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Fate's Twist

Story is currently on hold, until I can rewrite some of the chapters. Sometimes fate deals us a deadly blow when we thought we knew what it wanted. Like a second soul mate or an incorrect premonition that leads us to the path we were meant to take. Edward has found one of his soul mates, but perhaps, he was wrong and just maybe Bella isn’t the only one he could ever love as truly and deeply as he loves her. Bella’s not the only one with two soul mates.

OFC/Felix - OFC/Edward Post-Eclipse. Takes place a few years later. And Spoilers. Warnings: Violence and Language.

2. 2. Unconscious

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Chapter 2

Our flight was short, but sweet. I pretend to sleep while the steward handed Jane a pillow and asked her if she was in need of anything else.

“I’m fine,” Jane spat in her righteous tone. “You can stop that,” she said elbowing me.

“I’d rather not.”

The voice over intercom announced our arrival at Kennedy. She announced the local time and wished us a good morning and a safe stay.

Demetri scoffed, “Yeah, safe. Right.”

I pulled myself from the seat and sauntered down the isle of first class. As I stepped off the plane and down the corridor, I glanced down at my ticket for the next gate number and time. Barely half hour until our connecting flight was to board.

“Let’s go.” Jane pushed from behind me, and we followed her short stature down the different moving walkways and to our terminal. Just in time of course. As if the Volturi had planned it themselves. The next flight was much shorter and the seats seemed more accommodating to my body. I rested my eyes and relaxed my tense muscles. I hated being away from Italy for too long. Since I’d left my first home, my second home had become so ingrained in me that it hurt to leave. Hurt in an inhuman way, of course. It’s an odd empty feeling, like my heart, even though it no longer beats, had been removed from my chest. The Volturi was my second family. They had made me whole when I was missing a large part of my soul.

The worst part of airplanes was the air. The recirculation of the different scents, some good, some nauseating. My stomach churned, and my head was spinning. I hadn’t eaten in two weeks, since I found that I would be coming here. To this dank hell hole in the States. At least in Volterra, I knew where I stood, and they had a room for me. Keeping me safe. The more I thought about being gone, the sicker I felt.

“Let’s just get this over with,” I grumbled under my breath to Felix, who was seated next to me.

He patted my hand, which was strategically placed on the armrest. “No worries.” He wove his fingers between mine. In his strong grip, I felt much safer and more content. I turned to look at him, but his eyes were trained straight ahead. He had never been one to be affectionate. Ever since I’d known him, he’d been a very detached person, avoiding most physical contact, unless it was required. I smiled to myself and tipped my head back, just as I felt the plane descend.

The airport in Seattle buzzed around us as we made our way to the exit.

“Demetri, go find us a car.” Jane ordered. We stood looking out into the unusually sunny day. “Jackets,” she ordered us, again. We pulled out the long pea coats with attached hoods. Felix had his on in seconds and was already helping me into mine as Demetri pulled up in a white Jaguar.

“So inconspicuous,” I said, sarcastically, pulling on a pair of black gloves and pulling my hood up to shield my face.

“Let’s go,” Felix said supporting my lower back as we stepped out into the sun. I caught the glimmer of the skin on his neck as he readjusted his own hood.

“I think your heads a bit too big for that average sized hood,” I joked as he open the back door for me to slip into.

He laughed, “In your dreams.”

“If I had happy dreams, then maybe,” I whispered.

Slowly the sun faded and trees blurred by the car until we were in almost complete darkness. I pulled down my hood and slipped off my jacket and gloves.

“Almost there,” Felix said. He knew that this was my first track.

Aro, had never allowed me to leave Volterra until now. He often kept me in close contact via phone to find out what was happening, but never allowed me to leave the city. Until the day he saw my secondary power. My ability to manipulate people with my mind. It wasn’t bad enough that I could see future events, but I had to control and change people with just my thoughts and touch.

I saw him from the back seat, standing near the tree line where our turn off would be. He motioned for Jane to follow behind him. “Here we go,” she spoke, ecstatic. The thrill of the hunt was what she lived for.

Their house was nestled in a large growth of trees. Simply majestic from the road, with a long drive which lead to their front door.

Felix was outside the car, pulling open my door. “Ready?”

I shook my head. Knowing what I had to do was the easy part, actually doing it was going to be tough. I took a deep breath, without notice Aro was at my side, softly touching my bare arm.

He thought for a moment, “It’ll be alright,” he said comforting me, or at least trying to.

“I know.” I took a step towards the door, slowly and surely turning my steps into long graceful strides. It only took five or so to reach the front door. With the others behind me as I stood there, I knocked firmly with a tightened, anxious fist. The door flew open with vengence.

“Carlisle, you can’t stand in our way.” I pushed my hand against his forehead, knocking him back into the house and into a heap of flesh. I turned back to see Aro’s eyes before I stepped into the house. He nodded. I took a step in with my black boot. “My apologies.” I step over his body and into the house.

“Where is she?” Jane spat, rushing in behind, pushing me out of the way. Of course she wouldn’t want me to have all the glory.

“You can’t have her!” Alice shouted from the foot of the stairs.

“Don’t make me-” Jane started

“No,” I said, pressing my hand to the back of her head. She slumped over, falling in a heap to the floor. “I don’t want to hurt, anyone. I just want her and now.” I saw Jasper in my peripherals. I steady walked to him. “There’s no one to calm,” I said softly, “No one to make tired.” I slipped my hand to his forehead brushing away a stray hair, he didn’t even pull away, but he welcomed it. His body drooped and slugged to the floor. “Alice, don’t make me do this anymore,” I begged. “Just let us have her, and we’ll leave.”

“Never.” Her face was tight with fury and her eyes narrowed as I came toward her.

“Where are they?”

She shook her head, sending locks of chocolate dancing around her face.

“Demetri, where’s Edward?”

“Upstairs,” he smirked.

“See how easy that was.” I pushed past her up the stairs, where Esme was waiting.

“Please don’t,” she said, not so much begging, but ordering.

“Esme, you should know better than that. Do you think we would be here if we didn’t know we would succeed in retrieving her?”

“Don’t you have some sort of laws that prohibit this?”

“Obviously not,” I said forcing a smirk to my face. This was emotionally wearing on me, but I kept up my strong, unfeeling front as I pressed past her, towards that last door. I knock softly once, no response. “Open the door Edward.” The door swung open with such fury, I could have sworn a hurricane was behind it.

It was his face, his mind searching my mind. I could feel him scavenging for my thoughts.

“Edward, stop,” I said. “Please just let me have her. I don’t want to do this,” I finished in an almost inaudible whisper. Just saying the name brought back memories, painful ones. My eyes were begging and pleading. My mind was already weak from forcing three people into temporary unconsciousness; I didn’t think I could do it again without losing my own. I was taxed. I hated this, doing as I was told. The way I treated this family was burning in my soul and banishing me to the deepest level of my hell. But he wouldn’t stand down. I could see past him, Bella was standing in the back of the room, looking out the large window. “I don’t want to do this to you,” I repeated, “Please.”

As he shook his head, he made to pounce, but I beat him to the punch. Raising just one finger, I lightly tapped his cheekbone. He fell to the floor, in another massive pile. I felt the world spin around me and the equilibrium in my head give out as I crashed into the floor.