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Happy Ending?

Edward doesn't come back, and Sam doesn't find Bella. What happens when they meet again? Will Bella finally get her happy ending?

:) Tell me if you like it. Oh yeah and the disclaimer is in my profile/presentation thingy.

3. Chapter 3

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I looked up and saw the teacher. She was talking to somebody, and she looked flustered.

Somebody with bronze hair.

I frowned and looked over at Alice, then back at the teacher. Alice followed my gaze, and comprehension flitted across her features as she noticed who the teacher was talking to.

The bronze-haired head turned around, and I saw dark topaz orbs staring into my dark-golden ones.

I held in a breath as I really looked at his face for the first time in 70 years. I found myself falling for him again, until I slightly shook my head of these thoughts.

"Let's go!" Alice exclaimed, grabbing my hand, sensing my uneasiness.

I nodded, as she pulled me out of the classroom again.

I should've noticed earlier that he was there, talking to the teacher. Even with enhanced senses, I was oblivious.

As I sat in Alice's car, I pulled out a phone to call Mary. I told her to tell everyone I was going shopping with a friend, and hung up. We continued the ride in an awkward silence. We reached the mall, where I reluctantly stepped out. What had I said earlier about looking forward to this?

Alice chatted animatedly alongside me as she picked out random, overpriced articles of clothing and forced me into change into them. I sighed, trying on the 5th outfit she'd given me in the past 10 minutes.

As we walked out of the mall, shopping bags in both arms, I thought about Edward. Had he really moved on? To that prettier blonde?

"We'll definitely have to go shopping again sometime! Do you want me to drive you back?"


We continued walking at human pace to her car.

My phone suddenly started ringing, breaking the silence.

I looked at the caller ID.


I exhaled a long breath, and chose the 'ignore call' option.

As soon as I had done that, I felt guilty. Eric was just making sure that I was okay. I was being selfish. After all that Eric had done, I was still wondering if I still loved Edward. I wanted Edward to love me. And I had just rejected Eric's call so that I could stay with Alice a little longer.

What was happening to me?

I felt a surge of anger, as I realized that these were the people -- vampires -- who had abandoned me. Abandoned me and found a replacement. I looked over at Alice, meaning to tell her I could go home myself, when I realized that I just couldn't be mad at her.

She was a great friend, and I was a selfish monster.

'A monster...Edward used to call himself that...'

Why did all of my thoughts lead to him? It was time to forgive and forget. I wasn't sure that I could forgive what Edward did, but I would try my best to forget. I frowned as I stepped into the car.

"What's wrong?" Alice looked concerned.

Recently, everybody had been giving me that look.

I offered a small smile.

"Nothing, I've just been...thinking."

Alice nodded understandingly and smiled.

"Where have you been the past 70 years? You just disappeared and..." Alice trailed off, uncertain.

"Britain and Australia." I had run away from Forks. The memories were too painful.


The rest of the ride continued in silence. Since when had it gotten so awkward between Alice and I?

We both knew that I wasn't comfortable with anything having to do with the Cullens leaving. I stepped out of the car, offering a quick 'thank you', and into the house.

Once inside, I saw a worried Mary sitting on the couch, Jason comforting her, and Eric looking lost. When they saw me, they all brightened up instantly. I offered a weak smile as they gathered around me.

"Where have you been?"

"You didn't pick up your phone. Was everything okay?"

"Who were you with?"

"What clothes did you get?"

I took a seat on the couch.

"I'm sorry that I didn't pick up my phone, I must not have...noticed that it was ringing. I was with my friend shopping," I said, not answering the clothes question.

"Which friend?"

'Since when have they gotten so nosy?'

I mentally berated myself. I shouldn't be thinking so negatively. They were trying to help, and I kept pushing them away.

"Alice. She's one of the vampires in the other coven in Forks."

Eric knew that the Cullens had abandoned me earlier. However, he hadn't known that I was in love with Edward.

Eric's eyes met mine, and he looked confused.

"Bella and I are going hunting." Mary and Jason looked over at Eric, and nodded.

As we stepped out into the damp forest, Eric stopped. He looked over at me with a questioning gaze.

"That new coven...are they...the Cullens?" he asked carefully.

I nodded curtly. He gave me a look. I saw sorrow and... pity?

"Why were you with one of them--they betrayed you! They left you in a forest!"

I didn't answer.

'Because I don't have an answer.'

Instead, I ran. I could hear prey.

It was raining. It was spring break, and there was nothing to do. I turned on the television and flipped through the channels randomly. There was a show about a vampire. It showed the stereotypical Dracula, with the fangs, dark, slicked back hair, and the cloak.

I gave a small smile, thinking of the Volturi.

Dracula was nothing compared to Aro, Caius, and Marcus.

'And Edward.'

A loud clap of thunder interrupted my thoughts, and I jolted slightly out of my seat.

The Dracula on TV suddenly transformed into a bat and flew away. It reminded me of the time when I had first found out Edward was a vampire and he had told me that not all of the horror--

I had to stop thinking about Edward.

Even when he wasn't here, he was driving me mad.

I watched the TV idly, and soon turned it off. There was more thunder. I sat on the couch and turned towards the window, watching the rain.Mary walked into the room, with a huge grin on her face.

"Let's go play baseball!"

I agreed excitedly. It had been a while since we went outside to play.

We quickly convinced Jason and Eric to come along. We stepped out into the forest, and found a large clearing after a few minutes of searching.

Before we started playing, Mary suggested that we should invite more people to play the next time.

"How about the new vampire group? The ones who we saw in the cafeteria? Didn't you go shopping with one of them, Bella?"

"We should," Jason agreed.

I stayed silent, and Eric looked over, concerned.


I was always making people worry.

"Yeah, next time it rains, we should." I could face the Cullens. I would have to sooner or later, anyways.

As I absentmindedly threw the ball towards Mary, I thought of the first time I had been introduced to this type of baseball.

I had met James, Victoria, and Laurent.

As my wrist lazily flicked another ball in front of me, I examined it. It had a faint, but noticeable scar running through it. From James.

And Edward had saved me.


I walked to the next class. The whole day was uneventful and boring, other than lunch, when I would glance furtively over at the Cullen table every once in a while.

I had turned my head slightly while the others were talking. I couldn't listen, not when he was here. I caught Rosalie's nonchalant gaze. I could see that underneath, she was sad. Did she feel sorry for me? Or Edward? He had that gorgeous, other girl, and she had Emmett. Who did I have? Eric, yes, but it wasn't enough. Edward? Too late.

I knew--I just knew--that Jasper felt my anxiety and confusion. He probably knew I was longing for Edward. He must've thought I was horrible. Wanting what I couldn't have, and stepping on those who loved me trying to get to him.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully, even the Biology class.

Until History.

It was a normal class, until all of a sudden, I saw him walking through the door. I shrunk in my seat as I noticed there was only one seat left.



Throughout the whole class, I felt his gaze on the back of my head. I couldn't concentrate on a thing, and I felt nervous.

One minute left.

(Fifty-nine, fifty-eight...)

I leaned forward in anticipation.

(Twenty-three, Twenty-two--)

I watched the second hand move.


I started out the door -- until I felt a hand on my shoulder holding me back.