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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


7. Chapter 7

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I stared at Rebecca happily skipping out of the room willing her to come back. She was oblivious to all forms of communication because she never turned around. So much for twin telepathy.

“Bella?” Edward said softly from behind me.

My muscles tensed but I turned around to face him “Hello Edward,”

“Do you mind if we talk now?”

“Sure,” I dragged out the word, glancing around the room.

“Perhaps in another meadow I had found.” He answered my unasked question for privacy from other members of his family. I hoped it wasn’t too far away that I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with Becca.

“Sounds perfect,” Edward and I walked out the door. We ran into the forest as he led the way.

It was a short run that we took in silence. When we arrived, the meadow he had found was just as beautiful as the one in Forks. There was luscious, green grass every where. Along with the grass were wild flowers in all the colors of the rainbow. There was a stream that cut through part of the meadow. It had a wonderful effect. You could also hear all the wild life throughout the forest.

I immediately headed for the stream and started walking across the rocks that stuck out of the shallow water. Edward copied me. I was mesmerized in what I was doing so Edward broke me out of my train of thought.

“I’m sorry Bella. For everything that has happened to you. For Charlie, for Victoria coming back and this happening to you, and for leaving you. I should have never done that. That was the worst mistake I had ever made.”

I kept my back to him. “No, you shouldn’t be. You did what was going to make you happiest. Besides, I dealing fine with the life I had now. You don’t need to worry, Rebecca and I will have to leave soon anyways and prepare for the next day.”

Edward’s hands gripped my shoulders from behind and spun me around to face him. His eyes were smoldering and had a pleading look. “Bella, I wasn’t leaving to make me happy! I was trying to do what I thought was best for you! I could see what I was doing in you life, endangering it every second I was with you. I thought me leaving would benefit you marginally. But now I see that wasn’t the case.” He wasn’t making me feel any better.

“I guess you leaving benefited us both. You didn’t have to pretend you loved me, and I didn’t have to believe the lie that you did.” I looked down at my feet.

His hands were on my chin and lifted my face to look at him. His eyes were wide and disbelief was radiating off of him. “You actually believed what I told you? That horrible lie I told you, that I didn’t love you. How could you believe it after so many times I told you that I did in deed love you?”

“It never made sense for you to love me. You were this greek god and I was just an average human.” I mumbled.

“You were never average. You were and still are the most beautiful thing there ever was. Didn’t you get a nice insight of Rosalie’s thoughts and feelings when she saw you? I was surprised she didn’t turn green she was so envious. And that was the worst, most heinous lie I have ever said. I have and always will love you. When will you get that through you head?”

“At least it didn’t hurt you too bad when you left?”

“You are incredulous! I was useless when I had left you. I should have been locked up in an attic what with all the good I was doing for my family. Those distractions I told you about were useless. What I was really doing was trying to track Victoria but we all know how that worked out. You cannot even imagine, well I guess you can since you can read minds and sense emotions, how guilty I felt that I had left you alone to face her. And do you know what your friend Jacob and his pals are?” He sneered at Jake’s name.

“Yes, and if it wasn’t for them, I would have already been dead. Victoria and her group weren’t the one ones that came after me. Laurent came first and tried to kill me but then the pack showed up and saved me. Victoria was after me for a month before she finally broke through but during that time is was Jake and his friends that saved my life. Besides, Jake was my best friend after you left and he helped and held me together. I owe him quite a lot,”

Edward was quiet for a moment and I let him. “I love you Bella,” he told me

I shook my head. “Please don’t lie to me anymore. I thought we were past that.”

“How am I going to be able to convince you that it’s true? I was completely empty after I left. That was the worst time I’ve ever had in my whole existence. And it was worsen when I learned you had died. I went even further into my depression and it wasn’t until two years ago that Alice had been able to drag me out of my hole and start living with the family. I haven’t felt happiness in twenty-five years until I ran into you in the forest the other day. It was like there was a part of me missing without you; like my heart was gone.”

‘That line’s a bit cheesy though I suppose it’s supposed to sound romantic,’ Becky’s thoughts entered my mind.

‘Becky! How long have you been listening?’ I sent my thought to her.

‘The whole time. I just waited until now to comment.’

‘Well, now that I know you’re listening, are you going to offer any help here?’

‘Nope, this is your problem and I do not want to influence any choice you make. I’m just listening so I can get all the details without anything missing and to occasionally make comments’

‘Thanks’ I thought sarcastically.

Edward was staring at me strangely. Whoops, that conversation must have taken longer than I thought. I shook my head.

