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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


12. Chapter 12

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Now see, my vision must have been wrong because I, in fact, was not tackled off a cliff and plunged to my doom. Instead Becky was, which when you thought about it, was quite ironic because it was Becky who was constantly cracking jokes about the whole thing. But here we are, watching Becky, instead of me, being pushed off a cliff to her possible doom. And we still didn’t know what hit her.

We all rushed towards the cliff’s edge to see what happened and to ensure Becca’s safety but we couldn’t. The cliff curved inward, towards the bottom, so the ledge that we were standing on jutted our more forward than the rest of the cliff, making it impossible to see Becky or her attacker.

“I’m fine,” we could hear Becky’s voice cry out. We all sighed a sigh of relief before we heard a snarl and then a ripping noise coming from below.

“Ow!” Becky’s voice exclaimed. “That hurt!” she yelled, followed by a solid thud and the sound of something collapsing. “S’all good” she offered back up before any of us could ask her if she was okay.

“Hey,” she yelled up at us. “Do any of you guys have a lighter? Mine’s empty.” None of us could reply because a dark, malicious laugh emerged from the forest. I knew that hideous laugh. It was a laugh that had haunted my dreams as a human and wouldn’t get out of my memories now as a vampire.

Victoria emerged from the trees with a, what could only be described as evil, smirk in her face. But she was not alone. Victoria was flanked by twelve other vampires of various sizes, all with violently red eyes. I quickly did the mental math. There were twelve of us and thirteen of them. Also I guess they must have had fourteen originally but I can only assume that the vampire that had attacked Becky was with her. But Becky was still down at the bottom of the cliffs so that left us only with eleven.

Judging by their thoughts, over half of them weren’t even past a year old. I could feel the weariness rolling off of the Cullens and werewolves. Edward stiffened. He knew they were newborns too.

“Ho-ly,” Emmett exclaimed but he didn’t need to finish. We were all feeling the same thing.

I felt a rush of anger towards Victoria. What more could she want from me? She had already tortured me, practically killed me. But that obviously wasn’t enough. Now she had to ruin everything I had. She had to go and not only try to destroy me but now she will be attacking the Cullens, the werewolves, and Greg’s coven, including Rebecca. Why couldn’t she leave me alone? I’ve had enough of her.

“What do you want Victoria?” I asked, letting my anger feed the acid that leaked into my voice.

Victoria smirked at me, enjoying this. “Aw, where are you manners Isabella? Aren’t you happy to see me? It’s been so long and I am relishing this chance to see you and your precious Edward again.”

Edward snarled and my hairs stood on edge hearing her voice. “What do you want?” I repeated through my teeth.

“Oh, just to see you again. Like it said, we haven’t seen each other in years. We had so much fun last time we got together.” My whole body shied away from her when she said that, remembering the pain she had put me through. From behind and down from us, I could hear Becky’s vicious snarl along with another one from Edward though Edward’s was far less intimidating from Becky’s.

“Plus,” Victoria continued, “I was under the awful impression that you were dead. How on earth could you let me believe such a thing? I missed you terribly. There were so many things we could do together.”

I suppressed the shudder that came with the images of what she would have done with me if she had known I survived her torture and was now turned. I was struggling hard to block out the scenarios running in her mind of what she would do to me.

But Victoria’s rant was not over. “And now that you’re a vampire, just think about all the things we can do now that we couldn’t do when you were a human because you were too fragile-”

“Enough!” roared Jacob, his arm shaking and his teeth clenched in the effort to not just transform into the gigantic red-brown wolf and tear everything into shreds.

“We do not want to fight you,” Carlisle interjected. “But we will not let you harm Bella. So if you would please leave and take the others you’ve brought with you, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Victoria shook her head in a ‘you’re so pathetic’ way.

“How did you even know I was still alive?” I asked her. There was no reason for her to know that. After the whole situation with Becky’s missing husband Collins, I had worked very hard to keep a low profile.

“Oh two little birdies told me. Two little birdies named,” Victoria took a dramatic pause, “William and Greg,” she practically whispered.

Shock and betrayal raced through me as I turned to face the two traitors. Neither of them showed remorse of any sorts. They just stared back with stony eyes. I wasn’t the only one who was developing a growl in my throat. All the Cullens and Sam and Jacob were too.

“What?!” cried Becca from behind us. I suddenly felt remorse for her. She really did like Greg and now he had to go and betray us. What was with this family? Not only do we have to have ‘cursed’ days but our relationships don’t go so well either.

“How could you?” I asked in utter disbelief. I might as well not trust anyone from here on out. “How could you do this to Becky? To us?”

