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September 13th

September 13th by awsomealice94 Its Bella’s birthday! And just like I gave Edward a present (one of my stories) I am giving Bella a 19th birthday present. I am dedicating this story all to her, because lets all face it, she deserves it! This is what would happen today, for Bella’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA AND HAPPY STEPHENIE MEYER DAY TO ALL!!!!! NEW OPTIONAL VIRSION IS UP!

this was my surprise that I was talking about, hehe Disclaimer- I’m not Stephenie Meyer (to my disappointment)

2. optional virsion

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I looked grimly at my calendar. “It’s just you and me.” I said to it. I felt like somebody should be playing that old western music, when two cowboys were about to fight...

Edward was at his family's new house in Alaska, driving the car back, and Alice was there to (she was my roommate, just to keep an eye on me, but Edward stayed at his house, convincing the dean that it was okay to live off of the campus his freshman year), and I was in my dorm room, about ready to attack my calendar.

I walked up to it with a sharpie in hand, and looked at what would be tomorrow. Tomorrow would be September 13th, and I would be a year…Older, I winced.

With my eyes narrowed at the calendar, I started to scribble out my birthday, so it was just one black square. I took a couple steps back, to see what it looked like, and crossed my arms. I wrinkled my nose, “it draws even more attention.” I said to myself.

I looked around my room, my eyes scanning my desk, and something caught my eye-scissors. I smirked.

I quickly walked over to them and started to cut out my whole entire birthday month, so that it was basically just confetti. I gathered up all the little pieces and through them all in the trash. I put the scissors back, as well as the sharpie, and then hung my calendar up again, so that it was now already on October.

I nodded in approval, hopefully nobody would notice.


“Happy Birthday, Angel.” Edward whispered in my ear.

I grunted as I sat up, it was now morning- Alice left to go take a run for our privacy. “Please don’t ever say those words again.” I begged him. He wasn’t looking at me now though, he was eyeing my calendar. My eyes got big, please don’t let him notice!

“You attacked it.” He had a fake horrified expression, “what had it ever done to you?” he asked gesturing to the calendar.

“It showed my birthday to the world.” I mumbled, now standing up and looking through my doors of my dresser.

“So you got rid of September?” he asked me, “it skips right to October.”

“exactly.” I answered him. So the calendar thing didn’t work, at least he didn’t buy me a new one.

“You are very violent. First the car stereo, and now the calendar. And imagine if an actual living being wasn’t on your good side,” he shuddered jokingly, “it would be worse than a vampire attack.”

I rolled my eyes, “very funny.”

“Oh Bella, that won’t be necessary,” Edward gestured to my closet as I was walking over to it, “Alice laid something out for you over there, she said that your wardrobe is rather thin because of…” he didn’t bother to finish the sentence.

“Because of my cloths mysteriously disappearing off the face of this earth, I think Alice is behind it as well.” I finished for him. “I suppose you could word it that way.” He smiled.

“Speaking of Alice, what exactly did she lay out for me?” I asked him, almost afraid to ask.

Edward got up and led me to a chair. I looked at the cloths laid out; there were expensive blue jeans, and a turquoise color tank top with a white shirt to go on top. I looked at the shoes; they were white flats with turquoise design on them.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“At least there isn’t any pink.” He reminded me. I bit my lip, he had a point.

Edward had gone to the kitchen to give me some privacy as I quickly and unwillingly changed into the outfit that Alice laid out for me. It was too matched up for me, but oh well-I didn’t have anything else to wear. The first thing that came to mind was a Christmas tree, I had no clue why.

“You look beautiful.” Edward greeted me as I walked from my dorm and into the small area that we called a kitchen.

“I look like a turquoise and white Christmas tree.” I said as I grabbed a granola bar from the badly stocked pantry.

“But a very cute one.” he pointed out.

I sat down in a chair next to him, he moved me on his lap, rubbing my back gently.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me while I was eating.

“It’s just…I’m 19. And you, well, your 17! I don’t like it Edward. I don’t like being older then you. I just wish that you would…” I didn’t bother finishing my sentence, for Edward sat up straighter and turned me around so that he could look at me in the eye.

“Your wrong, Bella. I am 106.” In his facial expression it looked like the number bothered him too.

“Not physically. And I don’t really look at you and automatically think that your 106. Your 17 in my eyes.” I disagreed.

In a way he almost looked a little relived, “Bella, I am not making you part of the eternally damned.” He vowed.

“Well, summer is only a few months away in June; I guess I will just have to wait for Carlisle.” I sighed.

“I really don’t want this to be your last birthday Bella.” He said.

“But I do, Edward. Just face it, we have the Volturi on us, and Alice had already seen a vision of me becoming a vampire too. There is no way out of this one, and don’t go looking for a way out either.” I said.

I turned away from him to go through my wrapper to the granola bar away, and then snatched my school bag and winter coat.

“Come on, I don’t enjoy grumpy vampires.” I smiled.

“Alright, Christmas tree.” He chuckled as we headed out to his car for our first class, dropping the subject for now.

