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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


2. Chapter 2

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Edward Cullen most definitely was not what I needed right now. The only emotion I had coming right now was irritation. He had really rotten timing that’s for sure.

“Bella?” he asked softly. There was a different look in his eyes I couldn’t quite register. Something between longing and disbelief. He took a step forward and examined me more closely. I was suddenly feeling extremely self conscience. And restless. I really had to start going again. The Volturi was going to show up again any second now.

“Bella!” he said again this time with much more enthusiasm throwing his arms around me. I decided to tap into his mind. This is too good to be true. I must be hallucinating but I don’t care. I almost snorted at that. I thought I was the only one who hallucinated.

“Edward,” I replied stiffly keeping my arms at my sides. I really had to start running again. They could catch up any second now.

“Bella, I’m so glad to see you again. I thought you were dead when they said-”

I cut him off. I couldn’t waste any more time. “Run with me” I grabbed his arm and pulled him along as I sprinted down another path in the forest. I hadn’t caught the scent of the Volturi in a while and although I know it isn’t their style, I was hopping feverantly that they had gave up and returned to Italy.

“Who are we running from?” Edward asked but thankfully he didn’t stop running to ask his question.

“Quite!” I shushed him. We couldn’t afford to make any noise. We had to be as silent as possible to get even the slimmest chance to survive. After that, we continued to run in silence. It had been a while since I had ran this hard for this long of time. I pushed myself even harder but Edward was able to keep my pace.

Moments later, the trees started to thin and we came to an opening. I slowed down slightly before getting hit by another boulder and flying backwards for the second time today. What was this? Run into Bella day? I picked myself up (again) and my eyes widened in shock to see who I ran into this time.

There, standing in the middle of the clearing with Edward and myself, was my much disheveled twin breathing hard.


“Bella? What are you doing here?”

“Running from the Volturi. You?”


We both groaned in union. Normally when we were having one of our ‘cursed’ days, only one of us took it real hard. The other one would get off easy. For instance, the first day, January 18. (A.N/: sorry, in the first chapter I meant Jan. 18 but accidentally put in Jan. 10) That was my first day at Fork’s high school and the day I had met Edward. I guess that day was dangerous for me because Edward is a vampire. But then we did believe in what the fortune teller, Matilda, had told us.

That day was the worst for Rebecca because that was the day she died. Well, the day that she was bitten and turned into a vampire. The reason I didn’t know about it or even remember it had to do with Rebecca’s power. Or, one of them. Like me, she had a bundle of them.

First off, she could change the appearance of her, others, and objects at will. I believe she got that power because she always was dying her hair and changing her look and things like that. She was also very big when it came to makeovers whether it was for her, another person, or the living room. Her next power is something along the lines of brain control. We’re not quite sure but it is more like she can make people forget memories and put images in their mind.

That is why I didn’t know Rebecca died or that I actually had a sister. After she had realized what she was and what she could do, she thought she could help me. One thing we didn’t share was the resistance against human blood. Since she couldn’t risk seeing me, Becca decided she didn’t want me or anyone else to have to live with the pain of remembering her and loosing her. So Rebecca decided to brain wash the whole country.

She had Charlie, Renee, Phil, me, and all out close friends and anyone we had ever met to forget about her. She used her power to change appearances so she was no longer in pictures. Family portraits had blank spots. Her room was turned into a guest room and we all believed it had always been like that. And none of us ever questioned anything.

Rebecca’s third power was she could take another one’s power and use it as her own. Rebecca tries to use that one as little as often because she couldn’t quite control it. So far, when she takes another vampire’s power, she can only hold onto it temporarily. Also a couple of times when she tried to use her ‘borrowed’ power, it backfired she ended up using it against herself.

Because of Rebecca using her power on me, I had absolutely no memory of Matilda’s bad fortune on us. Which did end up having a down side. Such as when May 29 came around I had no clue as to what was coming for me.

From what Rebecca told me, she came down to Forks the week previous to the date. A couple of months wondering by herself, she had joined a coven of vegetarian vampires. With Rebecca they made up a coven of six. Rebecca left them so she could protect me in case anything bad would happen so she could try to prevent it. Sadly, she wasn’t able to prevent what had happened to me.

To make a long story short, Victoria found a way through the pack. They weren’t able to protect me. Victoria also brought with her friends. They held Rebecca back when she tried to save me from her. They make Becky watch as Victoria torture me and kill me. Almost. What Victoria did not know was that she didn’t completely drain me. She left practically one drop left. But it was enough. I survived with Rebecca’s help.

One of the first things that happened when I became a vampire was I remembered everything. I remembered Rebecca and Matilda and all the rest of those things that were forgotten. Rebecca explained to me that that was the flaw in her power. The whole brainwash thing didn’t work on vampires. Only humans. So when I was turned, I got all my memories back.

