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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


5. Chapter 5

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I’m not quite sure what had happened. I think I fainted though I’m not quite sure. Can vampires even faint? Either way I blacked out and when I came back into consciousness, I found myself being held in Edward’s arms. I quickly scrambled out of them and onto my feet.

“I told him you wouldn’t like that,” Rebecca told me through her mind.

“Bella, what just happened?” Edward asked. Actually I myself wasn’t sure. I couldn’t really remember what had just happened. My mind was all confused. I didn’t like it. I could not remember what made me black out like that. “You got a phone call from Jacob and after only saying a few words to him you blanched.”

Oh! That’s right. Jacob had called, telling me to get down to the Fork’s hospital. “Rebecca,” I grabbed her by her shoulders, my eyes bulging. “Jacob called to tell me about Charlie. Something happened to him and now he’s in the hospital.

“Oh no,” she whispered. So maybe we weren’t going to get off easy this day.

“We have to go. It was nice seeing you all again.” I called out to the Cullens as Becca and I raced out the door only to be stopped once again by the wonderful Edward Cullen.

“Edward, seriously, we have to go. Now please move,” Rebecca told him. He looked at us with eye filled with pity.

“Come on,” he said softly. “At least let me drive you. It will be a lot faster than running,” he added when he saw my torn expression.

“Fine,” I agreed. It would save time and I wanted to get to Charlie as quickly as possible.

Edward nodded and ran off. Shortly afterward, he came back, sitting in the driver’s seat of a silver Volvo. It wasn’t the same as the one he had driven when we were living in Forks. This one was new, more stylish and up to date.

Rebecca yanked open the door to the passenger seat while I copied her actions, taking the back seat. Edward opened his mouth to protest; obviously he had wanted me to sit up front next to him. Becky silenced him with a glare. I was perfectly fine with her sitting up front. The more space between Edward and me the better. I think she knew that too.

A glance in the rear view mirror showed me that the rest of the Cullens were also coming to Forks, speeding down the highway right behind us. The way the Cullens drove used to scare me but not anymore. As much as I would hate to admit it, I drove even faster and crazier than they did. While we were driving Rebecca changed our appearances. As far as people knew, Edward was in his forties and Rebecca and I were dead. After a short discussion, it would be best if Becky were to change completely Edward’s appearance just incase it would upset Charlie.

Rebecca had me grow from my five-four to a five-eight. I liked it. I felt tall and more important. She kept my hair the same length but make it impossibly curly. She also made me a platinum blonde. I was also given brilliant blue green eyes. Top that off with the tan she gave me and I actually looked the way I should looked when I lived in California or Phoenix while I was still human.

Becca made herself shrink down to a petite four-eleven. She made me laugh when she said the world now appeared gigantic. Especially me. She took on hair that was slightly wavy and went past her shoulders. It was a beautiful auburn color that looked great with the skin complexion she gave herself. She changed her eyes to a hazel green. She looked sort of like an elf and I got a light thump on the head when I pointed it out.

Edward underwent to most change. He was made more lanky, with a bit less muscle. He also shrunk to a five-nine so he was barely taller than the height I was now. His hair was grown out to be shaggy and it fell into his eyes. A fact that he continuously complained about. Instead of bronze colored hair, he got hair that was brown on the bottom layer and blonde on the top that gave him that bleached by the sun look. His skin was only slightly darkened and he was covered in freckles. You couldn’t even recognize him. You could still, kind of see similarities on Becky and I but there was nothing that looked the same about Edward.

None of the other Cullens needed to be changed. They agreed to wait outside because it was be a bit conspicuous if all of us were pretending to be relatives of Charlie he didn’t even know.

One of the reasons for Edward’s look was we were taking on the role of Charlie’s great grand nieces and our friend we towed along. From Renee’s side. Edward, or should I say Joe, was made to look like a surfer because our story was we lived in San Diego. My new name was Lindsey and Rebecca’s was Mel.