Greg shrugged and looked at us indifferently. “Being with Rebecca was fun, while it lasted. But I’ve found someone much better.” He said stepping next to Victoria putting his arm around her waist. It was a good thing I didn’t eat other wise I don’t think I would have been able to hold it in. So instead I just glared at them with disgust.

“And what about you, Will? What do you get from this seeing as Victoria is now taken?” How long had they been planning this? I bet when Becca went to visit Greg and he was ‘visiting his parents’ he was probably off with Victoria planning our demise.

Will smiled at me lazily, as if this whole ordeal absolutely bored him. “I get the revenge I always wanted,” he told me, flashing his teeth.

“What revenge? Neither I nor Becky have ever done anything to you. And you’ve never met any of the Cullens or Sam or Jacob before. What could you possibly need revenge for?”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I have met one of them before,” he told me. Will raise an arm and pointed with his first finger at Jasper. “Him,” William said. “I want to kill him just like he killed my Laura.”

Jasper looked at Will, just as confused as the rest of us. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he told Will, in a slow, gauging voice.

“THE HELL YOU DON’T!” bellowed William causing all of us to flinch. “Don’t you remember? Back in Arlen, in 1879, you and your precious Maria. It was during the New Born Wars. Excluding me, you took out our entire coven, including my mate Laura,” William hissed.

I had heard of the fighting in the south but I had never known that Jasper was part of it. And who was Maria? I had always believed that it was just Alice and Jasper. I never thought that there was someone before Alice. Also, what was with everyone wanting to avenge their mate? Is there some place every psycho vampire wishing to avenge their mate goes and meets and plan how to take other vampires out?

“Many were killed during the wars,” Jasper said in a careful voice.

“That doesn’t change that fact that you killed her.” Will told Jasper. “Or that Edward and your new coven killed James. Victoria and I both want our revenge.”

“So you’re reenacting the new born wars?” Jasper cried incredulously. “Do you want to bring the Volturi here and have them destroy us all?” he yelled at Will.

I wasn’t sure what the new born wars were but judging by the current situation, I could only guess. I assume this Maria person was part of Jasper’s old family that Edward had once told me about. Telling by the batch of newly created vampires standing with Victoria and Greg, there must have been a lot of fighting with new vampires against others. It must have been bad, considering that the Volturi must have had some part in all of this. Looking at the batch of vampires Victoria had brought with her, made me slightly more nervous. I recalled how much stronger I was the early years following Becca turning me. Now, when I do things, I can tell that I’m not as strong as I used to be which is saying something.

And we were outnumbered. The new current standings were they had three experienced fighters, two of them who are going to be more driven by their desire for revenge, and a fresh batch of twelve new born vampires who are at the peak of their strengths. We had eight experienced vampires if Becky was ok and she could get back up here to join us and we also had two trained werewolves who were made for destroying vampires. I hadn’t counted myself as one of the experienced vampires because I had spent many years in solitude so I hadn’t had a need for fighting any vampires and when I did, it was just fake, pretend, and I hadn’t wanted to hurt them. Becky, on the other hand, could kick anyone’s butt if they pissed her off enough.

“We do not fear the Volturi,” replied William confidently. He was not lying. I could feel he was speaking the truth and you could hear it in the way he spoke. He was clearly mental for not fearing them.

“So it is inevitable,” he continued, “that you are all to die today.” As he said this the other vampires started to spread out and circle around us. Everybody tense immediately. I snarled in warning towards a beefy looking red head vampire who got to close to me.

I quickly scanned the new borns’ thoughts for any instruction they might have gotten from Victoria or the others that might help us in this situation. The only things I could pick out of their thoughts was to at least leave Jasper alive long enough so Will could finish him off and that five of them, including the big red head were to make an even tighter circle around me but not to touch me. They were only there to confine me. Victoria, unlike William, wanted to do everything. Besides those two specific instructions, they could do whatever they like to the rest of us.

Edward was doing the same as me. A small flash of panic flashed through his eyes as he picked out their thoughts though it panicked look happened so fast I wasn’t even sure I had seen it. Edward quickly recovered by putting a fierce look on his face. I was worried for him but I soon realized I was more concerned for him than the others. I quickly was able to shift through my thoughts to realize that it wasn’t just the fact that Edward was the type of stupid person who would get themselves kill over me. Hell, there was a very high possibility that I was even going to die today so I might as well not lie to myself. I still loved him, as much as I had since before the day he lied to me in the forest so many years ago, even after that my love for him had never changed no matter how much I had tried deluding myself from believing the facts.

Realizing all this right before I might die seemed a bit corny. Like in those sappy movies, right before one of the main characters died and they never got the chance to tell the person they secretly loved how they felt about them. Yes, very sappy and corny but I wasn’t going to let my ending be like that.

I love you,” I sent the mental message to Edward. He turned to look at me, his expression now sad and some what tortured.

