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On Hiatusbanner by me! Mary Alice Brandon is only six years old. She is happily waiting for her seventh birthday -which will be in a week- she discovers she can see into the future, how will young Alice cope with her power when she thinks of her self as a demon?And when she is sent to the asylum and turned into a vampire, how will she -with her innocence of the vampire world , and her world- survive? {[Angst, romance, humor(mild), death]}

I own nothing...

2. Death for Protection

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The man sat the small girl down on the wet and moldy forest floor. He looked at her, sadness crept over him knowing what he was going to have to do to save her. He needed to save her, he couldn't let the other vampire kill the beautiful girl for his amusement of a hunt. It was wrong.

The girl looked up at the man in front of her eyes, her face full of confusion, her eyes streaming with tears. She whimpered, a sound that chilled the man. He felt sorry for Mary, he didn't know her well but he knew she had a terrible life, he didn't think she deserved to die like this.

"What are you going to do to me, sir?" Mary asked him is confusion, her voice sounding hoarse -for the lack of water today- yet lovely.

"I'm very sorry, Mary." He whispered.

She cocked her head to the side, wondering what the man meant by the words that came out of his mouth. She looked up to meet his eyes and the man felt horrible and exhaled sharply, he knew he just had to get over with it. Soon she would be like him and she would be safe, he could protect her from any harm that could come her way. He would protect her like she was her little sister, like she was her wife.

"I'm sorry." He whispered one more time and he knelt down in front of her, she gasped and backed up, hitting her head on the tree. He looked to the ground again and then drew his head nearer to the girls throat. Mary's pulse quickened, the man licked his lips and dug his teeth in her flesh. She gasped in shock and screamed in horror.

The man looked at Mary as she curled her self in pain, she groaned and yelled at times. He felt even more horrible by the end of the second day. One more day, he thought to himself, he was pleased with himself that he had brought Mary deep into the forest and far enough for the tracker vampire to find her.

The man heard a soft angry chuckle in between two trees. He looked over, dreading. His breath caught in his throat as he saw the vile man standing in front of him, smiling triumphantly to himself.

"Didn't think I wouldn't find you? I am a tracker, I live for this, of course I would have found you and you girlfriend." The tracker said with another dark chuckle.

"Leave her alone!" The man yelled at the tracker.

"Oh, now I will, I wouldn't dare touch her at the midst of her transformation, she doesn't have any blood, and that's what I craved for." The tracker sniffed the air with a disgusted look on his face. "But, instead of taking your little wife's life, I'll take yours instead." The tracker flashed his white gleaming teeth at the man who saved Mary's life.

The man stood up, his hands balled into fists, he snarled.

The tracker laughed a maniacal laugh and pounced on the man.

The man began to run, deeper into the forest , he stopped and turned around to face his opponent. He snarled once more and pounced hard on the tracker. He drilled his teeth into the tracker's arm, the tracker screamed and threw off the man off his body.

"You cant beat me, so why don't you just give up?" The tracker screamed.

"No, tracker, I will not give up, I won't let you kill me. Why don't you give up and leave me alone?"

"I have a name, sorry for being so informal, my name is James! And I wont give up because you took my most valuable prize away from me! That girl!"James yelled and leaped onto the man, plowing him to the floor.

"You call her blood a prize, you are the reason they give us vampires a bad name!"

"Oh, boo-hoo, I like what I like and thanks to you I wont be able to receive it!" James punched the man right in the gut, the man curled to the floor and coughed but immediately recovered and bounced back up and threw James hard against a tall tree, the tree fell backwards.

James snarled once, his teeth flaring at the man, his scorching red eyes full of anger.

"That's it, enough kid games!" James screamed and pounced once more on the man and dug his sharp teeth in the man's chest.

The tracker stood up flesh of the man on his lips and hands, "Pity I never got your name."