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Together for Enternity

*This is the sequel to Gray Skies Forever. So please read that one first, not to mention it will make much more sense! Bella and Edward are back together and everything seems perfect, they are getting married and have two families that highly support them. But what happens when the werewolves re-enter their lives. How will they react? Are they even the same one? And what ever happened to the Volturi?


3. The News

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Jacob’s POV

I met Sam at Emily’s house. The entire pack was there, must be important. I charged into the room to find everyone surrounding a coffee table in the center. Emily had a few errands to attend to.

“Hey, sorry I’m late, I got preoccupied.”

“Ohhhh!” Quil always had his immature comments. I playfully smacked him across his head.

“Hey, we need to get started now! This is extremely important. We don’t have time to play around.” It was unusual of Sam to raise his voice.

The smiles disappeared from our faces and we all became serious, Sam only acted like this… once. It all came together, his behavior, the urgent meeting, and the news that had Sam on the edge.

“Oh, no, Sam! Not again! MORE BLOODSUCKERS!” I buried my face in my hands, cringing at the idea.

“I’m afraid so. A new coven just moved into Forks. But there a twist.” He shot me a quick glance.

“What?” As the pack tried to figure out our thought process, their heads whipped around in between us.

“You know one of them- Bella Swan or Bella Gilmore is how she goes by now- is the leader of the coven.” I felt his pity radiate off of him, he didn’t want to repeat this… none of them did.

I didn’t know what to say, I never thought she would return. She was alive! I felt happiness, depression, delight, and misery sweep through me at once. The emotions became a bit too much for a fraction of a second. I quickly composed myself and tried to focus.

I wanted to see her, to tell her my news, and to update her on my past. But another part was depressed and anxious that she was back and bringing back the past. The past that I didn’t need to relive.

I was frozen as a thousand memories shot through my mind, flickers like in an old movie. Her enchanting smile, her long, chocolate brown hair, and her bright, vivid red eyes after she had awoken to her new life.

I shook my head and tried to move the memories from my head, focusing back on the pack. How were we going to solve this?

It was quiet, but tension and restlessness filled the air. Sam was the first to break the silence.

“She has brought four more with her, a few years old, but still new to this life. They are all animal drinkers, including Bella,” he watched me wince from the uncomfortable images her name brought back, but he continued still watching me with scrutiny.

“I don’t think they are a threat, but we will watch them carefully. I was thinking of contacting the Cullens to see if they have had any encounters with them. Or if possible schedule a meeting with Bella’s coven to ask them to abide by the same treaty. What do you think?”

“I think we should let them be for a week or so, watch them closely, observe their movements and activities. Then when we know more about them, make a decision from there,” Embry suggested.

“I agree.” Quil imputed. He never liked conflict, oddly.

“Me too.” Paul and Jared agreed.

“Sounds good to me, what do you think, Jacob?” Sam still had his dark eyes gazing upon me.

I was frozen still suck on the fact that Bella was back. I was hardly aware of their conversation. Sam’s question brought me back to reality.

“Let her be. If she or her coven does something that is… upsetting to the pack or is threatening to the reservation, then we take action, unless, leave her alone. I don’t want her to be back in my life just yet.” I didn’t mean for the words to come out so hostile.

Yes, I wanted to see her, but in a way I cringed away from the idea of seeing her face again.

“We will have to take some action at some point Jacob; we can’t sit here and do nothing. We will let her be; going with your orders for now, but at some point… a meeting must be held. They have to be aware of the rules and our place here.” He spoke wisely.

“She already knows her place, she already knows we exist, she knows the guidelines to the treaty, she was aware of them before she was even a bloodsucking leech. I don’t want to disrupt her life unless necessary.” Again the cruel words just slipped out, not meaning them, but they came out despite my thoughts completely against them.

“I apologize. I just…” I trailed off.

“I understand, Jacob. You are completely forgiven. It is a sensitive subject, for all of us. We will try to go by your wishes, but like I said before, we must take some action… sometime.”

“Yes, of course, Sam. I’m going back to Heather. I need to cool off.” I briskly stood up and waited for the others to follow.

“Yes, why don’t we all go back to our mornings? I appreciate you gathering so quickly. But before we leave we need to figure out who will help do the duty of helping me watch the new coven.” He gazed around the room.

“I will, Sam.” Quil always volunteered, he thoroughly enjoyed his new lifestyle.

“Wonderful, Quil. We will start later today. Off you go.”

We ran out of the house and immediately phased. I couldn’t wait to have Heather back in my arms again. I ran back into the forest, my fur blowing behind me. I blocked out the other thoughts of my pack members and concentrated on my own.