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Football by awsomealice94 banner Edward takes Bella and Charlie to a Washington football game. *warning, laugh attacks might happen* ‘optional’ (well, I changed the teams for all of you) version up

disclaimer- it’s as simple as knowing to put milk in cereal- I’m not Stephenie Meyer. okay, i am aware that the Redskins play in DC, my bad! i got the washington's mixed up, hehe. but just go with this for right now, ok? half of my fav part won't work cause the seahawks and the detriot lions both have blue as their color. so just go with it, as you can tell i am not a fan of football edited virsion next chapter

1. Football game

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We were all sitting around the dinner table. Edward was next to me, and Charlie was in his usual spot at the head of the table.

“So, Bells, any plans?” Charlie asked me as he finished his meal. I looked down at my plate, “not this weekend, dad. Maybe I might go over to the Cullen’s or something, I don’t exactly know yet.” I looked at Edward, he nodded.

“Alright. But you have to remember your curfew, no exceptions.” He reminded me.

“Yes, Dad. I know.”I smiled.

“Actually, Charlie. Carlisle has season tickets to the Football game with the Redskins and the Detroit lions, he has three and he was wondering if he could give them to the three of us.” Edward talked casually.

Charlie’s fork dropped, and the food on my fork just fell back on the plate. I looked at Edward with shocked eyes. Was he just inviting me to go to a Football game?

I mouthed ‘no’ to Edward as he smiled in Charlie’s direction.

“Oh, I’m sure Carlisle doesn’t want to give his tickets away. You could take one of your siblings instead of me.” Charlie said, I knew better though. He wanted to go, and Edward knew that even more than me.

“Nonsense, Carlisle wanted to give them to specifically us.” Edward said.

“Well, if you’re sure...” Charlie muttered, but he was truly happy, he was trying not to show it though.

Edward nodded. “Tell Carlisle thanks, will you Edward?” Charlie asked as he put his dish in the sink.

“No problem. You will have to get ready at around 6:00 tomorrow. Then I’ll drive to Seattle, or you could drive.” He told Charlie. Charlie nodded to go watch the game, almost skipping with delight.

“I think it’s time to return home.” Edward said. He leaned in and kissed me on my forehead. “I’ll see you in 15 minutes.” He whispered for only me to hear and walked out the door, shutting it behind him.

I just sat in my seat, staring straight ahead. A football game, with me there. Yeah, right. I thought to myself.

I stormed up to my room when I was done with the dishes, slamming the door behind me, as Edward cringed at the sound.

He was lounging on my bed, “hello.” He greeted me.

“A football game? A football game???” I was now pacing back and forth in front of him.

“Bella, at a football game.” I tested it out. “Those words don’t go in a sentence together! Knowing my luck the football will come out of nowhere and hit me on the head.” I exclaimed.

“Bella, just listen, please. Charlie will have some fun, and as Alice sees it, won’t be as hard on both of us. Especially when we tell him about the engagement.” His eyes pleaded for me to understand.

“Oh, right...I sort of forgot about that. So this is a kissing up type of thing?” I asked him.

“I…Suppose you could put it that way.” He nodded.

I crossed my arms and sat next to him, “it’s a football game, Bella. What could possibly happen?” he asked me, I raised my eyebrows.


Charlie was almost acting like a little kid in Disney land, as we walked through the stadium to try and find our seats.

“Section A row 1.” Edward said, looking at his own ticket. Charlie’s eyes got big, “Section A row one should be-”

“The closest seats to the field.” I finished, sulking. Which makes a greater chance of me getting hit in the head by a football…I thought.

“Wow, and your sure Carlisle’s okay with this?” Charlie asked Edward for the millionth time as we finally made it to our seats. It was going to be a pain walking all the way back up the stairs to get some water.

“Yes, Charlie. He is perfectly fine with it. There was an unexpected surgery that he couldn’t miss, Emmett and Jasper are at college with Rosalie, and Alice and Esme aren’t really into this.” Edward explained.

“Smart girls.” I muttered under my breath, sitting down. I looked up; whoever built this was smart to have a ceiling unlike the baseball stadium. In Washington, you had no clue what would happen weather wise when there was sports.

