my agony…the only light in my darkness. I heard my breathing becoming short and rapid and my heart pounded in my chest.

Then my heart-beat stopped.

“I love you. Wait for me…” Then my savior faded.

Sweet release.

La Tua Cantante My Singer and Savior

The End