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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


3. Chapter 3

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“Alice,” I managed to get out. It was hard to speak, they way she was hugging me so hard. I was pretty sure that if she was to hug me any tighter I would snap in two. “Can’t breathe,” I joked.

Alice laughed but slightly loosened her grip on me. “Bella, it’s so good to see you again. Your look just as I saw you in my vision,” she beamed at me.

“Wait, you had a vision? Why did you hide it from me?” Irritation was clear in Edward’s voice.

“Because, bone-head, if you had known you would have over thought the situation and screwed it up. Plus, you wouldn’t have been surprised,” Alice told him matter-of-factly. I laughed. I knew how much Alice loved to surprise others.

“Do you mind if we go inside?” Rebecca asked, bringing others to her attention. Alice raised an eye brawl in her direction. I decided to dip into Alice’s mind.

‘Who is she? Why does she look just like Bella and why did I not see this one coming?’

I stifled a giggle. Alice still relied way too much on her ability to see into the future. I barely even used mine.

“Please,” Becca begged looking over her shoulder once more.

“Yes, of course,” Alice started herding us through the door way, into the house. Once we were all inside Becky shut the door and locked it along with the deadbolt. She seemed to relax about a centimeter after she was done.

“Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, we have some visitors,” Alice sang out no louder than if they were standing right next to her. In a flash, five white bodies flew down the staircase and were standing at our sides.

“Oh, Bella!” Esme exclaimed before throwing her hands around my neck, embracing me. If she could, tears would be rolling down her face now. I could tell from her thoughts, the emotions she was sending out, and the expression in her eyes.

“Esme, it’s so good to see you again,”

“You too Bella. You were and still are like my third daughter,” I felt a small pang for my real mother, Renee, who thought I was dead and who I hadn’t seen in many, many years. I felt the same pain only a tad bit stronger coming from Rebecca. She hadn’t seen Renee in longer.

“Bella,” Carlisle greeted me before giving me a rather awkward side hug.

“Bells!!!” Emmett yelled enthusiastically before picking me up and swinging me around laughing. I laughed along with him. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed my bear of a brother until now. “I’m never going to let that idiot leave you again or I swear I will rip him to shreds,”

“There’s no need to destroy him over just leaving boring old me behind,” I smiled in an attempt to lighten the mood.

“No way, Bella, you were so funny. Especially when you tripped and fell. By the way, do you still do that now even though you’re a vampire?” Emmett asked, smiling eagerly.

“Hmm, every once in a while. So you’ll probably see me trip at least once while I’m still here, I promise,” Emmett’s smile widened with pleasure, probably anticipating to see me fall flat on my face while we were staying. However long that may be.

“Bella,” Jasper said from the bottom of the staircase. Even though I no longer had blood running through my veins, which is why I thought he always kept his distance, he still stay away. Rosalie just nodded in my direction.

“Becky,” Becky said from beside me. All the Cullens and myself turned to look at her.

“What?” she asked. “You guys were all saying Bella’s name, so I thought I might as well get my name in it,” There were a few laughs. I was glad her mood was lightening up and she was becoming a bit less paranoid.

“Yes, sorry,” I said. “Allow me to introduce you to my sister, Rebecca,”

Everyone’s thoughts came to me all at once. “SISTER!” “Is that why they look so much alike?” “I wonder if Rebecca is clumsy like Bella,” “Why didn’t Bella ever tell us she had a sister?” “Wow, both of them are really pretty. But I’m still more beautiful. Right?” I rolled my eyes at Rosalie’s shallow thoughts. I need to clue them in pretty soon. Their thoughts were starting to give me headache.

“But please, call me Becky or Becca,”

“Becky this is Carlisle, the leader of this coven. Esme, his wife. The big guy is Emmett and next to him is his wife, Rosalie. That is Jasper standing at the end of the staircase. And you’ve kind of met Alice and Edward. Alice is married to Jasper.”

Becky shook hands with all of them. It wasn’t until after she had shook hands with Carlisle and got a big smile on her face that I noticed her hand was slightly glowing. That only happened when she was ‘borrowing’ another vampire’s power. Though I could tell why she smiled after twenty-six years, Rebecca still struggled for control over her thirst for humans.

“Becca!” I hissed. Her head snapped in my direction. She gave me an apologetic look and mouthed ‘sorry’.

“So, Bella,” Carlisle started once all introductions were finished. “Rebecca is your . . . sister?”

“Twins, actually,” Rebecca and I said at the same time. The Cullens still looked confused.