“Happy Birthday!!!!!!” Alice squealed running up to me as we were in the buildings 3-5 parking lot. I ducked behind a car, to not get seen. “What are you doing?” She asked me.

“Those words cannot be said around here!” I reminded her.

“Aw, party pooper!” she pouted.

“Speaking of er...Parties…there isn’t one, is there?” I asked. Edward and Alice both didn’t answer me.

“great.” I muttered getting up. “Oh, Bella, that outfit looks perfect!” she gushed as we all walked towards the building 4 doors.

“And I still don’t get why you’re keeping today such a secret.” She said to me.

“Well, since both of you didn’t let me go out of the dorm incognito, I am forced.” I said, as we all walked down a sidewalk.

“Silly, Bella.” She rolled her eyes, “today is all yours, people are supposed to congratulate you today!” she said.

“It still is your 19th birthday after all.” Edward reminded me, “shhh!!!!” I gestured for him to be quite, this campus wasn’t safe for secrets, “I don’t need reminding.”

“See you at lunch, Bella!” Alice said as she turned to her first class. Edward continued walking with me to my first class. “I love you.” He kissed me on the fore head and walked back to where Alice’s first class was. “Love you too!” I said, quietly enough so that few people could hear me, but Edward still could. It would look weird if I was saying ‘love you too’ to absolutely nobody, because Edward wasn’t in the hallway anymore.

I took my seat and grabbed my folder. The class had now started and the professor was explaining something on the board. I opened my folder to see a white envelope with the name ‘Bella’ written in a fancy scrawl.

I opened it up carefully, expecting something like a birthday card, but it was completely blank in front.

I opened it, holding it away from me in case something would pop out at me. As I did I heard music. It was the ‘happy birthday’ song. With a horrified look on my face, I realized that it was from the card. Confetti flew out all over me. ‘Happy birthday Bella, from Alice.’ It said. “Alice.” I growled.

Then I looked away from the card and up to the board. The Professor was staring at me as well as everyone else in the class. Heat flooded to my face, I was completely red.

I quickly shut the card, so the music stopped. “sorry.” I muttered. The professor turned back to the board and so did everyone else. Could this get any worse???

I marched toward the college cafeteria, with Edward easily keeping up with me. “What’s wrong?” he asked me again. “Your. Sister.” I growled.

As I sat down across from Alice, she quickly brushed some confetti off of my hair, still left from three hours ago.

“Did you enjoy the card?!” she asked me.

I pursed my lips, “yes, the confetti flying out at me gave it a nice touch.” I said sarcastically. “I know, I liked it too!” she was still smiling, “I just love birthdays.” She sighed.

“Shhh!” I reminded her.

“There’s no point, everyone else already knows. In fact, here come some people who want to wish you a happy birthday right now.” Edward said as Angela, Jessica, and Ben came and sat down.

“Hey Bella, I didn’t know It was your birthday!” Jessica said. She along with many others from high school was going to the same college as I.

“We would have gotten you something!” Angela said disappointed. “No, really, I don’t want or need anything. I want this to be a strictly no present birthday.” I said to them.

I turned to Alice and Edward as more people started to head towards me, and narrowed my eyes. They both just smiled back.


“This is ridicules.” I said as Edward was driving me, with a blind fold on. I also had a new casual dress that Alice made me wear, because we were just coming back from their new house in Alaska.

“No it isn’t.” he disagreed.

“I don’t even know where we’re going, or where we are!” I complained.

“Good, then the blind fold is serving its purpose.” It sounded like he was smiling, but of course I couldn’t tell, since I couldn’t see anything.

Then suddenly the car came to a full stop, “let me help you out.” Edward said. I heard his car door open and shut, and then mine open. He un-buckled me from the seat and helped me out of the car. He put his arm around my waist to support me.

“Wait, there are stairs.” He informed me, and then I felt my feet lift from the ground, as he easily carried me with one arm. Then he set me back down on the ground gently.

I heard a door open, and then we walked on, then suddenly he stopped. He lifted the blind fold off of me, reveling my dorm completely decorated with balloons, ribbons, and flowers.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!!!” everyone shouted to me. A lot of people were here from college, all the Cullen’s were here, and even Charlie, Jake, and Billy-which surprised me, especially from coming all the way from Forks.

“Oh, wow. I didn’t know everyone remembered.” I mumbled.

“How could we forget your birthday Bella, after all you didn’t forget mine?” Edward winked at me.

I skimmed the small apartment, and my eyes came across a large cake, and presents. “Presents?” I asked everyone, “I told you all-“

“That you wanted nothing for your birthday, we know!” everyone shouted, “but none of us listened.” Alice smiled. Wonderful. But I have to admit, it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had, especially when everything was put in a gift bag, not wrapping paper.

“Happy 19th!” Edward whispered to me when the party was over and I was lying down in my dorm bed next to him, alice was on the phone with Jasper in the 'living' room (the only reason she did live wih me is because 'somebody needed to keep an eye on me and make sure no more danger was attracted' as edward put it). 19….I guess it wasn’t too bad. But 20? No way was that ever happening.