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Mind control and Boy's

Sequel to 'Symbols of love'. Kate starts hearing a wierd voice in her head, she loses control of her body and powers. On top of that, she's falling in love. What will happen?

Stephenie Meyer owns everything, except my plot. And my characters. :)

1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s P.O.V

I was sitting in my new room thinking about what happened only half a year ago. After we had gotten Kate and Kyle back, The Cullen’s and I talked. We decided that it would be better if we lived together. So we moved in as soon as possible. Of course they had to rearrange a few things, but they didn’t seem to mind. Alice and Jasper were now sharing a room, and Jasper’s old room became my room. We spent hours redecorating the attic, and that became Kate and Kyle’s room. They said that they didn’t mind sharing a room.

Kate and Alice get along great, they act so much alike. They go shopping any chance they get, and they are always so hyper. Kyle and Emmett wrestle around a lot, and play video games. Edward is a great Dad. He’s helping the twins develop and control their powers a little better, and he helps out with their homework. And me, I am ok with living with the Cullen’s. Except I miss Eric.

When I think about him, which is everyday, I have to hold my chest. Where the whole is. The pain isn’t nearly as bad as when Edward left. Since I was thinking about Eric dyeing, the whole in my chest seemed to rip open. I doubled over in pain and started sobbing. Right as I looked up I saw Edward standing in my door way, he was staring at me with a pained look on his face. “Are you ok?” He whispered lightly. I nodded my head and stood up.
“What’s up?” I asked my voice cracking slightly.

“All of us are going hunting; I just wanted to let you know.” He said, and walked closer to me, then pulled me into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and started sobbing on his shoulder. It’s times like these I wish I could cry. After a few minutes of that, I pulled back and walked out of my room.

I said bye to every single one of the Cullen’s, as did Kate and Kyle. When they walked out of the house I turned round to look at them. “Did you do all your homework?” I asked each of them ,they both responded with a nod. I smiled and looked at my watch, it was almost Ten at night. The thing about Kate and Kyle is that since they are only half human, they only have to sleep a couple hours.

“What do you want to do?” I asked both of them and they shrugged. They ended up going into their room and doing what they do. Which for Kate is to listen to music, and for Kyle is to work out. I walked up to my room and laid on my bed. As I stared up at my ceiling I realized how empty the house felt without the Cullen’s, kind of how my life was when they left me.

I sighed and remembered that they wouldn’t be too long, in fact they should be back in time to go to school. Ah school, I almost forgot about my homework. Kate and Kyle were in 8th grade. Alice, Edward and I were playing 16 year olds, we were in 10th grade. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper were playing the parts of 17 year olds, they were in 11th grade. I did all my homework in a heartbeat.

I jumped off my bed as I heard a thump and screaming coming from up in the attic. I was there in a second. Kyle was holding on to Kate and she was thrashing and hitting him.

Kate’s P.O.V

After the Cullen’s left, Kyle and I went up to our room. While Kyle worked out I went over to my laptop and decided to download a ton of new songs to my iPod. I listened to each song carefully, and found ten that I really wanted on my iPod. But when I went to download the songs it said that my iPod was full.

It made me really mad. Like madder then I should have been. I started screaming, I couldn’t control myself. To make matters worse I heard a voice in my head. I couldn’t recognize the voice, and I couldn’t make out what it was saying. That made me even madder. Kyle stopped exercising and came over to hold me down. I guess it was because I had already beaten and broke my laptop.
I heard my mom come upstairs, but I didn’t stop thrashing and screaming. I couldn’t stop. I don’t know why but I couldn’t control myself. I felt myself being handed from Kyle to my mom. I held my head in my hands. The voice was getting louder, but it still wasn’t making sense. “Shut up!” I screamed.
It didn’t go away, it didn’t even get quieter. In fact it got louder and louder. I felt my Mom pick me up and take me downstairs. She set me on the couch and stayed in the room with me. She kept talking to me, but I couldn’t hear her. The voice in my head was still getting louder, but no clearer. I clutched my head and tried to concentrate on the voice, but no matter what I did I couldn’t make it out.