“Well, that’s partly my fault that you guys didn’t know about me,” Becca explained. “I sort of brain washed her,” More confused looks were given to us. Becca sighed. “After I was changed, I discovered I could tamper with human memories. I didn’t want Bella to have to live with the grief of loosing me so I just had her and everyone else we had ever come into contact with forget I ever existed.”

“So I actually never knew about her when I met you so I couldn’t have told you about her. Not that I hold it against Rebecca. She was just being her regular, over protecting self,” I explained to the Cullens.

“I think that answers most of you questions you were thinking earlier,” I thought for a moment. “Oh, and no, Emmett. Rebecca is the opposite of me. She is very graceful.”

“Darn,” we heard Emmett mutter. There were a few chuckles followed by a loud smack. Thank you Rosalie.

“Well, as great as it was to meet all of you we really need to get going. Come on Bella,” Rebecca said pulling me by my arm toward the front door.

“But Becca, where will we go?”

“I don’t know. Maybe Belgium. That’s where you get the really good, authentic Belgium chocolates.”

“I never tried Belgium chocolate when I was human. I wonder if it’ll taste any good since we’re vampires.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t tried human food since I was changed. I heard human food’s supposed to taste like dirt now. Have you tried yet?

“No, I haven’t. But if we are planning on trying human food, I say we go to Italy to do it.”

“Ah, yes. That’s right. Italy has canoles. Canoles are very good.”

“They also have gelato.”

“Don’t forget great shopping.”

“Yah, but I don’t really like shopping. Plus I’ve found a flaw in our plan.”


“Volterra is in Italy. Going there would be like giving ourselves to them.”

“You’re right. So Belgium?”

“Belgium it is.” We had reached the door and I went to unlock it but was suddenly blocked by someone.

I fought back my annoyance. “Get out of the way Edward,”

“No, not until we figure out a plan and a way to protect you.”

“If you were listening, you would have figured out we already had a plan. And I don’t need you protecting me anymore. I’m no longer that fragile human.”

“Bella, no one could have followed that conversation. And yes, you do still need my protection if these things keep happening to you.”

I was about to give Edward a very well known American gesture but Carlisle interrupted. “Would someone like to explain what is happening?”

I glared at Edward, daring him to tell. He was oblivious to my warning. “A whole group of the Volturi is after Bella and her sister. While I was out hunting, Bella and I ran into each other before she dragged me off running as fast as she could,”

“That was so not my fastest. I can run way faster than that,” I interrupted Edward. His eyes darkened slightly.

“Fine, Bella was running fast when we came to her sister.”

It was Rebecca’s turn to interrupt. “You know, her sister does tend to have a name,”

“Ahhh, can you please stop interrupting me?”

“Only if you say my name,” Rebecca answered him teasingly.

Edward closed his eye and pinched the bridge of his nose like he had a headache coming on. I could feel irritation radiating off of him. I wasn’t going to fix that. Jasper can do it. “Ok, Rebecca, that was when we came to you. Apparently, both of them are running from the Volturi.”

“Do you know how many are after you,” Carlisle inquired.

“Six as far as we can tell,” Rebecca answered him. “I had Marcus, Caius, and Demetri after me and Bella had Aro, Jane, and Felix. So basically the six most powerful members of the Volturi are after us. Which is why we need to get going. They could be on your doorstep any second now. We don’t want to be an imposition to you.”

“We’re you listening to me earlier?” Edward, still irritated, said. “That’s why I brought you here. Carlisle, I thought you could help dissuade them. That is, trusting you two didn’t reveal our existence in someway to humans and that is why they’re after you.”

“No,” I replied hotly. “We just won’t join their stupid guards.”

“Well, I might be able to help with that.” Carlisle informed us. “Will they come here?

“Yes, they’ll probably follow our trail to your house. Are you sure you don’t mind doing this?” I still didn’t like putting the Cullens through all of this.

“Bella, you are family. Of course it is all right,” Esme comforted me.

Jasper sent me soothing waves. I wasn’t in the mood for Jasper to be trying to comfort me. So I sent them right back to him. He raised an eye brawl in my direction. I smiled back.

“This is great!” Emmett put in enthusiastically. “We finally get to kick some Volturi ass!”

“When are they coming,” Carlisle asked Alice.

“Two minutes,” was my reply before Alice could even close her eyes. My power worked much faster than Alice’s. Alice and Carlisle looked at me wearily before Alice closed her eyes, concentrating.

“She’s right. Two minutes,” Alice said reopening her eyes. The next two minutes were the tensest minutes of my life even with Jasper and I trying to influence the atmosphere. We all sat on couches waiting for the Volturi to literally come knocking on the door. When that knock finally came all of us froze in place. No one moved expect Carlisle who slowly got up and cautiously opened the front door.