I moved my eyes down to the bright green field; the football field had some of the team members warming up and TV cameras were setting up with reporters looking over some of the things they would have to say.

“Alright, if you say so.” Charlie said, “Look, Bells, that’s Daddy’s favorite player!” Charlie pointed.

“Aw, dad, I am 18.” I could not believe he had just said that. Edward’s mouth was twitching, fighting a smile.

“I know that Bella, what has that got to do with football?” he asked me, not totally getting it. I didn’t even bother to explain. All of this football air was making him loopy, I had to get him out of here and never come back as soon as the game was finished.

“How long does one of these things last for anyways?” I asked Edward, turning towards him.

“Not long.” He looked as though he was hiding something.

I stared him down, “alright, a couple hours or more.” He admitted. My mouth dropped. I started laughing almost hysterically, “You’re kidding right? I mean,” I looked at him, he shook his head, “you mean I am stuck in here for a few hours?” I kept on laughing. “Aw, this is just great!” I laughed sarcastically.

As soon as the game had started, and I was trapped in my uncomfortable chair next to Edward, and my freakish dad in his glory, I started to notice my surroundings.

“Hey, Edward. Why is everyone dressed in red?” I asked him. Even Edward and Charlie were. It was a wave of just red, I didn’t get it. Was there a dress code I wasn’t following or something?

“Because the Redskin’s color is red. And you-” realization came to my face and his, “wore the wrong color.” I finished for him, looking down at what I was wearing.

I was wearing my favorite blouse, the blue one, with blue jeans.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I shook my head muttering to myself.

I looked franticly down at my ticket, at the Detroit Lions symbol, which answered my thoughts. “Blue is the Detroit Lions color, isn’t it?” I asked him, already knowing the answer.

“I’m afraid so.” He nodded. I would have worn my red top, if it wasn’t for that nosey cloth stealing vampire.

“So I am wearing the opposing teams color. Could this get any worse?” I asked myself.

“Now that you mention it...” Edward looked at me, as Charlie said “Bella, we are on the T.V!” he started waving.

I looked at the big screen TV in the front of the stadium, everyone could see it. They often got shots of people when they least expect it.

I just stared with my mouth open, heat flooding to my face; yes this could get a lot worse. The whole freakin stadium could now see me, and my Blue outfit. I groaned as it finally switched. I sank my head into Edward’s shoulder, “I shouldn’t have asked that.” I mumbled.

“Is God just picking on me today? Am I fun to tease?” I asked.

“Bella, it wasn’t that bad, and your dad is having fun in his glory.” He added snickering as the redskins just got a touchdown; he stood up and cheered as many others did. I just sat down, not getting what all the noise was for.

I looked around; most people were screaming and clapping, even when they sat down.

“Football crazed morons.” I muttered. That is what I am going to call them all for now on.

“Watch it, your dad fits in that category.” Edward reminded me; I rolled my eyes, looking over to my right at my dad. I started laughing; it was funny to see him so excited. It was like turning his excitement level up from a three to a ten.

Edward laughed with me, Charlie didn’t get that I was laughing at him, but whatever, it was better that way.

Just then they made another touchdown, and everyone stood up (it reminded me of those strict churches where you would have to stand up, kneel, and sit, stand up, kneel, and sit.)

There were some very loud football crazed morons behind me, and I thought my hearing was going to be gone by the time I went home, if I ever made it home. Charlie looked like he would stay here forever if he could.

Popcorn then fell on my head; water missed me by inches, as another touchdown came. I squeezed my eyes shut, and looked to Edward, pursing my lips, making my eyes narrow. He reached over, fighting a smile, and brushed all of the popcorn off my head from the people who had stood up behind me.

“So it wasn’t a football that fell on my head, but popcorn is just as bad.” I squeezed out, in a strained voice.

“What is the matter Bells, aren’t you having fun?” Charlie asked me.

“Oh, yeah, dad. The best.” My smile was so fake, but Charlie didn’t seem to notice. When I turned to Edward, I frowned, and then smirked.

Edward. Was. Dead. Or more then he was now…..