I have to admit, at first I was a little bit upset with my sister for doing that to me. I was kind of mad at her for taking away all of my memories of her. But I got over that quickly. I realized that all Becca did for me was completely out of love. She did not want me to have to live with the grief of having her and loosing her. ‘Wanting me to forget’ That sounded a lot like someone else I knew. Anyways. We stayed together for a few years catching up, Rebecca helping me adjust, and just doing more bonding. But after a while we went our separate ways. I wanted to travel by myself for a while and see the world.

Rebecca went back to her old coven. Although she wouldn’t admit it, I could tell she was missing them. I also think she had a thing for one of the guys in her new family. Greg I think his name is. That too probably sped up her return. Not that I hold it against her. It was typical Rebecca behavior.

“Ok, I am officially completely confused,” Edward’s thoughts brought me back to reality. I had totally forgotten that he was standing there with us. I saw his gaze darting from me to Rebecca trying to figure out who she was and what was going on. And probably wondering why there was another girl who looked practically just like me. Rebecca finally noticed him too.

“Is that the Edward Cullen?” Of course I had to tell her about him. As I told her about everything else. She never did tell me her feelings towards him before though. She said she was afraid it would influence me or something like that.

“Sorry, Edward, Becky. Becky, Edward,” I smiled tightly. Edward took a step forward to shake Becca’s hand but she just gave him a small wave.

“Nice to meet you Edward but we really don’t have time to waste on introductions. Marcus, Caius, and Demetri can show up any second now and I don’t know about you but I don’t have a plan. So I’d rather get going than wait for them to find us.” Becky said briskly.

“Don’t forget Aro, Felix, and Jane who are after me,” I put in.

“Bella,” Edward sighed. “Do you truly have all of the most powerful members of the Volturi coming for you? You really are a major danger magnet,” Rebecca smiled slightly while I grimaced.

“Yes, Edward,” I began, “As lovely as it is for you to make fun of me, unless you have a plan we really need to start running because I quite like not being held hostage by the Volturi.”

“I agree. We need to possibly go somewhere that is highly populated perhaps. You know how the Volturi are with their rules. So if there are a lot of people or witnesses around, they are less likely to seize us because of the risk of exposure,” Becky furrowed her brow, concentrating. “What would really be nice was if we could have some protection from other vampires. I would have us go back to Canada but I don’t want Greg and the others to get them involved.” She was frowning profusely now.

We all stood in silence for a few moments which probably wasn’t the best idea with the Volturi lurking so close.

“I got it!” Edward proclaimed snapping both Rebecca and I out of our ravine. “It’s so simple, why didn’t I think of it earlier?”

Becca and I glanced at each other. “What is it?” I asked him.

“Ya, Edward. Please explain. I at least, don’t have the ability to read minds,” Becca said rolling her eyes, shooting a slightly annoyed look in my direction thought I knew she was only kidding.

“Come on, follow me,” Edward said before taking off running in the direction of north. With a ‘what can you do’ shrug, Rebecca and I followed him.

“So where are you leading us to?” Becky asked when we caught up to him. I was wondering the same thing.

“To my house where the rest of my coven is. You remember them don’t you Bella?”

What kind of idiotic question was that? Of course I remembered them! How could I not! Thought I did try not to think about them, I loved them all so much. They really were my family no matter how much they hurt me when they left.

“My family is somewhat acquaintances of the Volturi. Our leader, Carlisle, stayed in Italy for a while. He became friends with Aro, Marcus, and Caius during his stay. I think if we had Carlisle there when the others show up he could possibly influence their choice and perhaps get them to leave you alone.”

I didn’t answer his question about whether or not I remembered his family. Instead I asked “We aren’t heading towards Forks are we?” I wasn’t ready to go back to Forks yet. There were too many memories there. And plus I didn’t know if I would be able to control myself not to visit Charlie or Jake. I really missed Jacob but all of Forks, along with Renee and Phil, thought I was dead. While I was still undergoing my transformation, Rebecca left me briefly to crash my car into hers. Then she lit them on fire so it would appear as if there was no way they would be able to get my body.

“No,” Edward answered, “It’s far too soon to go back. There are still people alive remembering who we are. It would be too dangerous. Instead we are staying in another small town that is always cloudy on the boarder of Oregon and Washington called Dales.”

From then on we continued to run in silence. Rebecca ran the whole way with her body turned slightly to the side as if she half expected to see someone chasing after us and she wanted to be able to see them.

It took only fifteen more minutes before Edward slowed to a stop. We had stopped running and stood before gorgeous light beige, three storied building. It was almost an exactly replica from the one they had in Forks. Suddenly, I started feeling nervous. I hadn’t seen these people in over twenty-five years. I didn’t know how they would take me or if they’d still accept me.

Edward seemed to sense my hesitation because he came closer and said “Don’t worry, everything will be ok,” He took a step forward and tried to take my hand. I reflexively stepped back. Edward dropped his eyes to his feet.

Rebecca was still looking around wearily. “Well, shall we?” she asked. Edward nodded and we walked up the path towards the grand house’s front door. Just before we reached it, the door opened in the doorway stood a short, pixie like girl with spiky black hair looking exactly as I remembered her.

“Bella!” she cried before running towards me almost knocking me down (that would have been the third time today) and hugged me like she would never let go.