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Happily Ever After?

This is not all that bad. Especially considering I've never tried to write my own story before. I can't really think of a way to put it into words without ruining the whole story, but it starts out with Bella in the meadow. Victoria gets Bella. Bella gets bitten, and all that good stuff. You'll just have to read it to find out. I swear, I've tried to make it as interesting as possible and it gets more interesting further in the story. P.S. Sorry I haven't updated in, like forever, but my computer broke, and it took a really long time to fix, and when it was finally fixed, it erased all my stuff, including the internet. Basically, it was just like getting a brand new computer. Plus, I couldn't remember the website URL, it was my homepage, so I never had to... tear... newayz, I'm finally back on and working on the fifth chapter (again). Luv yaz!

While your reading this story, don't forget, this is my first time EVER attempting to write anything, so don't be too impatient with me. But I would still LUV to hear your thoughts, so please don't hesitate to review. I would love to thank my best friend for introducing me to the BEST book ever before I start. I tried to make it as interesting as possible. I hope you enjoy it!!!

2. Prison Break

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I tried to look up into my attacker's face, but their grip was iron, and they wouldn't allow me to. I had a pretty good guess at who it was, but I couldn't be sure. I struggled against their unbrakeable hold, knowing all along my attempts were wasted, she was too strong. She rolled me onto my back, and leaned down above me. My suspicians had been correct. Now my face wasn't shoved in the mud, I could see her face, I would have screamed of terror if I could find my voice, but it seemed to have been knocked out of me in the attack.

I looked at her more clearly now, could see her red eyes gleeming maliciously, see her flaming red hair blowed by the wind. Could see her feline features, her expression glowing with a satisfying feeling of revenge. She bent low over me and sank her teeth into my neck, and then whispered in my ear, " Now he'll know how it feels to lose someone you love."

As I drifted into unconsiousness, she picked me up and ran through the forest, full speed. The last thing I remember was being shoved into a car.


When I awoke I was screaming in pain, my whole body was burning, like it was on fire. I knew this feeling, I'd had it once before, its what happened when James bit me that night a year ago, only then Edward had been there to save me, to stop me turning into a vampire. Now I was alone in what appeared to be a cellar. It was dark and cold, I was lying on what seemed to be cement. The only light was coming from a small window in the room drapped in a heavy black curtain.

As I lay whimpering on the cold stone floor, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the blackness, I heard very faint voices, they seemed a very long way away, though I was sure they were just outside my dark prison. The voices seemed to be in deep conversation, like they were arguing. I recognized Victoria's cold, harsh voice as the first, but the second was unfamiliar in every way.

I lay on the hard floor, wishing someone would stop the fire, but there was no one, just me. My mind drifted unwillingly to Edward, and what it must have been like for him, and then if he would still be mad about my transformation. I forced myself not to think of him, because to think of him was almost worse than the fire. I would go through this every day for the rest of my life if it meant one more day with him.

Just then, the door to the roon opened and light flooded the room. Two people walked in, one, of course, was Victoria, the other was a man dressed in a long robe with a hood covering his face. Even in the dark, I could see Victoria's face gleam with satisfaction.

"Ah, the process is nearly complete I see." The man in the long black robe spoke. His voice was low and gruff. The man lowered his hood, and I realized he was an older vampire. He looked at me with eyes that sparkled blood red. He had long, black, flowing hair, despite his age. He had very few wrinkles. "May I ask why you changed her?" The man spoke again.

"Of course father," Obviously this man had adopted Victoria, just as Carlisle had with the rest of the Cullens,-- I didn't care if it hurt to think of them anymore, not now, so close to the end, I was sure of it. "You see, the Cullen boy, Edward, killed James. This is his girlfriend, so I thought, 'Hey, instead of killing him, why don't I just trade.' He took my mate, I take his."

"But why didn't you just kill her? Why change her?" They continued, ignoring my whimpers and screams.

"Because, I think that would be to fair for her, I want them both to suffer. After I get bored of her, I'll kill her, then get her precious Edward," She sneered his name, "to think I've got her, but when he comes he'll find she is no longer breathing. Then I will make him watch the videos I will take of me beating her. That will absolutely kill him." She replied maliciously.

"I've raised you well, darling." He said.

"The video idea I did for James." She said sadly.

