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Fate's Twist

Story is currently on hold, until I can rewrite some of the chapters. Sometimes fate deals us a deadly blow when we thought we knew what it wanted. Like a second soul mate or an incorrect premonition that leads us to the path we were meant to take. Edward has found one of his soul mates, but perhaps, he was wrong and just maybe Bella isn’t the only one he could ever love as truly and deeply as he loves her. Bella’s not the only one with two soul mates.

OFC/Felix - OFC/Edward Post-Eclipse. Takes place a few years later. And Spoilers. Warnings: Violence and Language.

1. 1. Taking a Life

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1191   Review this Chapter

Chapter 1

It wasn’t ever like me to care or even have feelings for another being, except my mother. I grew up well breed, as they would say, and in the upper class. Private school and tutoring every week day. Piano and horse riding lessons every Wednesday and Friday. Domestic practices learned from my mother and manners learned from my own insolence. My father was an unkind man, with cold eyes and drunken breath, reeking of brandy or scotch. He came home everyday from the state offices complaining of his workers and the idlers that worked beneath him. My mother was an idol of a woman. Strong and dependent, yet loving and caring. She spent much of her time reading books in my father’s library and drinking sweet tea in the gardens under a lace umbrella held by her fan boy.

Only he wasn’t much of a fan boy. I should just have called him her lover. Secretive as she was, she couldn’t hide their affair for long.

It was another cold day in September when my father came home early, much too drunk to sit at a desk for a few more hours. Being a rich man in the government must have been taxing. (No pun intended, but sarcasm welcome.) She was lost in the embrace of the young man before she even knew that my father had his flintlock pistol pressed to her head.

I knew he had come home, and I followed him to his personal study; fetch his gun from the desk and streak down the stairs, faster than should have been possible for a man of his size. I stood behind the large armoire near the library door, peering around the corner. I knew that I shouldn’t watch, but I did.

He stood there behind her with a callous look in his eyes. “You street prostitute,” he spat. She saw me hiding there and mouthed the word, Leave. I shook my head and stared her down as the gun exploded and her face disappeared behind a cloud of blood. I turned my head away and pressed my warm face into the cool of the armoire. “Garrick!” My father bellowed; holding my mother’s lover at an arms length, with his fingers thread around his throat.

Garrick tumbled into the room from a door opposite the one I had snuck in. “Sir,” he gasped catching his breath.

“Clean this up,” my father ordered.

Garrick swallowed hard as he saw the bloody mess around my father. “And what about-”

“Throw her whore body in the lake, and I will deal with him in my hunting shed.” My father, who by now had the strength of ten men, pulled the man from the sofa and stalked out the same door Garrick had just entered. The horror in Edward’s face, I will never forget. His eyes wide with terror and vomit spilling from his lips. His blonde hair and light face splattered with the red of my mother’s blood.

I had never been formally introduced to him, but I often over heard my mother whisper “My dear Edward” over and over again, as they sat in the garden. Her voice was echoing in my head as I watched Garrick pull what was left of my mother from the sofa.

The night had come so fast, the darkness encroached on our large villa. I stared out over our backyard to the lake surrounded on three sides by the forest of trees and flowers. I imagined her body tied to a heavy stone floating lifeless and faceless in the green water. Anger boiled within me, as I heard my father call her a whore.

Clutching the knife tightly to my chest, I entered the house through the backdoor into the kitchen. The curve of the ivory handle smooth against my palm. I sulked silently down the hallway to his first floor study where he was passed out drunk behind his desk.

I opened the door, refusing to be quiet. I hoped he would wake up and see me. See the fury in my eyes and the chaos in my mind. But he didn’t. He stayed asleep like a coward. As I moved closer to him, I saw the empty branded bottle and the still smoking cigar left in the ashtray.

As I raised the knife in my hand, my mother’s face flashed before my eyes, pleading with me not to ruin my own life. But it was too late, my knife dug into his throat, and I pulled it across as his eyes flickered open. He stared into my eyes as he gasped for breath. The blood spurting from his neck onto my white nightgown.

It was my first time taking a life, spilling someone else’s blood.

The dream was so vivid. I felt as though I had relived the ghosts from my past. But when I awoke completely, I found that I was comfortably lying in my bed. Although, no sleep had come, I still dreamed. Closing my eyes for even a moment brings back the memories of my long forgotten past. I stood quickly and made my way to my closet, pulling out a long black dress. I pulled off my jeans and t-shirt, throwing the dress over my head. My heeled boots were left sitting on the chaise lounge near my full-length mirror. I grabbed each one and slipped it on without much effort and laced them. I was use to my grace and speed by now, but my beauty was another thing. It was still offensive to me to look in a mirror and not completely see myself as I had been.

I was pretty before and more lifelike as well. I had pretty curls of yellow and soft features on a small frame. But now I stand before the mirror with long, slender legs, extending my body another six inches. My soft features were now sharp and abrupt. My nose pinpointed and my cheekbones erect. These features were still strange to me, but quite striking.

“Charlotte,” Jane’s voice rang out from the other side of my door, “Let’s go.” Impatience saturating in her voice.

I grabbed my jacket and ripped open the door. I towered over her tall body as she stood in my doorway. She turned on her heel, and we flew down the hallway. Within seconds we were in her car, speeding away towards the gate of the city. “Goodbye, Volterra,” I whispered under my breath, knowing that I would not return for a long time.

“Don’t get sappy on us,” Demetri scoffed from the back seat. “We’ll track this… Bella-thing down and be back before you know it.”

“Aro will be meeting us there. The one with the sight will know that we are coming. So be prepared,” she said flashing a cold look at me.

“I know,” I whispered. “She’s not as strong as me. She can only see when someone decides to do something. I, on the other hand-”

“Know what they are going to decide,” Felix finished. I turned back to smile at him, but he was too quick, grinning ear to ear.