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Happy Ending?

Edward doesn't come back, and Sam doesn't find Bella. What happens when they meet again? Will Bella finally get her happy ending?

:) Tell me if you like it. Oh yeah and the disclaimer is in my profile/presentation thingy.

2. Chapter 2

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"Look! They're over there!" Mary exclaimed excitedly. She was pointing behind me.

I whipped my head and saw 6 pairs of eyes staring intensly at me. Six?

I turned back around, biting my lip. Eric cast a worried look at me. I faked a smile and excused myself, walking swiftly out of the cafeteria.

I felt curious and concerned gazes on me, but I kept walking to my car. I started driving home. I started to run inside until I felt a cold hand grabbing my arm.

I spun around and saw Eric, looking confused.

"Is everything okay?"

I nodded, as he stared at me with doubtful eyes. I smiled

(a fake smile--)

a reassuring smile. I wanted to tell him everything, to tell him that I was nervous because he was there, with his new coven.

"Why don't we go back then?"

He was probably still not convinced. I didn't want to go back and face the Cullens, but I knew he wouldn't believe that I was "okay" if I did, so I hesitantly nodded again and stepped back into the car.

We walked back into the crowded cafeteria, and I glanced back over to the table where six pairs of eyes were still staring at me. I looked at them briefly, as if challenging them to come over. Inside, I was hurting, and I actually did want them to come over. I wanted things to be back to normal again, when I was a part of their family.

I frowned and turned back around as I walked back to my table. I sat back down at my table, and dreaded the rest of the day.

"What's your next class?"

I dug my schedule out of my bag.


I walked slowly into the class. The first class where I'd met Edward...

As I stepped into the class, I quickly looked around the room, somehow--


expecting Edward.

I walked over to one of the seats in the back. I absentmindedly twirled my dark hair around my finger as I watched the teacher write some random topic on the board, explaining that we needed to know things about that topic for a big test coming up.

Six? I'd barely seen new addition, the one that Edward had probably changed, when he refused my attempts to get him to change me.

However, from what I'd seen at lunch, I knew that she was pretty--more than pretty. She had platinum blonde hair

(hadn't Edward said he preferred brunettes?)

tied into a messy bun and elegant features, twisted into a content expression. I found myself hating her, jealous that she was accepted by the Cullens, but not me. I knew that it was totally wrong to hate somebody because they were liked better than you, but I couldn't help myself. What made her so special?

She was pale, like all vampires, but that was all I could see from the quick glance.

The bell rang, and I walked out of the


boring Biology class and pulled out my schedule. I had History next.

I sat down in the back again, and the teacher started her lecture. I looked around the room, and saw Alice sitting in the middle of the classroom, beaming at me. I frowned and turned away, observing the rest of the class.

It took me a while to notice that I had this class with Eric. Edward wasn't in any of my classes. This was my last class.

I felt (disappointed) relieved. I didn't want to face Edward or any of the Cullens all living happily with some other, beautiful girl, forgetting all about me.

I realized

(I still loved him.)

I could--had to get over him.

I gathered my books as the bell rang, and Alice bounded over to me. She was bursting with excitement as she studied me.

"Bella?" I wanted to ask her who else I would be, but then I remembered that I had changed.

I looked at her, and suddenly, she flung her arms around me to give me a hug. She pulled away, and I could see guilt in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! You must've felt so abandoned and lost and...I really didn't want to leave but it was just that..." she trailed off, and she glanced down. She sighed, and pulled me into another hug.

I wanted to burst into tears, but I couldn't. I wanted to tell her that it was okay, that I forgave everybody, and I wanted to be best friends with her again. I knew that I couldn't, because not all of it was true.

Instead, I looked up at her and whispered, "I missed you."

She started rambling about how we had to have a dinner and about how she wanted to go shopping. I didn't want to see them--him. I was pretty sure that I could forgive everybody, but I couldn't--wouldn't forgive Edward. I didn't want to be hurt again.

Alice wanted my coven--family to meet the Cullens? I wasn't fond of the idea, especially having to face Edward.

"Come on, come on, come oooon!" Alice exclaimed, pulling my arm. "We have to go shopping!" I was actually looking forward to this, which meant that I really missed Alice, or I was going crazy.

I laughed and gathered my stuff.

"Oh, Alice, I have to go tell my...coven...about why I'll be late." I said hesitantly.


I looked up and saw the teacher. She was talking to somebody, and she looked flustered.

Somebody with bronze hair.