Just then the fire became unbearable for one split second, and I let out an ear-splitting scream that anyone within a five-mile radius would have heard. Before I knew what had happened, I felt a sharp pain that had nothing to do with the fire hit my rib-cage. Victoria was by my side leaning over me, obviously she had just kicked me.

She spoke in a voice so low I had to strain my ears to hear. "Bella," she spoke in a harsh tone, "If you don't shut your mouth right now, you will go through even worse once your transformation is complete. Not that you won't, but hey, maybe I'll take pity on you, I wouldn't get your hopes up, though." She then laughed. It was a horrible sound that sounded more like a cat being strangled.

With that, she left me in the dark to be alone again.


After three days of the non-stop fire and agony, I could finally relax, I felt different now, maybe it was because of the new thirst that bubbled inside of me. Maybe it was the surprising strength. Or maybe it was just knowing I would probably have to go through eternity being tortured by Victoria, the idea made me shudder. I tried not to think about it much.

As I sat there in the cold, dark room, my mind betrayed me again and made me think of what Edward was doing right now, surely it was something fun, something that had nothing to do with me. He probably didn't even know what had happened to me, if he would even care. These thoughts made the pain unbearable, I sat sobbing tearless tears. I missed him so much, along with the rest of the Cullens. But I forced them from my head, it was too painful to think about them, I missed them far too much, and now that I knew I would not die, it made it all that much harder. So, I tried not to think of them too much, but I found that a very hard thing to do when you were locked in a cellar all day and night.


When Victoria entered the room she had an evil look about her face. I knew she was up to something, I just didn't know what. I knew she had something planned for me, but I didn't even want to know what. She was followed by four men, all very muscular and tall. They towered over both herself and me. They looked frightening. It wasn't long before I realized she had an advantage over these men, no matter their size. But it didn't take her long to realize I had an advantage over them, I was amune to all of their extra "gifts", or whatever you want to call it. No matter what she told them to do, they would obey, she told them numerous times to beat me and torture me, they obeyed. She told them to use their powers on me, they obeyed, to an extent. The fact that no powers had any effect on me was both shocking and frustrating.

It went on like that for almost a year, every day, they would go and beat me, attempt to use their powers on me, and fail. After that Victoria just sort of gave up and just told them to beat me until there was no place on me without a bruise.


And it will now be two years, two years of being a vampire, two years of no human contact, two years of torture. Two years without him, that was the part that hurt the most. Surely someone would have told him about me, of course, who would, Charlie was pissed at him, as was everyone else close to me. They would never talk to him again, even if they did have any way of contacting him. They most likely had a funeral without telling him about it. Not that he would attend anyway. He no longer loved me.

I, yet again, forced myself to think of something more pleasant, like getting out of here, which was very unlikely. My thoughts wandered to Jacob, and whether he cared about what happened to me. I wondered if he knew the truth, if he went looking for me the day I mysteriously disppeared, if he attended my funeral.

"I have to find a way out of here." I thought one day as I lay on the floor watching the mice scutter around. "And soon, I can't take this much longer." I looked at the many bruises on my arms and legs. I got the inspiration I needed when I thought of how badly I wanted out. Out of this place. Out in the world.

I tried many plans out many times, and they never worked. I was always about to give up hope right when I needed it most. But I refused to let that happen. Some of the plans were guite good, actually. Once I tried to dig a hole to the other side of my prison, that I got in big trouble for. Another time I tried to run past Victoria when she walked in for another days beating, that didn't turn out real well considering the three men I still didn't know were blocking my way. I had tried several other things, but none of them ever worked.

I decided I would put my newest plan into action directly after Victoria's visit this afternoon. I was going through the plan in my head over and over, trying to remove any flaws. While I waited anxiously, I examined my bruises, they were hardly noticeable, although I had just gotten them this morning, one of the benefits of being a vampire was I healed very fast, well, physically, at least. I sat waiting, and when it started to get darker outside, I started to wonder what happened, not that I wasn't relieved she hadn't come today, don't get me wrong, it's just she never once, not in two years, let me go twelve hours without torture. This made me double-think my plan. She was sure to come in any minute to give make up for earlier, but she never did. After about a day and a half, I decided to put my plan into action, seeing as she probably wouldn't come if she hadn't already, and no one would come rescue me if they hadn't in the two years I've been held captive there. I decided to start as soon as possible.