With the image of Edward’s expression still inside my head, I turned and lunched at the big red head.

Then the chaos began. Two simultaneous pops and shredding noise emerged from behind me, announcing Sam and Jake phasing, as my body clashed with ‘Big Red’s’. We did a sort of tumbling as he was not prepared for or did not expect me to turn on him first therefore more easily loosing his footing. Not quite knowing exactly what to do for only knowing how to playfully wrestle or quickly snap an animal’s neck, which I doubt would work on Big Red; I had to act on instinct, just as Becky had instructed me to do when she came with me my first time hunting.

I quickly struggled to my feet and torn at Big Red’s arm, the first thing I could grab. It did not come off with ease but neither was it exceedingly hard to do. The tearing noise was slightly sickening to me as was the cry he gave out but I had to ignore those feelings. I reached for Red again, this time being lucky enough to land my hand on him neck and I swiftly beheaded him.

I had to hesitation towards throwing the head on the floor, trying not to look at it. I was without desire to see what a vampire looked like on the inside and whether or not it was any different from a human. If it was possible, my face would have gone even paler but I was quickly reminded that I hadn’t the time to waste moments being skittish of what I was doing.

A pair of ice cold hands were a vice grip on me as another vampire seized me by my shoulders. My memory flashed back to when Victoria had grabbed me. No, I wouldn’t let that happen again. So I reached back behind me and grabbed the offending body and flung whoever in was into a thick tree ten feet in from of me. The tree quivered but didn’t break, but it was a big, old looking tree.

I turned around and surveyed what else was going on and, more importantly, where Victoria, Greg, and William were. I saw Sam and Jacob making quick work of yet another vampire. Edward was like wise engaged but with two. I tried contacting Becca to see why she was still down at the bottom of the cliff and not helping out. I saw that her tackling buddy, even though Becca had shredded him, was starting to reassemble himself so she was having to take him down again only it wasn’t as easy as bringing down a vampire that is whole. Instead it was small parts of him that were only partially put together that she was up against and were just as fast as when her attacker was in pieces. The sight would have been comical if it wasn’t for the seriousness of what was happening.

I could really use a lighter!” said Rebecca’s frantic voice in my head.

Sorry,” I replied, mentally hitting myself. Of course I wasn’t intelligent to bring matches or a lighter with like Rebecca and the Cullens always had on them.

I spotted Will taking on Jasper, which caused me to worry immediately. I knew how bad he wanted to kill Jasper. Not wanting to take any chances, I was about to go and help Jasper when Alice stepped in. She was so tiny you could barely see her, adding on how fast she moved. She appeared on William’s back and soundlessly gripped his neck and twisted to the side. Will’s neck was twisted and stayed almost backwards on his head in a very unnatural way. His body grew limp and Alice jumped gracefully off of William’s back and landed lightly on her feet. Apparently I was wrong; you can just snap their necks.

Alice commenced with tearing up the body whole Jasper moved to take on another vampire, this one an oriental woman with sharp, dark features. I watched what Alice did to Will without feeling. He had betrayed me so now he was dead to me, figuratively and literally.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught a flash of red that I would recognize anywhere. I instantly followed it, not wanting to loose her when Tree Guy reappeared in front of me. I must have hit him hard enough to knock him out for a long time like I was hoping. I lunged at his side, hoping to repeat what I had done earlier with Big Red. No such luck. He caught me and twisted me around so now he held both of my arms behind my back. My eyes widened in horror. He was much stronger than I gave him credit for, I realized as I struggled against him. Tree Guy lowered his face to mind so our cheeks were touching. He brushed my hair away from my face and I could feel his cool breath on my neck. I trembled.

“I have this horrible tendency to not follow instructions that are given to him,” he whispered into my ear in a voice that would have been very seductive if I was not frozen with fear.

A startling, fierce growl sounded from behind us. My captivator was wrenched from me and I spun around to face whatever was coming at me next. What I saw was Esme, dear, sweet, motherly Esme, look startling like a vampire. She looked terrifying to me. Her eyes were glistening and there was a certain more fierce way that she moved as she took down Tree Guy that made her look more dangerous. I was sure I didn’t look like that while I was fighting others.

Leaving esme to do what she was doing, I began raking the site for Victoria again. When I found her, she was doing what almost looked like a dance with Edward, the way they moved back and forth, dodging one another. I ran over to them but Edward held me back.

“No, Bella,” Edward said to me. But I shook my head.

“No, Edward,” I told him. “This is my fight,” we stared at each other for a moment and I thought back how I have told him that I love him a thousand times and how I just told him earlier today.

“I don’t want to loose you,” he thought. I felt the same way but we were loosing time.

