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On Hiatusbanner by me! Mary Alice Brandon is only six years old. She is happily waiting for her seventh birthday -which will be in a week- she discovers she can see into the future, how will young Alice cope with her power when she thinks of her self as a demon?And when she is sent to the asylum and turned into a vampire, how will she -with her innocence of the vampire world , and her world- survive? {[Angst, romance, humor(mild), death]}

I own nothing...

3. Who am I?

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Chapter 3: Who am I?


*3 days later*

Make it stop, make it stop, now, I can't take it anymore! The small girl begged in her thoughts, her lips were pursed and she tried to keep from screaming, but it was too much for her to handle. Why is this happening to me? She asked. She wondered what she could have done to deserve such a torture.

Her small frame shook uncontrollably because of the fiery pain that rushed through her body. Cold sweat trickled down her small frame, moss and dirt covered her clothes and face.

The girl thrashed once more as the fire in her veins increased. She screamed once, a loud piercing scream, making all the birds on the tree top fly away with fear.

Stop. Please.


The fire ceased at once and the small girl lay on the mossy forest floor, breathing heavily and fighting the thirst that grew in her throat.

She stood up,slowly, her whole body shaking frantically. She looked at herself in wonder, who am I? She wondered, looking down at her dirty self.

She looked around, all she could see was trees, trees moving freely from the soft breeze.

A pain shot across her stomach and she fell to the floor grasping and screaming in the agony. She knew she needed something to fill her stomach up, but what?

As she was crouching down of the pain, she heard a soft trickle not far from where she was. She knew she knew that sound from before, but wasn't sure from where. She stood up and walked toward the sound.

She could see a small clearing up ahead and she hurried up, hoping that she could find someone that could explain what had happened to her, if there was anyone else in the world. Was there? She asked herself in disbelief, there had to be, she couldn't be the only one. Could I?

A couple of steps further and she found what she was looking for, though it wasn't what she wanted. he kneeled over the stream, knowing the water was suppose to clench her thirst. She did as her mind told her and dug her face into the stream, she gulped a couple of times but her thirst would not stop, she gulped more and more and more until she was sick of the water and subsided from it. Why wouldn't her thirst go away? Maybe water didn't help.

She touch the water with her finger, as she looked at her pale finger she drew it back stunned. Was her skin suppose to glitter and be so pale? She touched her face, and then stretched her arm in front of her, examining the glitter it threw off. Then it stopped shining, she gasped and ran under the tree and curled herself into a ball.

What am I?

She heard a ruffle behind a bush and she looked up. An animal came into view, she stared at it, she looked at the animal with much curiosity as it ducked its head into the water and began to drink from it. She was confused as to why it didn't work for her.

A pump made her jump with excitement, another pump, pump, pump, pump, pump. She looked at creature, it was creating the pump. She could smell the blood inside the deer's veins, was that what she was suppose to drink?

She sniffed the air and once she did she went wild and jumped on the deer and brought it to the floor, her senses told her to to bite, bite. She bit the animal and tore it apart. She slurped and sucked the blood out of the pieces of meat she held in her hand. That seemed to work her thirst, so she continued until there was not an ounce of blood left.

She got up, regaining her thoughts and looked at herself, she was covered in animal blood. She washed her hands and then lay inside the small stream, the water relaxed her.

What am I? She asked again.

She heard someone -or something- walking in the nearby trees. She got up from the stream, water trickling down her dress and down her body, "Hello?" She asked out loud. Her voice was hoarse and small, she scared herself.

The thing didn't respond.

She walked forward, she heart the sound again, she knew it was someone else. She looked into the forest, but could see anyone.

"Hello?" She asked again.

"Well, well, well," A voice said. She jumped startled and looked in the direction that the voice came from. It was on her left side, but she could only see the silhouette of the person, she peered at them, it looked like a man. He spoke again, "Welcome to the vampire side, Alice." And with that he was gone.

"Wait!" She yelled and began to run behind him, she didn't know how but she was running pretty fast. But she could find him, she didn't know in what direction he went.

She fell to the floor and sighed. Something that he had said caught her attention. Alice. Was that my name? It had to be, that's what the man had called her. And he seemed to know about her.

Vampire? She asked. What is a vampire? ...does that mean I am not human.

I'm a Vampire.