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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


1. Chapter 1

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“How on earth could I have let this happen?” I thought as I raced through a forest somewhere in Oregon. If I wasn’t already dead, my heart would be pounding through my chest. I didn’t think I’ve ever been this scared before. All I could hear were my and my pursuers’ thundering footsteps. I wasn’t sure how close they were but I was too afraid to look. Afraid to look back and see those murderous red eyes of Jane, Aro, and Felix. I was thanking whatever gods there were that Jane’s power had no effect on me otherwise I would be crippled on the floor instead of running my life. (figuratively speaking)

I knew when the Volturi said they wanted to meet with me today it would end in disaster. I shouldn’t have done anything today. I should have found one of those panic rooms and locked myself in there for the next twenty-four hours. I suppose that is what Rebecca is doing right now. Or at lest I hope she is.

Rebecca is my twin sister. Mirror twin to be exact. We look exactly alike except she is an inch or so taller and she is left handed. That’s where the mirror part comes in. Other than that, from the outside, we are exactly the same. On the side, however, we couldn’t be more different.

Rebecca is loud and energetic while I’m shy and quiet. She takes practically everything lighthearted but I am more serious. My twin has the biggest vocabulary when it comes to swear words and the closest I have ever gotten to a curse is drat. Though we probably could not be any more different personality wise, we really are each other’s half. Without the other, it feels like something is missing.

Besides sharing looks, parents, and birthdays, we share something of a greater importance. We both have the same ‘off’ days. Now, I’m not talking about those days when you stub your toe first thing in the morning and then spill coffee all over your shirt. Next it starts raining while you are outside and you’ve locked yourself out plus you’re running late. You know, one of those ‘the whole world is against me’ days.

Ours are much worst. Before the first time, the first horrible day, Rebecca used to joke around saying things like, “Only four more weeks until our first atomic bomb day, Bella. Are you scared?” But like I said, that was before. Before we found out that oracle woman was right.

I know, oracle. Yes, it does sound like we got conned doesn’t it? We weren’t though. It was shortly after mom had just remarried to our ex principal Phil. Rebecca was dragging me off to the fair that day. It was going to be one of our last together for a long time. Becky was being shipped off to boarding school for her behavior (no surprise there. She did steal all the teacher’s tires and held them for ransom until they raised her grade) and I was going to be moving to dreary Forks and like with our dad, Charlie, to give Renee sometime alone with Phil.


“Hurry up Bella! You are so slow!” Rebecca was dragging me by my arm through a sea of people taking me to god knows where. She pushed and squeezed us through the big rush leaving me to do all the apologizing to the people who she offended.

“Where exactly are you taking me Becky? You know I hate surprises,”

“Precisely. That’s why you aren’t allowed to know. Anyways, if you didn’t you wouldn’t go alone with it. It is such a great idea. It came to me when we were walking by it,”

“Is it legal?” I asked wearily. Becky had a habit of breaking the law and dragging me along with her or to bail her out. Thus the reason for her going to boarding though personally I think she would fair better in a military academy. Also, the last time she told me she had a ‘great idea’ we ended up using fake I.D.s to get tattoos.

“Yes, or at least I think it is. People do it all the time don’t they?”

“And what is it that people do all-,” I stopped mid sentence as we rounded a corner and were in front of deep, royal purple colored tent. It gave off an omnisent glow. “Oh no, we are not going to have some fortune teller person who thinks they can see the future have us pay her to tell us things that aren’t even going to happen,”

“Oh please, Bella,” Rebecca chided me, “she’s an oracle,” she said rolling her eyes as if that made all the difference. She continued pulling me by my arm into the tent between the beads hanging at the entrance. “Besides, this’ll be fun. Maybe she’ll foresee you actually dating a guy while you’re in Forks,” Rebecca would never let it down that I have never dated a guy before while she has a new boyfriend every week.

“Fine,” I muttered not wanting to put up a fight. I knew I wouldn’t win. We were now fully in the tent. There were strange trinkets hanging from the low ceiling. The wind that came in with us blew at the strange objects causing them to hit each other like a wind chime. It was a two room tent. We were standing in the front room where there was a small table with a crystal ball and a few chairs.

The chiming noise signaled out entrance. Out of the back room came a short woman with a crooked back. She was dressed in brightly colored wraps and surprisingly did not have any moles on her face as I had expected. When she saw us, she smiled, flashing us her brown-yellow teeth and said, “Welcome ladies, I have been expecting you. My name is Matilda and I am at your service,”

Of course Becky just beamed at that. She smiled brightly back and said excitedly “Hi! I’m Becky and this is my sister Bella! Do you mind reading our fortunes?”

“Of course darlings why don’t you come and sit at this table with me. I can sense you will have very interesting fortunes to tell,” Matilda sat down in one of the chairs at the table with the crystal ball and beckoned us over. Fighting the urge to sigh, I dragged my feet over to the table. Becky and I sat next to each other with Matilda sitting on the opposite end.

“I shall start by reading your palms. Come, put them on the table,” with a glace at Rebecca I complied to the strange woman’s wished. We both put one hand face up on the table. Matilda reached out and grabbed each of our hands. I recoiled my hand back, blushed, and then returned it to her.

“See that line? You shall have a long life, both of you. Ah, you’re both twins. You shall have very interesting futures,” Matilda’s rough hands traced the lines on my hand. I suddenly had the urge to run. There was just something really creepy about being here.

