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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


6. Chapter 6

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I sighed. This was not working. I was lying in one of the Cullen’s guest rooms. The room had beautiful crème walls and a dark carpet. The bed I was lying in had a mahogany frame with coffee bean brown cover and silvery grey sheets. No matter what I did, I didn’t feel any better. Most recently, I was attempting to hide myself from the world. I sighed again and pulled the heavy duvet over my head.

There was a light knock on the door. “Come in,” I answered already knowing who it was.

I heard, since my head was still covered, Edward enter the room and come over to the bed.

“What are you doing Bella?” he asked me.

“Trying to sleep,” I answered honestly. It was the one thing in the world I truly wanted now. The ability to fall asleep and escape this world into my dreams. To escape what was happening to me right now. But this universe is not that kind to me when it came to fulfilling my wishes.

“And how’s that working out for you?”

“Not so well,” I admitted pulled the duvet off my face so I could look at him. “How’s Becky doing?” she was in not so good shape the last time I saw her.

“She’s where we left her,” Edward’s voice was full of concern. ‘Where we left her’ was sitting cross legged on the ground staring at a wall. Her face was completely blank of emotion and she had a strange haze on her eyes. It was kind of unnerving to look at her. Well, that and since Edward told me she was still in the same position, she hadn’t moved in eighteen hours. That sounded a bit unhealthy.

“But how are you doing?” he asked as pushed his dirty blonde, shaggy hair out of his face. Because Becky was . . . for lack of better words, immobile, we hadn’t had a chance to go back to our original looks and were still in disguise.

“I’ve been better,”

“Well, if you need anything, just come to me.” He hesitated. “And later, can we talk?” I tried not to show any emotion. I knew what he wanted to talk about. Probably how he left me because he no longer loved me and he wanted to make sure that it was still clear.

“Sure,” I told him even though I hoped to never have to have that talk with him. With another sigh I swung my legs unusually long legs out from under the sheet and sat up. “I suppose I should go and see what I can do about Rebecca,” I told Edward answering his questioning stare.

I walked down the stairs to one of the many living rooms in this Cullen household. True to his word, Rebecca was still sitting in her rigid position, staring blankly. I walked over and kneeled at her side. I put my hand on her shoulder. She moved her head to look at me. I could see two fat tears streaming from her eyes. One falling on each cheek.

If there was anything that I could ever be jealous of when it came to Rebecca was her ability to cry. And it wasn’t even her ability. It was actually a thing she picked up when she went traveling. When Becca first discovered her power of taking and copying other’s, she went on this crazy spree of traveling all over the world and touching as many vampires as possible. After just a month, she had a butt load of powers. Some faded faster than others but she could still cry.

Becca bent her head back down and I pulled her into my lap. This was a bit different from what we’re used to. Since she’s the taller one and more emotionally stable than me, she usually did the comforting. I considered sending her calming and happiness waves but banished that decision. I knew she wouldn’t appreciate it. It was better to just comfort her on my own.

Her body started too racked with sobs and before long I was too. I missed Charlie. I wanted him back. It was hard enough for me but I did get to live with him during my stay in Forks. But Rebecca never really got to be close to him. She’d get a couple of weeks each summer but not much. Not to mention later she deleted all the memories of her from him. She didn’t get to really know Charlie. And now he’s gone and she never could.

I held onto Rebecca tighter, trying to ease her and my pain away but to no avail.


Once we were done and Becky had changed me back to my old self, I went upstairs to clean up. My shirt was tear stained and my hair was in knots. Alice, being Alice, had already bought me a whole closet of clothes. Although there were some pretty iffy objects of clothing in the room I was staying in , I decided to take the safe route and opted for a grey t-shirt by fox and some dark wash jeans.

The house was empty. The Cullens had left; probably went hunting and also to give my sister and I privacy. I found Becca down stairs playing on what could only be Edward’s piano. She was playing a simple song that I knew well. I sat down on the bench next to her and turned it into the duet we had composed. Strangely, all those piano lessons Renee had forced us to take actually became something. We played in silence. No talking to each other or even bother to sing the lyrics that had been written to go along. As the final cords faded out, I decided to break the silence.

“It was nice to see Jacob again,” I tried to keep the topic light

“Yeah, it was. He’s still in love with you, you know.” She cocked her eyebrows at me teasingly.

I sighed. “I know,” I did. I could tell by his thoughts and the emotions he was giving off. How he could still have hope was beyond me. “I don’t know what to do about it. At least we’re not with him anymore so I don’t have to worry about that. What I do need to worry about is Edward told me today he wants to talk later.”

Rebecca shot me a crooked smile much like Edward’s. “Good, you two need to talk. Just remember to keep yourself open minded to all he says even if it hurts you,”

“I have a feeling it’s going to hurt a lot.”

“That’s not a very positive way of thinking.”

