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My Life before you

(previously titled: that's so gay...) Edward's life before his beautiful Bella, how did it feel to grow up, without really growing up? Chapter 5 is finally up!

this is a bit of Edward's life before Bellakins came to town!

2. Hungry and Irritable

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1 week later…

I walked slowly from Geometry to English in a daze. I hadn’t hunted in about 2 weeks, and usually the blood I drank gave me energy, so now I was quite tired and irritable.

“Hey, Edward.” Jessica Stanley said, sitting on my desk. I didn’t even look up. I was way too grouchy to deal with an insatiable human right now.

“Class starts in 5 seconds.” I said quietly, laying my head on the table. Her thoughts noticed my fatigue and she slipped off my desk, heading towards her own.

“Okay class, today, I thought we would have a fun day since you all passed your tests last week with flying colors!” Mrs. Greene said, coming in. The class erupted in cheers and I rolled my eyes. The definition of “fun” in this school was to go outside and chatter inconsequently with other people. How ridiculously incompetent, even for humans.

We all headed out to the field behind the school and most of the boys went out to play soccer, and the girls just sat against the wall, talking and flipping their hair. I sighed, and headed towards the boys. Better to pretend to be horrible at soccer rather than sit with girls who wanted to “bowl me over” as their thoughts said. Whatever that meant.

“Edward! Oh my gosh, don’t you just love free days? Perfect opportunity for us to catch up!” Jessica said, coming over and putting her arm through mine. I pulled away and kept walking, not wanting to yell at her for her incivility.

What was it with girls this century, anyway? In my time, girls would not even look up at her escort’s eyes, rather than strutting over and literally hang off a person who clearly does not want to spend time with them.

“Hey, are you going to the Homecoming dance?” Jessica asked me, with no inclination to my outright avoidance to her. I shook my head and immediately regretted it.

Oh my gosh, look at his hair when he’s shaking his head…It’s so amazing. I just want to run my fingers through it…god, I wish he were going to the dance with me…her thoughts said.

I resisted a grimace and kept walking. Last week’s dealing with a homecoming date had not turned out well, and I did not want another experience like that. We were down to the field now, but the players had already chosen their teams, leaving me out of the chance to get away from this constantly annoying human girl.

“So…why aren’t you going? Don’t you have a date?” She kept talking. Her thoughts had fogged over in anticipation. I again resisted my urge to growl and sat down on a bench.

“I don’t really go to dances. Or date.” I said indifferently, closing my eyes and leaning back. God, I needed to hunt…soon.

“Why? Is it against your religion or something?” Jessica asked. I smirked; as if I had the right to even have a religion. Gods, spirits, souls, heaven, hell. Not my area of expertise, and it never will be.

“No, not really.” I sighed. Why was I continuing to talk to her? I should just ignore her. But I couldn’t; it was “unmannerly” as Esme put it. Alice had annoyingly told her of the way I treated people at school: ignoring them all. So now Esme had declared that I should talk to humans, and join teams, and not simply go to my car and listen to music. Like it even matters, I thought.

“Then why?” the girl persisted. I was now close to losing it. I took a deep breath and calmed myself. Maybe I should have stuck with the religion excuse.

“Because I’m just not into it…” I trailed off, not knowing what to say. I kept my eyes closed, but I noticed Alice coming. I opened my eyes and sat up, seeing Alice smirking in an evil way.

Oh Edward, you should ask her, the poor girl, she would die of pure bliss. Alice thought. I glared at her and her smirk became more pronounced.

Gosh, if you want them to stop asking you, just act like your dating someone. It’s really not that hard. I turned my head away and then back to indicate a no. I didn’t want to start a melodramatic high school scene by “acting like I’m dating someone.” That would bring more questions than answers.

Well then…hmm…if you go shopping with me today, then I’ll get you away from Jessica and make her stop asking you out…Alice thought.

That devious little freak. She knows how much I hate this girl’s infuriating persistence, but I really didn’t want to go shopping with her either. I took a few minutes to balance out my options.

If I don’t get Edward to go with me, then every other girl in sophomore class is going to ask him…I have to figure out some way. Jessica thought, flipping her hair and batting her eyelashes at me suddenly. My balance fell and the other option became a safe haven; I’ll take shopping with Alice. I looked up and blinked my eyes repeatedly at Alice, signifying a yes. She grinned victoriously and hopped up, skipping over to Jessica and I.

“Hey Jessica, could I talk to you for a sec?” She said to the girl, who looked surprised, but nodded. I was curious to see how Alice would get me out of this one. They walked a couple yards away, and I could hear what they were saying.

“You know Jessica, I think that you should definitely ask Jason Sheller to Homecoming. He has the hots for you.” Alice said. I grinned. That should take Jessica’s mind off of me.

“Really? Are you sure? I don’t think so…he never even looks at me.” Jessica said unsurely.