“Can you really tell?” Becky asked, fully of energy. I gave her a look of disbelief. A half blind person could tell.

“Yes dear,” she continued telling us how many children we will have. What our husbands will be like. That sort of things. I kind of zoned out but was becoming acutely aware that the room was chilling. By the time Matilda was coming to an end, I was shivering slightly. This was getting a bit weird and I was glad she was just about done so we could just give her her money and get out of here.

“Hmm, this is very peculiar, this mark,” Matilda said holding Rebecca’s hand very close to her face studying it intently. She brought my hand to her face too. “You both have,” The next thing I know the room gets a whole lot colder, Matilda tightens her grip on my wrist, and her pupils get so big they take up her entire face. She starts shaking like I am but I was no longer shaking from the coolness but because I was scared out of my wits. A glace over at Rebecca and I can see fear in her eyes. Rebecca is one of the bravest people I know. She is never afraid. Until now.

“Five days,” Matilda calls out in a raspy voice, much different from the smooth one she was using earlier. “Five terrible, terrible days. For both of you!” I try to pull my hand away so I can run but her grip is like iron. “First day January 18, 2005. Write it down! Matilda looks at me with powerful eyes. “Write it down now!”

I hear Rebecca frantically patting her pockets looking for a piece of paper. She finds her entrance ticket and a small snub of a pencil and starts to write down the date. “Why is that day going to be terrible?” I ask.

“No time for questions!” Matilda tells me sharply. “Next day May 29, 2006,”

“But Matilda why dos-,”

“Silence!!!” she screeches at me. I recalled back in fear. “Third time, April 3, 2031. Are you getting this?” She asks Becky eruptive. All Becky can do is nod her head. “Such a sad, sad day,” Matilda continues to drone.

“Matilda do you have any medical problems,” I ask her. “Are you having some sort of episode?”

“Listen to me child. Do not forget these words. Fourth day, April 10, 2031. So much pain, so much grief. What a horrible day it is.”

By now I was getting frantic “Help!” I shouted out hoping someone outside would hear me. “Anyone, help!”

Matilda was breathing hard. She took in another loud, ragged breath. “The last and fifth day. October 16, 2032. What a dark, dark day. That worst of all. What a horrible, terrible day it shall be,”

“Matilda, please! You aren’t making any sense,” Rebecca was pleading. I could tell she was on the verge of tears.

“Such horrid, wretched days,” was Matilda’s answer. “Remember those days,” that was the last thing Matilda said before her eye rolled back and she fell backwards onto the floor.


My eyes were still bulging when we were standing outside watched a medical team cart Matilda’s dead body onto the ambulance. I was disturbed beyond words. I had never seen someone die before, especially not right before my very eyes. I have also never had someone curse me or foresee the worst things imaginable happen to me or what ever it was that Matilda did. Rebecca, however, was slightly more composed.

“That was a bit eerie was it?” I turned my head in her direction though my sight was still glued onto the dead boy being taken away. “Well on the bright side, we don’t have to pay for that fortune,” I was surprised my eyes didn’t fall out of their sockets. How could she be so good spirited right now? Did none of this have an effect her?

“Do you believe her?” I am eventually able to ask though my voice sounds like I haven’t had water in five months.

“Don’t know. And we won’t know until that first day comes. Until then, I’m going to find myself some cotton candy before the police come over here for questioning. I really can’t afford to have anything else put on my record,” I watched Becky skip merrily off in the other direction. I wish I could be that optimistic.


This is my third of the five terrible days. After experiencing the first two, I figured that since there were five, I was going to live until then. But right now I was seriously doubting it. The Volturi aren’t after me because I broke some rule or reviled the existence of vampires, I was being chased because I wouldn’t join them. I couldn’t, they eat humans and I was one at once point. It would like killing myself. So when I declined the offer to join, Aro, being who he is, just had to have me join his guards because my gifts would be so helpful. Since I wouldn’t go willingly, they planned to drag me back to Italy. In my opinion, Aro was a little desperate.

Somehow word got to them that I was now a vampire but was no longer with the Cullens. It’s a lot easier now a days for me to say their names because of my powers. My powers made me like some sort of Cullen package. I can read minds, feel and manipulate emotions, have visions, immunity to human blood, I am still small but have muscles harder and stronger than Emmett, and am extremely beautiful. (I’m not being vain. That is just what I hear others say and think. I have even paler skin, chocolate brown hair with slight caramel highlights, and I kept my brown eyes but I do have a small circlet of gold in then to mark what I am.) They didn’t take me not wanting to join them very well.

I seemed to have lost them for now but I knew that wasn’t going to last. I had to come up with a plan and quick. Since I was tired form so much running I couldn’t really use my powers right now. I allowed myself to sneak a look behind me to make sure my ears didn’t deceive me.

Nobody was behind me. Good. I turned back around and was greeted by a loud SMACK as I ran into something. I had hit it with such force that I actually fell back a couple of feet. In my defense, I was expecting it. I am still a pretty tough fighter.

I picked myself up to look at the huge boulder I must have hit to make that collision. But instead, standing in front of me was a person I hadn’t seen in over twenty-five years and never expected to see again. Edward Cullen. Yep, today most definitely was one of my ‘cursed’ days.