It was morning time and the voice still hadn’t gone away, or let up. I screamed again, right as my Dad walked through the front door, back from his hunting trip.

Bella’s P.O.V

I was sting in the living room where I had put Kate, not knowing what to do. I kept asking her what was wrong, but she didn’t seem to hear me. I was getting really worried. She screamed right as Edward walked through the door. He ran into the room, and saw Kate on the couch thrashing a kicking and screaming. Me sitting in the chair by her not knowing what to do, and Kyle sitting by me.

“What’s going on?” Edward asked in a worry voice, his eyes never leaving Kate. I stood up as she screamed at someone to shut up. I don’t think she was talking to us though, because she said the same thing earlier when no one was talking.

“I don’t know. She started this like eight hours ago. She just started, out of no where.” I whispered to him. I wanted so bad to take Kate’s pain away. Carlisle called the school and told them that Me, Edward, and Kate were sick. But everyone else had to go to school, otherwise people would get suspicious.
The whole morning was spent sitting in the living room with Kate. Edward held her in his arms and rocked her back and forth. It didn’t help any, but at least he tried. I took her from him, and started rocking her too. I hummed her a lullaby, the lullaby I used to hum to her and Kyle when they were young. The same lullaby Edward hummed to me years ago. Once Edward picked up on what I was humming, he joined in.

She didn’t even relax. Suddenly she jumped out of my arms and laid herself on the floor. She started kicking and screaming. She looked like a three year old throwing a tantrum. But she started screaming again. “Get out of my head or start making some sense!” She yelled and clutched her head again.

Then it clicked. She was hearing a voice in her head, but who or what? That’s what she was telling to shut up earlier. Edward and I looked at each other. I went upstairs and decided to see what made her mad in the first place. I had a feeling that the voice in her head didn’t start it. Edward stayed behind with Kate.

When I got there I saw her laptop smashed, and her iPod sitting by it. I walked over to it and it said, ‘memory full’. Maybe that’s what started this.

Kate’s P.O.V

My Dad and my Mom were humming a Lullaby. I didn’t want to seem rude, but that made my headache even worse. SO I jumped out of my Mom’s lap and laid down on the floor. My legs and arms started Kicking and slamming against the floor, I wasn’t controlling them. But I decided that wasn’t important right now. What was important was the voice in my head.

“Shut up or start making sense!” I yelled. A few minute’s later I heard someone leave the room. I was too preoccupied to pay too much attention to it. Suddenly it all stopped. The headache, the voice, my legs and arms stopped slamming against the floor by themselves. I fell limp on the floor and sighed in relief.

I was too weak to do anything else but sleep. I woke up about an hour later in my own room. I jumped up and looked around, it was clean, and I had a new laptop sitting on my desk. Right next to it was my old iPod and a new one too. I wondered why I needed a new laptop.

Then all the memories came back to me and I flinched. My hair was in my face, so I put it in a messy bun and went downstairs. I saw my Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma sitting in the living room. Putting a smile on my face I walked in the room. “Hey guys, what’s up?” I asked in a fake cheery voice. They looked at me, worry evident in their eyes. I sighed and sat down in the only empty chair.

“Would you like to explain to us what happened?” My Dad asked me. I looked at my folded shaky hands that were inside my lap.

“I don’t know exactly.” I said then I looked up at them. “All I know is that, My iPod ran out of memory. That made me mad, madder than I should have been. I like, couldn’t control it. And the next thing I knew, there was this voice in my head. It was awful! The voice made no sense, I couldn’t make out what it was saying. It kept getting louder and louder, but wouldn’t quit. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make out what he was saying.” I said, my voice cracking at the last sentence.

I furrowed my eyebrow, deep in thought. While everyone else was talking, I was trying to make sense of it. The only thing that matter’s, is that I lost control when I heard the voice in my head. Mind control? I stood up and started pacing, something I do when I’ve got an Idea, and I have to make a little more sense of it.

So I didn’t lose total control, but I did lose some. Maybe that’s because I couldn’t make out what the voice was saying. I stopped in mid-pace.
Someone, or something is trying to take control of me. And if they succeed they will get all my powers. My eyes got real big as I realized this.

