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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


11. Chapter 11

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Obviously I didn’t allow Emmett to throw me off some cliffs, much to his disappointment. We ended up going hunting which Emmett very much enjoyed for he claimed there had been no good game where the rest of his family had hunted. Afterwards Emmett challenged me to a wrestling match which I accepted to please him. I did have to kick his butt the first ten times but then I allowed him to win, much to his pleasure. Of course then he claimed he had allowed me to win the other ones. Right.

I tried to spend the remainder of the week remaining as oblivious as possible towards what was coming soon. Becky also appeared oblivious though I doubt she was even trying like I was. I kept myself doing things that would keep both my hands and my mind occupied. For I knew that if I allowed them to wonder, I would not be able to keep up what little of a calm facade I had going. Becky and Emmett found the most enjoyment out doing things together. I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me. They were so much alike. Watching them was like watching two little kids having the best time of their lives especially when Emmett claimed he had the newest game system. It was X-Box 7000 or whatever number they were up to now.

But of course on Friday when Jacob and Sam showed, I could no longer fool myself. The next day was only one day away whether I liked it or not. Of course when the werewolves did appear, Rebecca inconspicuously suggested to Emmett that they should continue their game upstairs, away from where Jake, Sam, and Carlisle were talking, claiming that it would somehow relieve them from the smell Emmett was complaining about. Of course, Emmett didn’t know that the stench did not bother my sister or me but I guess if that’s how Becca wants it. . .

Amazingly we managed to make it to the next day without any vampire or werewolf attacking the other. Of course, that wasn’t without the occasional complaint of the smell from one of the werewolves or one of the Cullens.

Eventually it came time to where we had to drive to Oregon. I had pondered a few things that were, well, Oregon related. First of all, why Oregon. Secondly, why near cliffs? That obviously is just asking for me to get pushed off of. And finally, is we saw that I was going to get pushed off a cliff, why are we even going to go there knowing what is going to happen? I discussed this with Carlisle and he had told me that the area I saw in the vision was remote and, since something was going to happen that day anyways, we might as well have it happen where no humans can witness it, even with Rebecca’s power. Carlisle also promised me that he would make sure that someone caught me. I sure hope someone does.

The Cullens decided that, because of the distance and the fact that the wolves were with us, it would be best if we drove to Oregon instead of running. I also had my suspicions that Becky had secretly planted that idea into their minds but I wasn’t going to say anything. So she was happy that the wolves didn’t have to transform yet, but left me unhappy with the fact that everyone except me had a car.

I had left mine up with Becky’s clan. When Becky came back she had brought her giant, black Ford truck with her. She was obsessed with that car. A lot of her free time was spent working on it. Her truck, which she had named ‘Brad’ (she had a thing for naming things even if they are unanimous objects), was unbelievably shiny from her constantly waxing it. It also had huge, oversized wheels that were taller than my waist; they almost reached my chest. And see as I did not have a car to drive, Edward promptly decided it was his somewhat duty to ask if I would ride with him. Not wanting to be rude, I accepted, no matter how much I’d rather ride with Becca or any other one of the Cullens. I would even take Jake and Sam but instead I once again sat in Edward’s Volvo, only this time in the passenger’s seat instead of the back where I could hide from him.

At first, it was awkward, riding in the car alone with Edward. The car echoed with silence except for the soft, classical music that played in the back round. I was racking my mind for ways to break the silence and also hoping for anyway that would allow us to reach our destination faster when I noticed the speedometer.

“Can your car go any faster? I feel like we’re driving really slowly” I said to him, hoping that I hadn’t sounded rude.

Edward turned his head toward me and raised an eyebrow. ‘Impatience’ he thought but instead he said, “I’m going two-forty. It’s the fastest my car goes. And I thought you hated it when I drove fast. You freaked our when I’d go over one hundred. How fast does your car go?”

I looked down in embarrassment. “The speed doesn’t bother me so much anymore.” I mumbled.

“How fast?” Edward asked, cutting to the chase.

‘I mean, does it really matter how fast my car goes? Wouldn’t you rather know what type of car I drive rather than how fast it drives? Because personally-”

“Bella,” Edward said softly, interrupting my rambling. He kept his gaze on mine and did that eye smoldering thing. It was completely unfair. I was still putty to those eyes.

“Three-eighty,” I answered, turning my face to look out the window.

“Wow, how did you get your car to go that fast?” Edward wondered.

Before I could answer, Becky’s truck pulled up to us, pausing a moment so she could shake her head at me obviously hearing our discussion, and then accelerating forward all the while blasting the song ‘Low’ by Flo Rida.

Edward made a sound of disgust. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“That senseless noise your sister is playing,” Edward said, gesturing forward towards where you could barely still see Rebecca’s car but we could still make our the song perfectly.