I raised an eyebrow at her quizzingly. “I thought you were the optimistic,”

“Nah, I’ve killed too many people to be that anymore,” she instinctively put her left hand over her right arm. Rebecca was no Carlisle. She did have her slip ups. On her right arm, she had tattooed the names on the people she had accidentally killed when she wasn’t strong enough. She told me she had them put there permanently to remind herself what a monster she is. I disagree.

“You were weak and a new vampire who didn’t have any guidance. It’s amazing you’ve faired so well. Anyways, you haven’t killed many at all. Do you have to look at other vampire’s track records?”

“No, but I’ve killed enough.” She sighed but them smiled. “This is a depressing subject, let’s talk about something else.”

“See,” I said trying to elbow her in her ribs. “You are the optimist.”

“Sometimes, when I feel like it,”

“You remind me of Jacob so much. He’s always trying to look on the bright side. I wish we could have had more time with him.”

“The less time with him the better,” Rebecca told me, suddenly turning sour.

“What’s your problem with him? I thought you guys used to get along great when you first met.” I remembered her almost treating Jacob like the plague while we were in Forks.

“Doesn’t matter. At lest it shouldn’t.” she frowned. Something was definitely bothering her.

“What is it? You can tell me anything,” we always confined to each other with everything. I was slightly hurt that she was keeping something from me.

Rebecca continued to frown. “You might hate me if I tell you what I did.”

“I could never hate you!” I cried “Nothing you could ever do would make me do that. I might dislike you for a very short period of time but I would quickly get over that because you are my twin. You’re practically part of me,”

She was still hesitant. She was practically eating her lower lip. “Ok,” she said in a rush. “When you were first turned and you introduced me to Jacob and then asked me to give him his memories back. . . well, I didn’t exactly do that all the way. I did give him all his memories back except for one.”

I was confused. What memory did Jacob have that Rebecca wouldn’t want him to remember. “What did you keep from him?”

She started at me. “Did Jacob ever explain to you the concept of imprinting?”

Imprinting? “No. I don’t think I’ve never heard that word before. What is it?”

“Imprinting is something that can happen to werewolves but doesn’t always. Imprinting happens when a werewolf sees someone and automatically falls head over heels for them. No, those aren’t the right words. It’s like, the second you see that person, there’s nothing else in the world that matters. The feeling is so compelling it’s impossible to resist. Next time you see Sam, try looking into his mind and see how intense imprinting works,” Becky took a pause. “Are you following me?”

I nodded. “More or less.”

“Imprinting can only happen when they see that person.”

“How is this connected to Jake?”

More hesitation. “Well, I kind of borrowed your power,” I was used to that. I gave her the ok to use my powers as she needs them. “And I had an insight as to who Jakie gets to imprint on and I wasn’t quite comfortable towards that.”

Wait, if Jake had or was supposed to imprint on someone, then he wouldn’t have to be wasting his time on me. He could be with the one person he belonged with. “Who?!” I demanded.

She looked down her hands and had a slight scowl on her face. “Me,” she replied.

My jaw dropped, making a slight sloshing noise. Rebecca! Ooh, that’d be kind of cool if. . . wait, why is she keeping this from him? “What aren’t you letting Jake know about this?”

“Bella, cant you comprehend how much this complicates things? I mean, for starters I’m with Greg. Another, we’re mortal enemies. In all the legends about imprinting, I’ve never heard of anything like this ever happening. I’m not sure it should!”

“If you knew all this, then why were you still having a great time with Jacob when you guys first met?”

“See, I used you power for another thing. I looked into the future and made sure things wouldn’t get complicated. You know how my power doesn’t affect vampires; the same is for werewolves except for a twist. Vampires are completely immune to my power. Werewolves are still completely half human. So my power will only work when they are in their human form. I looked into the future to make sure he wasn’t going to phase. He wasn’t so I deemed it safe to be friendly instead of for offending him where, in his eyes and yours, would be without a point.”

“And if he were to phase?”

“Then he would imprint,” Becky looked sullen. “He has to be in his wolf form for it to happen. There’s something in a werewolf’s mind that triggers the imprinting. So I masked it from him,” She sighed but then intensely locked eyes with me. “I can’t handle that, Bella. Especially not now. I mean, I love Greg and I can’t bare to hurt him. But I’m hurting Jacob but not letting him imprint on me. I really want to stay with Greg and see if it works out but I know in the end I’ll have to turn back to Jacob.”

“It’s ok,” I comforted Becky, putting an arm around her shoulder. “We’ll figure something out. Promise.”

“Thanks,” she smiled at me. “And now,” she continued. “What shall we do about you and Mr. Edward Cullen?”

I groaned. “Can we please talk about something else? Like how about we come up with a plan to help your situation.”

Then we heard the front door open with the Cullens stepping in.

“Hello,” Carlisle said

“In here,” Rebecca called no louder than the level we had been talking in though I knew they would hear her.

“And now,” she leaned down and whispered into my ear. “It is time for you to scheme on what you should do with Eddie,” she threw me a somewhat mischievous smile that let me know she would be listening and offering help when she could. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before skipping merrily out of the room.