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the phone call ( restlessness )

this is between chapter 23 and chapter 24 ( the angel and an impasse ), how Edward tells Charlie what happened to Bella and that she is at the hospital

Disclaimer : All the characters, original plot and settings belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

2. Chapter 2

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The door opened suddenly and I raised my head from the edge of the bed.I looked at Bella, she was still asleep and, after, at the people who had just entered.

Renée was all messed up, like she had run the whole way to come here. Maybe she had. She was trying to catch her breath and her eyes were wide open with shock. It's true that she looks exactly the same as Bella. The same china doll look, the same fragility, the same eyes...

Charlie did not look better. He too was utterly shocked by the vision of her daughter lying there...limp and pale...

He walked by me and nod.

'' Edward .'' his voice broke.

I nod too and did not answer. Renée came then to introduce herself, tears in her eyes. She extended her hand and I shook it.

'' I'm Renée, Bella's mother. I assume you are her boyfriend.''

I nodded.

'' What she told me was true.'' I whispered.

She tilted her head. '' I beg your pardon.''

I smiled. '' You look very much like her, miss. ''

She laughed kindly. '' I know, everybody tell me that. And please call me Renée. ''

I stood up to leave her my chair but Charlie went instead. He took Bella's hand in his. I looked at Renée and gave her my understanding look. She blushed ! Exactly like Bella !

Her expression then changed. She became all serious, she then looked like a mother. ''Is there any progress ?'' she asked me, stroking Bella's forehead and cheeks.

I shook my head lightly. '' Unfortunatly, no. ''

'' I thought about it, Edward...'' Charlie whispered, not lifting his eyes from Bella. '' I think it would be better that you would not see Bella again...''

I wanted to answer but, Renée did it instead.

''Excuse me !'' she said angrily. '' Who are you to decide that ? It's Bella's choice ! He didn't hurt her for all I know ! Have you ?'' she turned to me.

''No''I whispered.

He stood up, purple with anger. ''I'm her father ! I decide who she is going out with ! She lives under my roof ! ''

She shook her head and laughed of him. '' Not anymore.''

'' What ? '' He asked getting paler.

''She got hurt and almost died staying with you ! Are you that silly , to think that I'm going to let her go back with you ! She is gonna go to Jacksonville with Phil and I !''

'' She will not !'' he screamed at her, getting closer to her.

'' She will! '' she said seriously.

He bypassed the bed and stood in front of her. I began to be tense.

'' I will not let you ! ''

She laughed. '' Try me ! ''

He raised his hand but I stormed between them and grabbed Charlie's arm, twisting it in his back.

'' How do you dare doing that ! Do you realise that only hours before your daughter almost died ! She was very near, you know ! And now, what are you doing ? You are trying to hurt her mother ! Do you realize what she '' I took Bella's hand in mine."is going through ! Do you want her to know that you beat her mom ? Do you think that she is going to live with you then ?'' I sighed and continued.'' And as for me foing out with Bella, it's her choice , not yours ! If she doesn't want to see me again, that's just fine...'' I sighed again and released his hand.

He stormed out the room, not looking back.

'' Thank you , Edward. '' I heard a soft voice say. I turned my head and looked at Renée. She was sitting where Charlie was before, crying. '' Could you leave me a while with Bella, please ?''

I smile kindly . '' Sure, Renée.''

I went to the door, opened it and escaped out of the room. I sighed and looked at my family siting in front of the room.

'' Hey, Edward.'' Alice said, kind as always, siting on Jasper's lap, his hands circling her waist .

'' Charlie was pretty mad against us today.'' said Jasper looking for Carlisle aprobation.'' He was pretty scary actually. He went in without even looking at us and stormed out nearly crashing Alice who was trying to listen through the door. Isn't it right , love ? ''

She nodded, sad. '' That's true. He was scary. But let's see the bright side of it. You won the fight, right ? ''

I smiled. She always know how to make me feel better.

Carlisle sighed. '' Alice, how many times do I have to tell you not to see the whole world as a game.'' Jasper kissed Alice's head and whispered a 'I love you' in her ears, she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.'' Someone could have been hurt or Edward could have crushed Charlie's arm with his power.'' Carlisle looked at me seriously. '' You have to learn self control Edward.''

I sighed. '' I know Carlisle but I tried to save Renée from being hurt.''

He smiled. '' I know Edward...you did well again.''

'' Why is it always the same that save people ?'' asked Jasper, looking at Alice. '' I want to be a superhero, too !''

Alice bursted out laughing, Carlisle smiled slightly and I for the first time in days , truly smiled.