We seemed to have reached an understanding for Edward curtly nodded his head before spinning on balls of his feet and attacking Greg. I had not even realized he was there. Thank goodness Edward noticed him.

Victoria smiled at me. “Are you ready to die?” she asked in a casual voice while taking a step towards my left. I adjusted by taking a step to the right.

“Depends,” I answered, “Are you ready to die?”

Victoria laughed once without humor. “But that wont be today’s outcome,” she couched down.

“We’ll see about that,” I answered as coolly as I could manage, while tightening my body, ready to spring when she will.

First it seemed as if none of us would make the first move. Instead we just stared into each other’s eyes, daring the other to do something. Then Edward’s thoughts entered my head.

Read her mind. It’ll help,”

I felt like slapping myself on the forehead. Of course! How could I have forgotten that?! I immediately tapped into Victoria’s head. Her thoughts told me that she was going to fake going to the right but then hitting me straight on.

When I saw Victoria shift to the right, I was the one who hit her straight on. Victoria was prepared. She grabbed my arms so I wasn’t facing her and while still holding on, kicked my back, forcing me forward. I bit back the scream from the pain that was rising in my throat.

I cursed mentally. Of course she would have known I could read minds. Greg or Williams would have told her that. So she also would have known that I was listening and so she lied with her thoughts so I would fall to her trap.

Then Victoria grabbed me by my hair and yanked on it so my head came back and I faced the sky. That time I couldn’t help the small sound that escaped my lips. She seemed to like that. Victoria laughed and asked, “What’s wrong Bella? Don’t you like this game? It’s my favorite,”

There was a blur of russet and Jacob rammed Victoria up against a tree.

“You filthy mongrel!” shrieked Victoria. She went to strike Jake but I was between them. With a swift kick, I knocked Victoria off of her feet. As she was falling, I caught her by her waist and her ribcage.

As I held her, I said in a low voice to her “You know what Victoria? I do like this game. It might be my favorite too.” And I twisted her body in my hands and a loud crack emerged as I snapped her body in half. And then, Victoria was no more.


The Cullens, the La Push werewolves, Becky, and I were still in the clearing gathering pieces of the vampires left over from the fight to burn. We had to make sure we got everything so there was no way they could come back. I was especially careful to make sure I got every single piece of Victoria. I don’t think I would be able to handle her coming back again.

The smell of incense was strong. The fire where we were burning everything was raging from us feeding it. You could see the small sliver of smoke from below the cliffs where Becky had made her own fire. Carlisle had given her his lighter, much to her relief.

I stood in front of the fire, staring into it, slightly mesmerized. This day was horrible. To think, that the next cursed day will be even worst. What could be worst? At least no one had died. No, that wasn’t true. Actually, we had killed sixteen altogether. That was a lot. But it didn’t really matter. I didn’t grieve Greg or William’s death and certainly did not grieve Victoria’s. The only thing that had me uneasy was my worry for my sister. I hope she wasn’t taking this Greg betraying thing so badly and wasn’t being too hard on herself.

Becky came over to the fire to deposit more various body pieces. “Fire! Fires good! Fire’s the meaning of life! Without fire, we would all cease to exist!” she said to me in a stoner voice.

“Shut up,” I told her, shaking my head, turning away from the fire to face her. “Are you sure you want to be here? I mean, Sam and Jacob are both here.”

“Yah, it should be fine. The battle’s over so why would they have a reason to be in wolf form?”

“Are you sure you just don’t want Jacob to find out?” I asked her. “I mean, seeing as you’re single and all now.” Plus, I thought it was slightly unfair. Jacob is having to go his whole life without his soul mate while she just goes out and purposely dates the wrong guys.

Rebecca grimaced slightly but then covered it with a small smile. “Huh, I guess I am single now. I’ll think about it. I would just like a break from all the drama. You know?”

I agreed with her. I could also take a break from the drama. It was starting to wear on me. But then I looked over at Edward. He saw me looking at him and smiled that crooked grin I loved so much and I smiled back. I hope there won’t be any drama with that. Becky caught our exchange and raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything for which I was thankful.

“Ok,” said Sam’s voice, emerging from the forest, bits of vampire in his arms. “We’re pretty sure this is the rest of it. I couldn’t see or smell anything else and Jake said the same, right Jake?” Sam asked.

But there came no reply. I looked back behind Sam to see Jake in his wolf form, staring at Rebecca. Jake looked frozen. Sam looked back at Jake to see why he hadn’t made some sort of noise in agreement. Sam’s eyes widened when he took in Jacob and Becca staring at each other.

I turned my gaze back to Jacob. I could see confusion and panic in his eyes and finally, realization. Then, Jacob dropped the load of vampire bits that he was holding in his mouth, turned, and ran.

“Shit” was all Rebecca said.