It wasn’t long before the path became familiar. I started to recognize the roads as we got closer and entered Forks. This town felt more like home to me than anywhere else I had lived. Even though I only lived here for a farley short amount of time. I think I will always call Forks my true home no matter what.

Not long after, we were walking through the entrance to the hospital. This place was all too familiar to me. It hadn’t changed a bit. At the receptionist desk, a young woman with shortly cropped, light brown hair greeted us with a warm smile. I had a strong feeling that the smile was for Edward’s part.

“Hello, how may I help you,” she asked cheerfully to Edward while casually fluffing her hair.

“Wow, he must be a surfer. He’s pretty good looking. I wonder how old he is,” I heard her think. Must not roll eye.

I thought that was kind of weird seeing a receptionist being all perky and flirty seeing as this was a hospital and hospitals tend to be a bad thing. But I’ve found out from personal experiences that at hospitals, people tried to be a happy as possible.

“Hi, we’re here to see Charlie Swan,” I said trying to get past the lump in my throat.

“And are you family?” she asked Edward.

“What she’s really asking is ‘are you single?’” Becky muttered under her breath, quietly enough that only we could hear. Edward shot her a look while I stifled a laugh.

“Yes, he’s our uncle.” Becky told her, trying to stop her from fawning over him. Even with her modifications, he still dazzled others without even trying.

“Names please,”

“Lindsey and Mel Higginbotham,” I said trying not to flinch at Renee’s maiden name. “And Joe Martin.”

Brief shuffling of papers. “Ok, here are you visitor badges. He’s in room 104. You have half an hour left. Visitor hours end at midnight.” Wow, was it already that late? The receptionist handed us the badges and gave us directions to Charlie’s room.

I knew Edward didn’t love me anymore and all that stuff, but I still had a really strong urge to hold his hand. I wanted his reassurance that everything was going to be ok. Because it hit me. I was afraid. I was afraid I was going to loose Charlie. I didn’t think I would be able to take it if he were to die. I had no way to know what was going on in Renee’s life but I felt like I some how was still was close to him. I guess that was because I had Jacob calling me, giving me updates.

When we did finally reach room104, I could tell Jacob and Sam were in there. I could smell them but werewolves didn’t smell bad to me. I was the same way to werewolves. They said I smelt fine. Apparently the same concept applied with Rebecca. I think that was from my previous relationship with them but I didn’t know how Becky didn’t smell to them. Maybe it was something in our generic system.

Though they smelled fine to Rebecca and me, Edward tensed when we came to the door. Since I hesitated, fearful of what I’d see on the other side, Rebecca grabbed and squeezed my hand reassuringly before opening the door for me.

Sam and Jacob were sitting on chair talking in low voices to each other and turned their heads in our direction when we entered.

“Bella?” Jacob asked. He looked exactly like he did since the last time I saw him. I nodded my head before running forward and collapsing into his arms. I had missed him so much. His abnormally warm skin felt so good against my icy cold skin. “You’re freezing,” he commented on my temperature.

“You’re so warm. It feels nice,” I smiled up at him. Though I had grown four inches thanks to Rebecca, he still made me feel like a dwarf. “I’ve really missed you,” I whispered.

“Me too. So who makes up the rest of your group?”

“This is Becky, or Mel, that’s Edward, or Joe, and I’m Lindsey.”

“Nice to see you again, Mel.” Jacob shook hands with her but I could tell she was holding something back. Her body was tense, like Edward’s. She was acting almost as if she did not want to be around him. This puzzled me because they always seemed to get along great. I wanted to look into her mind but I knew I couldn’t do that. Just like Edward couldn’t read my mind, I couldn’t read hers. Not unless she sent out messages to me on purpose like she sometimes will do. Jacob didn’t even acknowledge Edward’s presence. I guess old habits die hard. Or maybe it should be old hatred.

Sam also shook hands with us, all three of us. He seemed to at least control his instincts enough to be polite.

“How is he?” Becky asked, gesturing towards Charlie. That was my first time looking at him. He was covered in bandages. There were burn marks on his face. You could barely recognize him. Tons of wires were crossed over his body connecting to multiple machines and monitors.

