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This is an idea that just came to me during Latin. We were discussing ancient theater and the image of a couple dancing on stage was on the t.v screen. The room was really dim and you could only see the couple dancing. It was kind of surreal. This story could be confusing, it depends on the way you look at it. It's different from most of my other stories. It's short, but I think a mind-full. I hope you like it.


1. Chapter 1

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Dim light seeps through the curtained windows, silhouetting the couple in the center of the floor. One’s dressed in pure white, creating an eerie glow around her; crystals and pearls sewn on add to that effect. She’s something strait out of a dream; too surreal to even comprehend. No one can see her face, it is hidden behind a veil of brown hair; her skin blends in with her dress. She twirls, it is a light show. Glitters erupt around her. She is only a blur.

Her partner, dressed in a fancy black suit, hold his hand around her waist, supporting her as she makes a dramatic droop. His skin’s creating a light glow, it’s pale like ivory, something to be treasured and envied. He moves gracefully, stepping around her and twirling her when need be, he is like nothing any mortal has ever seen.

They twist and twirl, the only movements in the room. No one dares to interrupt, for fear that the show will end along with any memory of this performance. The audience watches in awe, wondering how these two creatures found each other. How the circumstances played out, how they learned to trust each other like they do. It’s amazing to them how comfortable these two are with each other. How their differences in clothing clash but blend in all the same. Her pure white against his black suit, they seemed fit for each other, meant to be. They should never be apart.

But even so, there is an air around them, the crowd of people around them feel it, the air is like ice. All their instincts tell them to run, but all their senses tell them to stay, to watch this couple move with such elegance. Just a few more minutes…

They all know this is a once in a life time experience. The couple are natural with each other, they move with such grace and trust. She steps backwards, he moves forward, they lean down, but only stay like that for a moment. He lifts her off the ground, it looks like she’s flying, his black clothing bends in perfectly with the background. She is the only sight. It’s only her. She looks like an angel.

It’s slow and mesmerizing. It widens eyes but also fills them with tears. This is not a happy ballet. This is not filled with hope and promise for the future. It’s as if every person’s heart is breaking, all over again or for the first time. They way they cling on to each other, they way they move with such earnest. It’s like they’re saying goodbye. To each other? To someone else? No one knows. But the grief and hopelessness radiating off them fills the whole room up with salty tears. It’s bitter sweet. A guilty pleasure. No one wants it to end.

No one can hear anything but the music in the room. It’s classical, but turned down almost to the lowest level. Hardly anyone can hear it, but it’s obviously there. It’s small but it makes every living person’s heart leap with the dancers. They all want to join in, but it’s the couples turn. They’re in the spotlight and no one can ever steal it away from them.

He lifts her high in the air once again, she holds her arms out like a dove. She’s a beautiful as one, too. It’s an image to break a heart and then mend it. It fills eyes with tears but also dries them. They both belong with each other, they move with each other, they think of only one the other. Nothing is there but them. They don’t see anyone else. There is no one else.

He dips her down one last time, the finale. They’re song has ended and the room is quiet. They are done now, the dance is over. They preformed beautifully, perfectly. They had said goodbye, and the only thing left to do is disappear into the night. Maybe someone of the audience will see them again, but it is unlikely. But if they do, it will only be for half a moment. They will blend back into the night, together and alone at last.