“I felt like that too. But how do I know that you’re not lying to me again? How can I trust you?”

Edward looked thoughtful for a moment. “Trust will have to take time. As for showing you that I’m not lying, I’ll prove it.” He leaned forward, towards me. I wasn’t ready for that yet. I put up my hand in front of me to stop him.

“Not now. Please. I need,” deep breath, “time, just like you said. Maybe we could start by trying to just be friends. To see if I can trust you again.” I looked at him meekly hoping he would be ok with that.

He seemed to be “Ok,” he nodded “friends,” he smiled and I smiled back. Maybe this would work.

‘Nice move, playing the friend card,’ I could hear the smugness in her voice.

‘Oh, shut up. You aren’t helping me,’ I didn’t need to fear that I was hurting her feelings because I knew that wouldn’t.

Fine, I’ll leave you and your lover alone,’ Becky teased me. See, no harm done.

“So,” Edward started up again once we had left the creek and were lounging on the grass. “I don’t know if you have but I’ve been hearing quite a lot about what Alice has been planning for a shopping trip for you,” he gave him his beautiful crooked smile that I had always loved.

I groaned. “Yes I got quite an insight of her elaborate planning. Maybe now I’m strong enough to fight against her.” I thought about it for a second before grimacing. “Probably not. She always gets her way when she really wants it,”

Edward chuckled “You shouldn’t let her push you around like that. She’s just a tiny little thing after all,”

I laughed too. “But since I had already let her do this to me back when I was human so I don’t think she would take too kindly to change. And I really hate not letting her have fun. She is really good at that guilt thing.”

I could hear Edward shake his head and the grass rustle under it. “So what are you planning to do next?” wow he really cuts to the chase.

“Quite direct aren’t we?” I teased him.

He frowned slightly “Yes when I want to and when there is something I want to know,”

“You sound very business man like when you say that. Have you ever thought of going into the field of mindless suits, sitting in front of computers, and attending boring PR meetings?”

“Bella,” he persisted.

“Fine,” I rolled my eyes “We’ll probably relocate. This was the third day but the first we had been through together. Maybe we’ll go up to Becky’s coven for a day or two because I know she will want to see Greg again and they will be worrying about her. Then we’ll have to move to some more isolated area and stay away from others for those twenty-four hours.”

“What!” Edward shrieked which would have been quite funny since he was a guy if I wasn’t so scared of the expression on his face. “If we hadn’t helped you, you probably would not have survived. How are you going to do the next day on your own?”

“I won’t be alone,” I told him in a calm, level voice. “I will have Rebecca there beside me. And did you forget there are five days? Either way at least one of us has to survive long enough to see the fifth day otherwise there won’t be much of a fifth day will there?”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better. What if you do die? Then what do I do?”

“Nothing,” I told him matter-of-factly. “I wasn’t trying to make you feel better. I was trying to tell you as it is. I’m sorry if I sound heartless but these are the facts. Another one is, if Becca and I remain with your family something will happen to you. You are in extreme risk just by knowing us. Charlie died because he was our father. Think about your fate. By us sticking around, you are jeopardizing you and your family. You said you were worried about me dying, what if you die? Or any other member of your family? There are a lot of things you need to factor in here.”

“It doesn’t matter to me and I know it doesn’t matter to my family either. We all care about you and are aware of the risks. I’m just saying this so you won’t have to ask me later. You are worth it. Both of you,” he added remember my sister.

I shook my head “You’re impossible,” repeating the words he had said to me so many years ago.

“Maybe I am. So when is this next day?”

I don’t know why but I started to feel like whenever I talked with Edward recently, it was like a game of twenty questions. What is your power? How were you changed? Do you love me? Can you ever forgive me for what I did? Are you going to stay with us? When are you going to have the next horrible day? Next he was going to ask me mineral, animal, or other.

“April tenth, of this year.”

“That gives us six days then,”

“Yep,” I said popping the p.

“Stay with us,”

“Edward!” I shot up straight so I was sitting up instead of lying down next to him. “I told you, no. God, you head must be ten feet thick since you still had the idea running around that we would put that upon you.”

“You already said so yourself that we are already effected just by knowing you. Not much you can do with that.”

“Ahhhh,” I yelled but Edward knew he defeated me.

“Let’s get back to the house so we can tell the others about the plan. I promise you this time you wont have to go through this again, just you and your sister. This time you will be surrounded by people who love you and won’t stop at anything to keep you safe. Right friend?” he gave me his crooked grin again and offered out his hand to me.

I started at his hand before giving him my own lopsided smile. “Right,” I took his hand and we raced back to the manor.