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My Life before you

(previously titled: that's so gay...) Edward's life before his beautiful Bella, how did it feel to grow up, without really growing up? Chapter 5 is finally up!

this is a bit of Edward's life before Bellakins came to town!

5. Pep talk

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I ran home, afraid and excited at the same time. There was something weird bubbling in my stomach, almost like I had blood in my veins again. When I got to the house, I tried to sneak up to my room without catching anyone’s attention.

Of course, that plan worked for about two seconds.

“EDWARD!” Alice screamed, running up and pouncing onto me in a huge hug.

“Alice…” I warned. She hugged me tighter around the neck and squealed again.

“I knew it would work! You always do the most drastic things when you feel guilty and angry at the same time!” She exclaimed. I pulled her away from me and glared at her.

“You set me up!” I growled. She grinned and nodded excitedly.

“I know, and it soooo worked!” She clapped her hands.

What worked? Carlisle’s thoughts came from upstairs.

What are they talking about? Rosalie and Emmett’s thoughts asked at the same time.

Something big is happening…Esme thought next from the garden outside.

What has Alice so excited and Edward so…anxious? Jasper thought. There it was again, that feeling.

In the next second, they were all there, staring at Alice and I expectantly.

“What’s going on?” Emmett asked.

“Is there something you need to tell us, Edward? Alice?” Esme asked kindly.

Oh come on Edward, we should tell them. Alice thought. I looked at Alice, shaking my head.

“Nothing,” I said, glowering at Alice. I’m telling! She thought.

“NO ALICE! Don’t tell them!” I snarled at her.

“Edward has a date!” She yelled quickly, then ran off. I looked around, sensing everyone’s surprise.

A DATE? Emmett thought, shocked till no end.

With who? Who did he ask? Rosalie snarled in her mind. She was surprised that I had showed preference for anyone after rejecting her decades ago.

Oh my! This is wonderful! Esme exclaimed internally.

Ah, that explains a lot. Jasper pondered.

Hmm…Edward, may I speak with you alone? Carlisle asked me directly. I looked up and the anxiousness came back in full swing.

“Don’t say a word,” I growled at all of them. They all looked around, pretending they wouldn’t. I knew I would get a serious teasing from Emmett and Jasper later. I followed Carlisle outside and into the forest.

Edward, is this true? Carlisle thought once we got to the forest.

“Yes,” I said softly, sitting down on a tree trunk. I picked up a stick and drew random figures in the dirt, waiting until Carlisle got his thoughts in order.

So…who is she? What coven is she from? He thought next.

“She’s…not like us. She’s a human.” My voice was barely audible.

What? Human? Explain, please.

“Yes, human. Her name is Vanessa Frank, and I met her at the music store yesterday. She gave me her number, and Alice tricked me into calling her. I…can’t explain why I have emotion for her, but she was different, Carlisle. She didn’t think of me as other women do, and she didn’t have the same reactions as others either,” I said, my words blending together with the rate of my speaking.

And her blood doesn’t tempt you?

“No, it doesn’t. I mean, the scent is there of course, but it’s not even close to overwhelming.”

Ah. And you think you can go on a date with her without causing her harm, or showing who you really are? What if you grow emotionally attached, Edward? You have already said you would never damn anyone to your life, what if a choice arises? I am very happy for you of course, but I just want you to know what you’re getting into.

“I…can’t say no to her now, Carlisle. Let me just try one date, and if it doesn’t work out, then I’ll tell her I can’t do it,” I said. He nodded and then broke into smile.

“Is she pretty?” He asked aloud. I looked down again, drawing a musical note in the ground. It was moments before I could answer him.


When we got back, Emmett and Jasper were waiting for us, grinning widely as they sat on the front porch.

“Boys,” Carlisle warned, then went inside. That’s it? He wasn’t going to say anything else?

“So, Edward…” Emmett started.

“Ok, I know the teasing is unavoidable, but you should know where the limit is.” I told them, glaring as if to make my point clearer.

“Oh don’t worry, we aren’t going to tease you,” Jasper said.

Too much…Emmett thought.

We are going to give you some helpful tips. Jasper thought.

I made an effort to block out their thoughts. This was going to be hard enough without them.

“I don’t need tips,” I said quickly.

“Oh, so you think you know it all, huh?” Emmett asked.

“No, that’s not what I meant--”

“This is your first time, it’s ok to be nervous,” Jasper cooed playfully.

“I’m not nervous!”

“Right, and I’m not strong,” Emmett scoffed sarcastically.

“Since she’s human, we’re all a bit inexperienced,” Jasper said.

“Haha, I’m not. I had a lot of fun when I was human,” Emmett grinned.

“Yes, but that was back in the 1930’s.” Jasper disagreed.

“Listen, this is not a big deal. We’re just going for coffee, as friends, we’ll talk and I’ll be back, and that’s it. Period, the end, no need to talk about it,” I told them, about to go inside.

“And what are you going to do with your drink? You can’t drink it, can you?” Jasper asked softly. I froze, unable to respond.

“And what if she makes a move on you? And her scent becomes irresistible?” Emmett asked next.

“Or what if she asks about your past?” Jasper made another point.

“Or what if she asks too many questions? Or you just don’t like her?” Emmett hit the weak points.

“I…well, I could…” I mumbled incoherently.

“Exactly. You can’t run away from her, now can you? And you can’t dump her either. That’s why you need our help.” Jasper smiled, patting the seat next to him. I sighed, tapping my foot on the floor.

“And our loving ridicule.” Emmett sneered.

“Me too! I’ll pick out the clothes,” Alice cheered from somewhere inside the house. I groaned and sat down. At least Esme would be there in case this got too much.