‘Calm down, it’s only a theory, it doesn’t mean its right’ I said to myself in my head. Everyone in the room was staring at me as my breath sped up and my hands started shaking. I shook my head trying to get a grip.

I sat down, and sat on my shaky hands, so they wouldn’t shake anymore. And I concentrated on breathing normally. Once I was as close as back to normal as I could get, I decided to tell them my theory.

“Ok, ummm…this is only a theory. What if a vampire, got the power of mind control? And what if that vampire was trying to get control of me?” I got up and started pacing again. “It’s the only thing that I can think of that fits. I heard a voice in my head, and I lost a little control. Well, not total control at least. I believe that is because I couldn’t make out what the voice was saying.” My mom looked like she got it. “So if the next time the vampire tries to take control, and I understand it…” My mom said the next words with me. “They would have total control of me(my mom said 'you').”

Everyone was staring at me, as I sat down again. I pulled my knees up to my chest, and started biting my nails. I seriously needed to get out of the house, maybe Alice would go shopping with me once she got back from school. Oh and we can go to the spa, and I can go to a nail place and get my nails done. I perked up at the idea.

“Mom, Can I go shopping with Alice after she gets back?” I asked really sweetly. I started pouting, when she looked like she was going to say no. And once she saw my pout she sighed and told me, “Only if Alice wants to go.”
I started laughing. As if Alice would ever NOT want to go shopping. I hugged my mom, and ran up the stairs to mine and Kyle’s room. I needed to take a shower, and put on some new clothes. After taking my shower, I blow dried my hair. Then I put on one of my favorite shirts, a halter top, babydoll. It had Blue and red flowers all over it, then I grabbed some white shorts and put them on. Then for my shoes I put on some white flats. I went over to my full length mirror and sighed. I pulled my bronze colored hair up in a bun and let a few stray hairs fall around my face.

When I looked at the time I sighed. I still had about two hours before Alice would make it home. I decided to see what Kyle was doing in school today. Closing my eyes, I thought about Kyle and only Kyle. Suddenly I was by his side, he was in his sixth period class, which was Reading. I walked up to the front of the class and looked at everyone.

I started laughing, but stopped when I saw Kyle pass a note to a girl. Hmmm…I wonder what they’re talking about. I walked over to the girl and read over her shoulder, but before I started reading I noticed that she was blushing. The note said

Do you want to go out some time?

That’s all it said, that simple. I rolled my eyes. As if she’d say yes to something as vague as that, I’d say no. And I have before, unfortunately. All the boys that ask me out are dorks, or they are hot but they are jerks. There were no good guys in my school. But I did want a boyfriend. The note went back to Kyle, so I walked over there and looked over his shoulder.
It just said one word.


I looked at Kyle and saw him smile. I wanted to have some fun so I sent Kyle a message through my mind.

Me: Kyle and Chelsea sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Kyle: How do you know about that?

Me: I’m watching you…

Kyle: Hey! Stop. It’s not like I spy on you.

Me: You can’t. That power of yours isn’t developed yet. And I’m bored with watching you, I’m going to go watch Uncle Emmett!

I got out of there, and woke up back in my room. I smiled as I thought about Uncle Emmett. Uncle Emmett was definitely the funniest member of the family. Suddenly I was in his classroom. I immediately started laughing. He was spitting spit balls at the teacher. Only since he’s a vampire, he can do it so fast that the teacher can’t catch him.

I walked over and sat in the empty desk by him. When I used this power of mine, I was like a ghost. No one could see me, but I can pick stuff up and scare people. I walked up to the front of the class and blew on a bunch of papers that were sitting on her desk. She turned around and stared at the papers wide eyed.

Emmett was staring at the papers too, then he got a knowing look and he whispered to me, so low that no one could hear but me. “Kate, if you’re in here, come over here and tap my shoulder.”

I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to him. I did what I was asked. He jumped at my touch. I laughed again. Once I made sure no one was looking I grabbed Uncle Emmett’s Pencil and a piece of paper.

I’m gonna go now, have fun at school.

