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The night when Edward hears Bella say his name in her sleep. The night where he realizes he can't stay away any more.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. Just another person who loves Twilight. I would be eternally grateful if you left a review! :) Thanks! © Edwards Rose 2007

1. Temptation

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By Edward’s Rose

The temptation…can I resist it? Predator or savior? I lie on my black, leather couch and close my bruised eye-lids. Only one image swims before me, though: Isabella Swan. Bella Swan, I correct myself mentally. My fingers clench and unclench, and I breathe deeply. Can I resist it…? But I need to see her, just once. And then I’ll let this strange and mysterious girl live her own life.

I fluidly rise from the sofa and walk briskly towards my open window. My feet make no sound against the wooden floors, and I don’t hear Alice’s soft tread behind me.

“What are you doing, Edward?” she asks softly.

I whirl around to face her and let out a soft hiss. “Going hunting,” I lie calmly.

“You’re going to the Swans'. I saw it,” she replies placidly.

“What’s it to you?” I ask coldly.

“Nothing,” she says, folding her arms across her chest. “Just don’t kill her, Edward. It would be a shame.” Her golden eyes are flickering, her face impassive.

“I’m not a monster, Alice. I can control myself,” I snarl. With that, I jump from my window and land in a crouch on the soft heath.

“The temptation…” Alice’s voice wafts behind me.

I look up towards the moonlight and feel its pearly rays on my face. It cannot touch me…the moon has forsaken me. So has the sun. I begin running through the trees…the complete sense of freedom filling me with euphoria. I can control myself…self control. No matter how alluring the scent that emits from her skin…

Within minutes, I am at the Swan residence. I tuck my hands into my jean pockets, a slight breeze ruffling my hair. My eyes rove to her second story window…I have seen her figure illuminated in its panes so many times. I am merely an observer, though; just making sure Bella doesn’t kill herself while cooking dinner. Although with her luck, that was a definite possibility.

I can swear I smell her blood from here…calling to me…the most alluring and deadly of calls. I stiffen and stop breathing…I can control it. Slowly, I begin to walk to a small tree that winds its way up to her window. I begin to climb, the tree not even groaning in protest. When my eyes become level with her window, I nearly throw myself through it. Her small body is curled up into a ball, the quilt gently rising and falling with her breath. I softly force the window open and, without a sound, enter her room. I pause for a moment and listen…Charlie Swan’s snores are still audible and Bella’s delicate breathing still rhythmic.

Her scent hits me like a brick wall…the temptation…It would be so easy, so swift and clean. I’d lie down on the bed next to her and stifle her screams. Let the blood pulse sweet and glorious down my throat…I stagger forward, ready to perform the hateful act, but then I stop. Carlisle’s face swims before me…I had controlled my nature in that small classroom with those many innocents…I have not come this far to revert back to predator…I won’t hurt Isabella Swan. I cannot. I take a step back and sink into a small, wooden rocking-chair.

The room is saturated with her mouthwatering scent, but I know I can resist. Lacing my fingers together, I lean my chin against them. I have watched how normal a life she leads…despite almost being hit by a van, having a strange aversion to human blood and having all the idiotically persistent boys in Forks chasing after her.

A strange feeling washes over me as I think of her with someone like Mike Newton. He is all wrong for her; he wouldn’t understand the complexity of her nature.

“And you would?” I hiss to myself. I smile grimly. Mike Newton, a perfectly normal human all wrong for her? And I, Edward Cullen, a bloodthirsty vampire could be her soul mate?

I go rigid, prepared to spring out the window, when she rolls over.

“I don’t dance!” she yells vehemently. Rolling back over, she pulls a pillow over her head…still asleep.

I regard her almost angrily for a moment…her pale, heart-shaped face burning into my consciousness. Why can’t I just ignore her, leave her alone? I know she is probably perplexed by my rudeness, but yet, she had kept the van incident to herself. Strange for a human… I only need one sign of reassurance to know that she cares, if not, then I will leave her alone. Leave her alone for all the Mike Newtons of the world…

Suddenly, she throws the pillow away from her head, and I fear that she is really awake. She rolls over again and I watch her intently.

“It’s too green,” she mumbles to herself.

I almost smile; she is interesting while she sleeps. I watch her body visibly relax into the mattress, a light smile playing across her lips.


I freeze. She is awake. She knows I am here! I curse underneath my breath, standing abruptly...the rocking-chair nearly flying backwards into the wall.

“Edward…” she whispers again, her soft voice seeming to stir my long dormant “heart.”

Her breathing becomes rhythmic again, and I realize she still walks in a twilight world...and is thinking of me. A happiness mixed with fear comes over me, she cares…that is dangerous. Very dangerous. I can’t be that close to her; I might hurt her!

I take a step closer towards her bedside and can almost feel the warmth pulsating off her skin. I reach my long fingers towards her cheek, just wanting to feel the soft, comforting heat of mortality... I hesitate about an inch from her face, and draw back abruptly. What am I doing...? I nearly run towards her window, snapping it shut behind me, landing on the ground. I begin running through the trees…seeking solace where I can find none.

The wind blows sleek and strong onto my face, and then I make it to my meadow. I sink down into the center of its tall grasses, wanting to stay here forever. In my sanctuary…where thoughts of Bella slow into a rational and calm blend. I close my eyes and remember how my name sounded coming off her lips…so natural, but in a way that could enslave me to her every command.

One thing became clear as I lay in the meadow.

I can not stay away anymore.