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5 days

ok my first story was. . . not so good. so i'm hoping this second one wil be better. this story basically takes place 25 years after Edward left Bella in New Moon. Alice didnt have a vision and Edward didnt come back i go the idea from a book by Dean Koontz and am using Stephenie Meyer's characters which means I PRACTICALLY OWN NOTHING!!! just the random characters i make up every now and then


8. Chapter 8

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Rebecca was fine with the plan as was the rest of Edward’s family. Becky decided to leave for two days but she would come back. She wanted to go back up to her coven *cough* and Greg *couch* and tell them that we were fine. She also wanted to explain the current situation of us staying with the Cullens with them. So that left me all alone in the giant Cullen household, being the only person that Alice wants to play dress up with.

“Come on, Bella. Please!” Alice begged me. We were the only ones in the house because the rest went hunting. I didn’t need to. I only do that once every other month thanks to my power. Alice didn’t need to go hunting either so she did not mind staying behind with me. Except now I was regretting that decision. Alice wanted to get me a make over.

“Alice, don’t you dare try using that ‘I don’t remember being a human so I must relive it through you’ excuse because I’m not human anymore.”

“Yes but, no offense, you still need it. Honesty Bella, do you even notice what clothes you put on? Or at least what your hair looks like?”

“You know what? I’ll compromise. How about we go shopping instead?” As much as I hate shopping, Becca had slightly worn off on me. She dragged me along on shopping trips much more often than Alice ever did or would have ever dreamed of. I’ve grown to tolerate them. In my opinion, they were better than being put under the torture of many hair products and pounds of makeup.

“As tempting as taking you shopping is, you sister Becky and I have already planned to do that when she gets back. So if you would please kindly sit down and stop complaining so this will be as painless as possible.”

I stood up and rose to my full but short height. I wish I had told Rebecca to let me keep the five eight figure she gave me. Aside from that, I was still much taller than Alice’s petite form. I looked down at her, sizing her up. “You know I bet I could take you,”

“Yes but I know you wouldn’t”

“Oh really?” I raised an eye brow.

“Mhm because I would see you actions and I know you wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings like that. You know how it would break my heart if you didn’t want me to show how much I cared about you by giving you a makeover.” She gave me her puppy dog face.

Drat, she’s right. I could never hurt Alice’s feelings. I sighed. “Fine, do you worst. Torture away.”

She giggled. “Oh Bella, it wont be that bad.” If only she was telling the truth.

After spending about two and a half hours making my hair ridiculously curly, Alice set off to do my make up. I swear, she put on a whole tub of mascara on my eyes. She also added eyeliner and this shiny dark blue tinted eye shadow. Alice added some of this cheek tinting stuff to my face next. Then to my full lips, she only put on clear lip gloss. I groaned when I saw myself in the mirror. I looked completely and helplessly girly. And I didn’t even have whatever frilly outfit Alice was going to force me into on yet.

“Oh come on Bella, it’s not bad at all. You look gorgeous already and we’re not even done. Come on; let’s pick out your dress!”

“Why do you even have me look at all of then when you already looked into the future and know which one I’m going to choose?” I asked as Alice pulled me towards her gigantic closet.

“Oh wait! I know how to speed up this process!” I quickly closed my eyes but Alice yanked on my arm before I got to see anything.

“Fine, you always take the fun out of everything,” Alice said, guessing what my plan was. She walked into her living room sized closet and brought back out a dress. It wasn’t nearly as horrible and frilly as I had envisioned. In fact, it didn’t even have any lace.

The dress was made of the softest satin material. It was a beautiful bluish teal color with a deep v-neck. The dress was spaghetti strapped and tied in a small bow in the back. There was a silver flower design at the bottom of the dress which came to my knees. Small petal like patterns were covered the rest of the dress. And, of course, the dress could not have fit me any better.

Ok, I had to give it to Alice. I did look good. And I felt especially better when I had been able to talk my way out of four inch heels. Instead I was standing in comfortable metallic flats. Walking was definitely easier.

“Say it,” Alice commanded me as she watched me look at myself in her full length mirror.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes Alice, you have a gift.”

I saw her smile in the mirror’s reflection. “Thank you” her voice was a bit smug.

“Thank you too. The dress is beautiful.”

“And you look even more beautiful in it”

“Sure, whatever you say.” I said, rolling my eyes again. That awarded me a light hit on the head. I gave a quizzing look at Alice before we both erupted in laughter.

“Why do you even dress me up like this?” I asked her shortly after we had finished laughing. “Wait, you don’t have anything planned do you? You better not be dragging me off to some party!” I was suddenly serious, staring at Alice frantically.

“No Bella. You worry too much. I do it because its fun and you look fabulous. And what do you hold against parties? They are so much fun”

“Some human traits I carried on with me got even stronger when I became a vampire” I gave her a wryly smile.

“So you’re what, anti social now?”

“Auh!” I looked at Alice in disbelief and attempted to lightly punch her arm. She dodged it though and poked me in my ribs. We ended up laughing again.

“How have things been going the last twenty-five some years? What have you been up to?” I asked Alice.

