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the phone call ( restlessness )

this is between chapter 23 and chapter 24 ( the angel and an impasse ), how Edward tells Charlie what happened to Bella and that she is at the hospital

Disclaimer : All the characters, original plot and settings belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

3. Chapter 3

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An advantage of being a vampire is that you do not have to eat three times a day. That's about the only thing. But when you're hungry it's far worse than when humans are. Really.You're so thirsty for blood that you could kill your parents just to satisfy your thirst.

But, I could never do that to Bella. I wouldn't mind doing that to another human, it wouldn't trouble my peace of mind. But, If I do that to her, I'm going straight away to the Volturi's.

Renée was asleep on the other side of the bed, her head resting on Bella's shoulder. She was snoring a little. At that moment, I could not be more thirsty. Venom was quickly filling my mouth and I was trying to imagine how she would taste .

What's happening to me ?

It's been five days that I did not eat and the vision of her in front of me, so fearless, not knowing that she was in front of a vampire, made me lean closer to her.

I was not myself. My body did not react with my thoughts. I leaned closer and closer to her. Standing up from my chair. I could not be closer. I slowly brushed her long brown hair away from the base of her neck and placed my mouth over it.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath ( even if I didn't need to ) and finally placed my lips on the appetizing neck.

A storm pushed me away with great force, I flew over the bed and crashed on the opposite wall, miracolously without a sound. I was completely stunned during a second. I shook my head to regain my senses and two angry faces appeared in front of me. Jasper had his two strong arms pinning me to the wall. Alice was next to him, her face all tight and angry. Carlisle was checking if Renée was okay, she was still sleeping.

Then, the reality of what I almost did crushed me, nearly drowning me. The loud sobbing came. I sank to the floor, crying tearlessly.

" Shut up ! " whispered furiously Jasper. " You're going to wake Renée ! "

Seeing that I could not stop crying, Alice came to my rescue.

"Don't be so rude, Jazz. It's hard for him..."

"Yeah right..."He sighed and stood up. He helped me stood up and led me out the door. Carlisle and Alice behind me. Outside the door, I literally sank on the floor, crying. Alice nearly carried me to the bench in front of the room and sat next to me, rubbing my back. Jasper was standing next to Alice and Carlisle was pacing in front of me. The crying stopped about ten minutes after.

" I'm a real monster..." I muttered to myself.

Alice turned her beautiful face to me. " We are all. Even humans can be monsters.Everything depends on how you behave. Never forget that."

I stood up, rubbed my face and went to the door of the room. Carlisle stopped me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

" Edward, you can't go in there..." He sighed.

I looked at him, anger in my face. " Well, son, your current state does not allow you to..."

I pushed him away. " Try to stop me..." I went in but Jasper came to help and they pushed me outside. Alice closed the door behind me.

Carlisle, for the first time in years, became angry.

" Do you want to throw to the garbage all of our protection ? We, YOU, worked so hard to restrain ourselves from all that ! Would look like to kill the mother of your angel ? Could you imagine how she would feel when she'll know that you killed her ? Please be reasonable !"

I turned my head quickly, fulminating. I nodded . He patted my shoulder.

" I knew you would understand..."

I went to sit next to Alice, whose head was resting against Jasper's shoulders. His face was all angry but hers was like always, full of understanding. She smiled shyly to me, took her handbag from her shoulder, opened it and took a little silver flask out of it. It was all engraved with like flowers and kind of looked like a perfume bottle. She took the lid away and the scent crashed the tree of us. Making us all hungry. Blood.

She closed her eyes, smiled and gave it to me . Without thinking, I put it to my lips and drank it. It was cold and not good at all. But, it was blood anyway. I sighed of happiness and gave it back to her. She quickly took it from me, tossed the lid on it , put it back on her handbag and zipped it. I mouthed a thank you to her. She just smiled and sighed.

Jasper quickly turned her face to his and kissed her passionately on the lips, like in the movies. She did not answered to it. He pulled off and made his most beautiful smile to her.

"I LOVE YOU ! " He said hugging her. She pushed him away and sighed loudly.

" Stop it Jazz ! I have only one bottle left and I'll use it only for an emergency. It's not only a kiss that'll made me change my mind ! "

He smiled and laughed. " No, you're right, but, ,maybe an hundred will !" He took her face in his hands and kissed her again on the lips. This time, she answered to it.

I stood up, having seen enough of it. I nodded to Carlisle who was guarding the door; he nodded too and left me go in.

I went back to my seat, sat down and took Bella's limp hand in mine.I tried not to look at Renée who was now awake. But, she stood up when she saw me.

" I'm going to the cafeteria for a while, please stay with her, Edward. " she said, all sad.

How ironic ?

I nodded, still not looking at her. " I will."

She left and I was left alone with my angel. I rubbed her hand and kissed it.

" I love you Bella, you're my life. My everything." I whispered in her ear.

That's when her beautiful hazel eyes slightly opened and that my heart truly restart beating.