“What happened?!” I demanded in august. What on earth could have happened to him to cause this much damage.

“He was driving up to Billy’s to watch a game when a truck came and hit him. I was already running patrol just in case when I saw it happened. The cars caught on fire. The truck’s driver died immediately but I managed to pull your father out before the cars exploded.” Sam explained. I gasped and I also heard Rebecca have a sharp intake of breath.

“The doctors said he had some internal bleeding so they preformed surgery on him earlier. He had some internal bleeding. He has a broken femur and two cracked ribs. He’s covered in second degree burns and. . . the outlooks isn’t very good.” Sam’s voice got very quiet at the last part. My face crumpled and I walked over to the bed where Charlie lay. How could I loose him? Why didn’t I have a vision of this happening?

In the pit of my stomach I knew why I wasn’t looking. I had Jacob looking after him for me. So I thought nothing bad could ever happen to Charlie. I should have never taken it for granted that he was safe. Because of me, Charlie was dying.

Right now Charlie was sleeping. He looked peaceful and his heart beat sounded only like it was slightly struggling. He stirred slightly before fluttering his eyes open.

“Bella,” his deep, rough voice asked me. I fought against widening my eyes in panic. How could he have recognized me?

“No Uncle Charlie,” I told him in a flat voice. I wiped my face clean of emotions. As much as I wanted to tell Charlie that it was me, that I was there standing in front of him, I couldn’t. Not unless I wanted another reason for the Volturi to come after me. “It’s me, Lindsey, you niece. And Mel and Joe.”

His face seemed to fall when I lied and told him that I was Bella. “Something about you reminded me of her,” he sighed. Then his brows mashed together in concentration. He winced slightly from the burns on his face. “I don’t recall have nieces and nephews named Joe, Lindsey, and Mel.”

Becca smiled warmly at him. “Maybe that’s because we’re from Renee’s side. And Joe’s not your nephew; he’s just one of our friends. We were passing through Forks when we heard you got hurt. So we drove by here to see how you were doing and to say hi.”

“You,” Charlie continued staring at Becky. “You also remind me of someone.” A small flash of fear went through her eyes but she recovered so fast that I wasn’t even sure that I saw it.

“We told you, you’re our uncle,” Rebecca pressed.

“Perhaps. I don’t know. I am just an old man.”

“You’re not old Charlie,” I comforted my dad. “How are you feeling?”

“Been better. Being in this hospital reminds me so much of Bella. She was always getting hurt.” He paused. “I miss her,” he whispered, probably meant to be to herself. Charlie sighed again and closed his eyes. “Bella,” he muttered.

After that point, life seemed to move in slow motion. I could no longer hear Charlie’s heart beat. Half a second later his heart rate monitor started making the sound that came from a flat line. I screamed and lurched forward. Sam, Jacob, and Edward restrained me and held me back. I thrashed in their arms. Rebecca threw open the door and screamed down the hallway for help. Nurses and doctors rushed through the door. They used the defibrillator on him once. Twice. Three times. It didn’t work. I fruitlessly fought harder against the iron like bars that held me in place. There was nothing more they could do.

The doctor looked at Charlie like there still was something that could still be done but he didn’t know what.

“Call it Dr. McCord.” One of the nurses ordered.

Dr. McCord looked at Charlie once more in defeat. “Time of death,” he said pulling back one of the long sleeves of his white coat, looking at his watch, “Eleven fifty-nine pm.”

I would have collapsed onto the floor had it not been for the three pairs of hands that held onto me. Instead I went limp in their arms. Rebecca had this strange, far off look in her eyes, like she couldn’t remember where she was or even who she was. She looked like she was lost while slight convulsions shook her body, fighting back the sobs. I could relate to that.

Eleven fifty-nine. We were only one minute away. One more minute and this stupid cursed day would have been over. If only Charlie could have hung on for one more minute that I know that he would have made it. But that is what fate does to us.