Alice grimaced. “Things haven’t been that good since we left Bella. Our family, until recently, had fallen apart. Rosalie and Emmett went off on another honeymoon, except it lasted a couple of years. Edward was off to God knows where. He’d come back and check in every couple of months but that was it. Jasper and I decided to stay with Carlisle and Esme, kind of to help then. Esme was taking our family’s state pretty hard.

“Things got even worst when you, well died, I guess. We even went to your funeral. That was the worst thing ever for Edward. He was living in misery. We would always tell him he could just stop his pain by going back to you. But as far as we were concerned, you were dead. So Edward no longer had the option of going back to you. Twice he tried to run away to the Volturi, to kill himself, but I saw him doing it so we had been able to intercept him. After his second failed attempt he realized that his attempts to end his existent were pointless so he went into a withdrawal.

“He hid in his room for twenty-one years, Bella. I don’t think you can even start to imagine how hard that was on our family. He never left his room; not even to hunt. Jasper could hardly be at the house, his emotions were so horrible. When you died, so did he. But he wasn’t the only one who took your death hard. It was hard on our whole family. For the first year, I was almost as bad as Edward. I didn’t know what my emotions should be. I was sad that you were dead, and also that Edward was going through this much pain. I wanted to hate Edward for making us leave you, but I loved him too much to blame him. It wasn’t until a couple years ago I had actually decided to forcively drag Edward out of his room and into the real world.”

I looked down at my hands in shocked silence. Edward told me had it bad but I had no clue it was this horrible. “Alice, I am so sorry. After I had been turned into a vampire, Becky and I set out to try to find you. We spent a whole year combing the earth trying to find the Cullens. But you guys obviously made sure it was hard to find your family. I guess you didn’t want to be found but that made it incredibly difficult for us. And to imagine that we would actually find you during one of the worst moments in our lives. Being chased by the Volturi!”

“Yes, well when you’re a vampire you try not to draw attention to yourself.”

I looked back up and laughed softly at a memory that sentence had triggered. “Rebecca and I learned that the hard way. Have you ever heard of a man named Collins Ewell?”

“Collins Ewell,” Alice thought for a moment. Recognization flashed across her face. “Wait, are you talking about the Collins Ewell. The man who created and started the Bank of France? Who had the most famous, biggest, and probably the most expensive wedding in history that was held at the legendary Plaza in New York? And only a few years after his wedding he, his wife, and his wife’s sister were mysteriously killed?”

“Yep, meet Becky’s first husband” Alice’s jaw dropped at what I had said.

“Becky was married to Collins Ewell?!” she finally managed to choke out.

“Ahuh, only then we were Jessica and Elizabeth Bade.”

“Oh My God” Alice dragged the words out and said them slowly.

“Yah, after that, we learned how it is very important to stay away from the media when you’re a vampire. That was a mistake we aren’t ever going to repeat.”

“How did he die? Becky didn’t. . .” Alice trailed off. I looked at her in horror.

“Of course not! Becky really did love him. And he knew about us being vampires and all that. She would never kill him. She wasn’t the one who killed him.”

“So who did?”

“That’s a mystery to even us vampires. Becca was completely heart broken when she came home one day to find out her husband was dead. Do you know how she found out? She read the front page of the news paper. That has to be the worst way on earth to find out your spouse is dead.”

That really was horrible. I was surprised it wasn’t one of our ‘cursed’ days. It sure could be ranked as one in our books. I remember the empty tone of when Rebecca called me and told me the news. It kind of reminded me of how I was when Edward left me.

“We eventually faked our own deaths in some bogus plane accident where we crashed one of the company’s planes and made it look like we died in. Then Becky gave us new disguises, we took on new names, and moved to a new city in a different country.”

“That reminds me; apparently you have a twin sister.” Alice playfully cocked her eye brows at me. I let out a small giggle.

“Yes, apparently I do.”

“Wow that must have been strange, waking up one day and finding out you have a twin sister you didn’t even know about.”

“It was more like waking up one day, discovering you’re a vampire, then getting hit by a wall of memories of the past eighteen years you hadn’t remembered before.”

“That must have come as a shock to you. Were you mad at Becky?”

“Well, receiving all those memories at once did give me a migraine but yes at first, I was a bit upset with Becky for keeping all those memories from. Then after she explained to me why she did it so I understood her and wasn’t mad at all. I was actually sort of thankful to her for keeping that pain of loosing her away from me.”

“So, how did Becky become a vampire? She seemed to be avoiding the subject earlier. Was it really bad? Sorry if I’m prying,”

“No, it’s ok. It’s just, Becky being turned in kind of a touchy subject to her. That and it’s not my story to tell. You’ll have to wait until she’s ready to tell you. It took a few months before she could tell me.” Alice nodded her head. I could tell though that curiosity was bubbling out of her.

“That’s ok Alice,” Becca’s voice entered the room. We both snapped our heads around to where her voice came from. She was lying on her stomach on Alice’s bed, flipping through one of those tabloid magazines. Apparently she came back early. It has always been quite eerie to me how quietly she moves; a lot of the time not even vampires can hear her. “I’ll tell you my story,”