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To Kiss An Angel

Inspired by Kissing An Angel. About Emmett's transformation.

My very first Emmett/Rosalie!

1. Chapter 1

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To Kiss An Angel

The black grizzly reared on its hind legs, a ferocious growl ripping from its throat. It bared its sharp canines at me, saliva dripping from each jagged point. Making its way slowly towards me, it growled again, striking fear in me amidst my cloud of pain radiating from my tangled mess of limbs.

What had I been thinking? Going out to the forest alone at night? This was it, I thought hopelessly, as the black beast lumbered over in the shadows, its horrendous face so close to mine I could smell its rancid breath – which smelt vaguely like rotting animal corpses. I thought of all the poor dead animals residing in its belly, and then I realised, with horrifying dread, that I was to join them in a moment.

I struggled to move, but before I even moved an inch, intense pain wrecked through my body. My body felt warm, wet and painful at the same time – there was a metallic tang in the air; blood. I was not panicking yet. After all, I went on hunting trips often and I was used to it. It was then it dawned upon me with slow horror that this time, it was not animals’ blood I smelt – it was my own. My mind reeled dizzily and I stopped moving, surrendering myself to my terrifying fate, whatever it may be.

Through blurred vision, I watched as the bear approached me again. I watched on helplessly – I wasn’t used to feeling this helpless, it was always me being the one holding the gun, but not this time. Suddenly, the bear stopped its low rumbling in its throat and miraculously, its menacing black eyes turned away from me, looking through the thick canopy of dense vegetation on my left – as if someone… or something was there. It stared hard into the shadows, and made a small noise. I was stunned, despite my relief at not having been eaten… yet. If I had not heard wrongly, did the bear just… whimper? Right before my very eyes, the bear backed off, whimpering and clumsily making its way back into the forest – gone was the fearsome predator there was before, in its place was a cowering bear, scared enough to leave its prey behind. What had it seen? The rustling of the trees startled me out of my thoughts – I could not take it anymore, my eyes closed of their own accord, and just as I fell into the realms of darkness, a furious hissing sound reached my ears, sounding strangely beautiful and more threatening and ominous than the bear’s growls could ever be, then a mellow voice like the graceful sweep of the waterfall panicking above me, and then no more…

I was floating – the wind whistled past my ears. Perhaps I was on my way to heaven. This possibility was quite unbelievable – I myself knew I had not been a saint when I was alive. Being dead wasn’t so bad, really – there was this certain sense of peace and comfort. In my unsteady vision, a gold string of silk danced and fluttered in the wind right before me. I tried to touch it, but it slyly evaded my fingers and I only managed to brush pass it – the feel of it did not feel like silk, however smooth it was. It felt more like… hair… I tried to grasp at it again, but in vain – only resulting in a pain in my arms. I groaned. Who knew you could feel pain when you were dead? Funny.

Soon, I became aware of a tinkling muttering in the air. And I recognised that sound as the beautiful panicked voice that was in my ear before I died. What could have made that sound? I tried to talk, to say something – so that perhaps I could decipher the mystery behind everything – but my parched throat held no movements. I felt so weak and so tired that I could barely move at all.

I drifted in and out of consciousness. And finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I stopped floating and I had the sensation of being placed on something soft. There were unidentified voices and murmurings, which I could not understand. When it finally went silent, the peace was gone and a fire was burning my entire body.

I could not help it; I screamed and twisted in pain, the flames burning my mortal body was just too much for me to bear. Obviously, I was in hell now. It didn’t surprise me that they had changed their mind – like I said, I was no saint. The fire surged through my body mercilessly and burned every fibre of my being, there was nothing I could do to stop the torture. Out of nowhere, something comfortingly cool pressed against my hand, something soft and tender stroked my burning face, and the same musical voice sang through my ears, effortlessly calming me down a little – but not enough to keep the pain at bay. It was too painful to open my eyes to see what was going on – all I could do was to clench my eyes together and wait for the torture to end, if there ever was an ending. It went on, and I clung onto the magical feel on my hand and soothed myself with the angel’s song. I was sure an angel had descended to the depths of hell with me, and I was immensely grateful. If not for her touch on my hand, her song in my ears, I’d have probably went crazy from the pure agony.

I was starting to get used to the burning feeling when there was a horrible sensation in my chest. It was as though something was constricting me, squeezing something out of me. My yells of pain increased – and so did the angel’s healing caresses and mutterings. The pressure in my chest was choking me, suffocating me. Although I had somehow been somewhat conscious throughout the burning fires, I could not hold onto my consciousness any longer, and I gradually faded into oblivion…

I was confused and disoriented when I awoke. Thankfully, the tortures were over for now. Wasn’t I supposed to be in either heaven or hell already? Or maybe hell, judging from the fire. And where was my angel? The one whose tinkling voice soothed away the burning fires of hell? The one whose caresses chased away the flames licking at my skin? The one who even ventured down to the fiery pits of hell with me?

I tried to move my aching limbs, and then stopped as a bolt of pain ran through me. At once, cool hands caressed my face gently and chased all my aches away – my angel was at my side instantly, I could feel her enthralling presence beside me. I forced my eyes open. I had never seen anyone so beautiful. One glance, and I was captivated by the angel’s enchanting beauty. But what if she left again? At the mere thought, I shivered involuntarily, it was as if a knife sliced through my heart – I could not bear the thought of my angel being away from me. It was now or never, I told myself, forcing my protesting body up.

Her face was so beautiful – she was definitely an angel, there was no doubt about that. A memory flashed through my head as I saw the angel’s gold locks – it was her hair I saw. Unable to stop myself, I leaned forward to kiss my beautiful angel.

Was it a sin to kiss an angel? Nonetheless, I was already in hell.