I wrote a simple note to him and left. I woke up back in my room with a jolt. I decided I was bored with spying on people, and I walked back over to my mirror. I re-did my hair, and put on my make up. When I was putting on my mascara, I noticed my eyes turning green. That means I need some fruit.

Fruit Vamps are kind of weird. But in a good way.

I mean, my eyes turn green when I’m hungry. And they turn electric blue, when I’m full. My mom’s is different. Here eyes are brown when she is hungry, but green when she is full. And my brother is the same as me.

I used to have Topaz eyes when I was a baby, but then when I grew up it changed to the color I just told you. Also fruit vamps are a lot faster.
But anyway, my eyes were green. So I ran downstairs, and into the kitchen. I grabbed a peach and ate it slowly. I was thinking about Kyle having a girlfriend. I decided that while at the mall I would also 'shop' for a boyfriend.

I heard cars pull up into the driveway and a bunch of Vampire’s walked through the door. Immediately Aunt Alice ran up to me. “Yes!” She yelled before I could even ask her to go shopping with me. But Grandpa walked into the room before we could leave.

“Wait, we need to talk about what happened earlier, before you leave.” He said and led us to the living room where everyone was sitting.

I stayed standing, and I explained everything as fast as I could. “Now, while Alice and I are gone you can talk about it. See ya!” I said and I grabbed Aunt Alice’s arm as we walked out to her car. We were at the mall in a second. Before we got out she started talking to me.

“I know your not here just to buy clothes and shoes. You want a boyfriend.” She said in a fake stern voice. “And I had a vision that your going to get one! And he is cute!” She started jumping up and down.

“Are you going to point him out for me?” I asked her and she shook her head while still jumping up and down. “Well tell me this, is he going to ask me or am I going to ask him?” I asked her.
“He is going to ask you, but it might take a while, he is very nervous.” She replied as we got out. I started scanning the crowd and shrugged. Aunt Alice and I hooked arms, and started skipping into the mall.

We shopped a shopping record for us. We bought so many clothes that we had to make Fifteen trips to the car. We decided that it was time to go, and I asked her if we could go get my nails done. She nodded her head and got in the car. I was about to get in when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

I spun around to see a really hot guy. He was human, and he had blonde hair, green eyes. He was really tall, and I could tell he was athletic. I smiled at him. He tried to smile back, but he was too nervous. Most girls are turned off by guys being nervous, but I thought it was cute.

“Hey, I’m Josh.” He said his voice shaking a little, but I saw that with every word he got more confident.

“I’m Kate.” I said, fully confident. “So…What’s up?” I asked because he was Quiet for a long time. I decided to help him out.

“I was just wondering if you’d like to go out sometime.” He asked me looking hopeful. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. For a brief second I wondered if this was ok. With the thing that happened to me earlier, what if it’s not safe for him. But I through that idea out, and nodded my head, still smiling. I opened the car door and grabbed a piece of paper, and a pen. I wrote my cell phone number down quickly, and handed the paper to him.

“See ya later, Josh.” I said to him before getting back into the car. He just smiled and told me good-bye. Alice pulled out of the parking lot, and we drove home. I looked out my window, deep in thought. I seriously was having doubts; I didn’t want to put someone in danger. Alice suddenly stopped driving and had a blank look on her face, the car started going out of control. I yanked off my seat belt and sat in her lap. I didn’t have time to move her. I took control of the car and drove all the way back home.

Alice’s vision had to be pretty long, and intense. When I pulled into our driveway, my Dad and Mom were sitting on the porch talking. Unfortunately, they still haven’t gotten back together. But they were talking, that’s a start. Besides they have eternity to get back together.

They both looked up in confusion as they saw me driving. I got out and walked over to them. “Hey guys!” I said in a cheery voice. “Mom, Dad…Can I ask you something?” I asked quietly. They both threw a worried glance at each other, but nodded. “Ok, well first off. This boy, Josh asked me out today. I said yes, and gave him my number. The only thing is, I’m scared.” I whispered all of this.

“What are you scared about?” My mom asked worriedly.

“What if I hear that voice again, and I can’t control myself. And I hurt him.” I said. And right when I finished the sentence, I heard the voice start up again in my head.