I shrugged indifferently. I had learned to tolerate all of the rap and hip hop Becky was constantly playing from her stereo. Becky was always experimenting with new types of music and now she had gone back to her rap phase. I personally found it quite unbearable when she was going through all her Indian chants stage so I found the, to me, meaningless rap a relief.

I thought came to mind when I saw by looking at Edward’s face, see how much he truly did not like the music Becca was playing. “I think I know something that might work that will get her to turn the music off,” I told Edward, shooting him a wicked smile.

“And what do you have in mind?” He asked.

I reached into the small purse that I had brought with me and pulled out a CD. I always kept it on me just incase Becky did something to really annoy me and this was the only way to stop her. I took the CD out of its case and put it into Edward’s cars stereo.

“What is that?” he asked, nodding his head in the CD player’s direction.

“This,” I said, pressing the play button, “Is techno.”

Edward looked at me in confusion as the ‘beep beep beep bop beeeeep’ sound filled the car. Up ahead, we heard the tires on Becky’s car screeched to a stop. She didn’t start driving again until we had passed her and she matched ‘Brad’s’ pace with ours.

“Turn. That. Off.” Becca demanded, in a low furious voice, annunciating each word slowly. She was staring at me vividly through the car window.

“I’m sorry what?” Edward was catching onto our little game and he turned up the volume to the song. More beeps filled the car. I didn’t need my power of sensing people’s emotions to see the anger visibly rolling off of her.

Rebecca’s eyes were practically bulging. “Turn off that horrid, unbearable noise!” She screeched.

Edward looked at her innocently. “What? Do you not like techno?” he asked while I smirked.

“Not like techno?” Becky repeated in a slow, deliberate voice. “Techno is the saddest, more horrible excuse there is for music in the whole wide world. Never will someone be able to accomplish in creating such meaningless crap.”

“Oh, and what do you consider that noise you were playing?” Edward fired right back. Oh great, I get to sit through another ‘techno is the worst thing in the whole wide universe and rap could so kick its butt’ rant. I signed and sunk down further in to the leather seat, trying to get more comfortable for the lengthy conversation that was sure to follow.

“That ‘noise’ as you so wrongly accused it, was actually-” I blocked out the rest of which they were saying, not really caring what they said or wanting a headache that was practically insured from trying to follow whatever the train of thought Becky was to have.

I shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair. I caught a glimpse of Emmett laughing in the rear view mirror, obviously having heard Edward and Rebecca’s conversation. ‘Finally, someone is giving Edward an earful for his music’ I heard Emmett think.

Becky must have heard Emmett’s thoughts too for her eyes flashed to her rear view mirror and, see Emmett laughing, flashed a smile. Then she turned down to her stereo and turned the song to “Girls Kiss Girls” by Pittsburgh Slim.

Emmett’s grin widened and he started to mouth the words to the song “I like when girls kiss girls” Apparently Emmett knew this song. Honestly this song kind of disgusted me because I certainly did not like it when girls kiss girls but you know maybe some people did. I guess Rosalie shared my opinion on the song because she said some few choice words to Emmett and he shut up immediately. Now all I had to do was try to ignore the rest of Becky and Edward’s argument until we got there.

Unfortunately, their ‘discussion’ was not over when we had reached the remote cliffs, in Oregon. I think I had a migraine coming on, if that was even possible. Their constant fighting and yelling many various music artists whom I had never heard of was getting on my nerves and apparently I wasn’t the only one.

“Will you two shut up already?” asked Alice as we got out of our cars and walked over to where Greg and William were waiting. “You are both entitled to an opinion but honestly, enough is enough!” Alice declared. Edward and Becca silenced momentarily to shoot her a look.

“Honestly,” said Greg. “Can’t you be quiet enough to say I to me?” he joked

Becky smiled and when over to his side. “Hi,” she said, kissing him on is cheek. “Hey William,” she added. He nodded in acknowledgment.

“Thank you.” Jacob said exasperated. He took Alice’s tiny hands into his huge ones, ignoring the fact that he did not especially like her and then looked over at Greg. “No, seriously, thank you. I was afraid I’d have to knock both of them unconscious just to get some peace and quite.” He told them

“Well, you’re welcome,” Alice told him. They both then moved away quickly, not wanting to be so close to each other longer than necessary.

“Yes, now apologize, both of you,” Esme mothered Edward and Becky.

Edward muttered incoherently but faced Becky and said, “I am sorry. You are indeed entitled to your own opinion, even if we do not share the same.”

“You’re forgiven, even if your opinion is completely wrong and totally-” We all groaned in union, our hopes for this to be over, squashed.

“Rebecca,” I said, turning to my sister placing my hands out in front of me like I was praying. “Please, Please, Please, Please, Please just swallow your pride this once and let it go,” I begged. “Do us all a favor and stop talking about music for five minutes, please,”

“Humpf” was Becky’s reply but before anything else could be said, there was a rustling from the trees. We all turned towards it and watched as something sprang out from the darkness.