“Well yeah, he doesn’t want you to know, because he thinks you like Edward.” Alice said. What? Is she trying to help me or not?

“I don’t like Edward!” Jessica said heatedly, blushing.

“Well that’s good then! Go ask Jason! He’ll say yes in a heartbeat!” Alice encouraged her. Jessica still looked indecisive, but reluctantly agreed.

“Okay. Maybe that’s a better idea…” She said.

“Yeah, I think so. Edward needs time alone. He’s just not into dating. These lame girls just won’t stop trying, but you’re cool, you know when to stop.” Alice said offhandedly. Jessica gave her a grin and then the bell rang, giving us leave to lunch. I stood up and walked over to where Alice was grinning smugly.

“See. I’m the best.” She said.

“Yes, thank you, Alice. Now, about this shopping thing…” I said, just to make her angry.

“EDWARD! You promised!” She yelled, smacking my arm. I grinned and shrugged.

“Unfortunately, yes, I did.” I sighed. We got to lunch and bought a tray and headed toward the table where the others were sitting. Jasper was actually doing well today since he hunted just last night, so he was casually sitting at the table, waiting for Alice to come.

“Hey y’all, guess what?” Emmett asked, trying to hold in his apparent laughter.

“What Emmett?” I asked, waiting for the answer to pop in his head. It came up at the same time he said it.

“I heard a joke.” He said. His thoughts suddenly shifted to Rosalie, who just entered the cafeteria just then. Of course, Emmett was always one for distractions. Most of his distractions started with the letter ‘R’.

“Hey Emmy.” Rosalie said, coming over and laying a kiss on Emmett’s cheek. He pulled her close and she sat on his lap.

“Hey Rosy.” Emmett said. I gave a fake gagging noise and Alice and Jasper laughed. Rosalie glared at me, but Emmett just kept up his old conversation, even though I had already heard the joke in his mind.

“So what did one ocean say to the other ocean? No cheats, Edward.” He asked us. I rolled my eyes and Alice asked “What?”

“He didn’t say anything, he just WAVED! Get it? He waved! Cuz it’s the ocean!” Emmett said, laughing his booming laugh, catching all the other student’s attentions. I slithered a bit down in my seat.

“Emmett. Shut up, there’s no need to be so loud.” I hissed at him. That made his laughs harder until Alice started to giggle, and Jasper (who’s feelings were always disturbed by others’) started to chuckle also. Rosalie smiled fondly at her husband, her thoughts saying how wonderful and comical he was.

Suddenly, I felt something hit the back of my head. My hand flew up to my hair and I turned around. I couldn’t see anyone or anything incriminating. I searched the thoughts around me until one sparked.

Haha, that was fun. He’ll never know who did it. Mike Newton’s thoughts said. I decided to let it go, since I was too mature to deal with the adolescent minds of these crazy teenagers.

“Edward, that kid just threw salad at you. Aren’t you gonna do anything?” Emmett said, getting over his laughter.

“It does not matter. ‘Do unto others as your status and theirs dictate.’ It was quite a famous saying in the Confucianism culture as---“

“Edward, man, this is lunch, I don’t wanna learn right now.” Emmett said. This made Jasper chuckle more, but I noticed that Alice was distracted.

“Ugh!” She huffed. I heard her thoughts—and saw her vision—and saw that Mike was planning to throw another piece of his salad at me in a few seconds. I turned around and glared at him fiercely, letting my irritations known. He looked suddenly bewildered and his thoughts said that he wouldn’t bother me anymore. I turned back around and smirked.

The bell rang and we all left lunch, throwing our unused plates away and heading back to our classes. Through the rest of the day, I slugged on, practically unconscious for the effort I was putting up. Then the bell rang for us to go home and I walked out of class and to my new Volvo, where the rest of my family was waiting for me. We all quietly got in and were on the way home when Alice, who was sitting in the passenger seat, started chattering.

“Okay, so the plan is that me and you go hunting really quick, then we hit the mall by 4:00. They have all men’s clothing on the rack today, Saturday, and Sunday. Finally it’s Friday! I was waiting for it, because I already bought all the summer lines, but you really need to update your wardrobe, Edward.”

“Alice, did anyone ever tell you that you speak a bit too much? And are just a little to annoying to handle?” I said, sarcastically.

“It’s a gift, darling!” She sang back, putting up the volume to my new Linkin Park CD. I pulled up to the house and exchanged quick goodbyes with Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie.

“Wish me luck.” I muttered before pulling back out, and hearing Jasper’s light chuckle and a “good luck”.

“Well there’s no need to be snippy about it, Edward.” Alice said, glaring at me through her overpriced sunglasses.

“I’m sorry, Alice. I’ll feel better after a good hunt.” I apologized and drove up to the forest as fast as I could.