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Mortal Anemones

Ana(Squiggy) and Sophia(Lenny) are changed into different species and the firsts of many problems come after them.


1. Chapter 1

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You think you can imagine how much it sucked to turn into a werewolf? Not even in your dreams, buddy. It was hot, sticky, and down right annoying. Not to mention big old dumb brother Sam wouldn't let me see Squiggy. What kind of horrible brother do I have?! Oh so he cares… big effin whoop. Or should I say… woof.

I think he's out to get me, at least. I mean, I once walked in on him and Emily, his fiancée, in an intense make-out session right after he imprinted her. Yeah, he imprinted. On Emily. Who is the best effin cook La Push has seen in centuries! Sam Uley was the least likely person to imprint on anyone. He had a steady girlfriend, who used to be my good friend, and had it going good for him. Welcome to my life. Har har har.

So maybe you want to know why I said werewolf. Well, that's because that's what I am. Yeah. I'm a down right cute, fluffy, small white werewolf. I'm about the size of a normal wolf. That's pathetic. But I have the worst bite of 'em all. I'm baring my teeth at you. Well, I can't right now very well, seeing as I look human.

Okay, so I have white fur. But that doesn't mean I have white hair. Na uh. I'd be UGLY. Not like Squiggy, who is bleach blonde when she hasn’t COLORED HER HAIR, who looks GOOD with bleach blonde hair. But I'd be scary. I have long brown hair. What shade, you can guess. Yeah. It's that boring. I have gray eyes, just like good old Sam. We think our dad did too, but we can't ever know, because our mom had green. I'm short for a werewolf, only 5'6. I'm PUNY which SUCKS.

I've jabbered enough and probably made you stop reading already. Now for the bit of action that does exist in transformation of a werewolf.

"Lenny?" my best friend in the entire universe asked. "Are you okay? You look a little off-color."

I chuckled. "That's good. Off-color. Right."

"I'm serious!"

"Yeah, serious as a squirrel!"

She touched her hand to my face before pulling away quickly. "You're burning up! I'm taking you home right now. Maybe Emily can help you."

"Squiggy, you worry too much. I'm my normal temperature, below average."

"More like above average," Squiggy grumbled.

"Fine," I snapped. "If you'll shut up, I'll go to Sam and Emily. But if I walk in on one more make-out session, I'm never going back!"

She burst out laughing. "That was funny."

"Was not! It was DISGUSTING! Have you seen your brother eat the face off HIS fiancée?!"

"I don't have a brother!" she said back, pretending to cry. She quickly sobered up. She was going to talk about her squirrel now. "But I have a pet squirrel named Bobby." What'd I tell ya?

"I'm going now, Squiggy."

"Bye bye Lenny." We did our pinking shake.

"Maybe I have mono," I joked.

"Right," she laughed. I turned around and took off running, quickly arriving back in La Push and up to the house of Sam and Sophia Uley and Emily Young.

"Sam! If you're kissing Emily again, I'm gonna go check with Billy about this dumb fever!" I yelled in, terrified of seeing them connected by lips and spit again.

"I'm not anywhere near Emily!" he called back. "And what's this about a fever?"

"Have Emily touch my head," I said, coming up to him.

She did so. "It’s time."

"WHAT?!" Sam and I exclaimed together.

"She's turning," Emily stated calmly.

My face spread into a wide grin. "Are you serious?!" I started dancing in a circle. Wanting to be a werewolf ever since I learned that Sam had transformed before me really took its toll on me. What sucked was I wasn't allowed to tell Squiggy about it.

"Come now," Emily said motherly. "You've got to get to bed. It's going to make you very sick soon."

I sighed, exhausted. I could already feel the genetic quirk taking its toll on my small body. "Yes Emily."

Sam followed behind, laughing all the way. He was almost as excited as I was.

I changed into my pajamas and laid on top of my blankets, already too hot to climb underneath. Sam tried to tell Emily not to cover me up, that this fever would break itself. She wouldn't listen.

I fell asleep somehow and when I woke up, I was drenched in sweat and surrounded by the pack.

"You okay, little squirt?" Quil asked. "You were asleep for two days!"

"Call me little squirt again and I'll punch you," I said through gritted teeth.

"Calm down," Jacob said, trying to keep the peace.

I glared at him. And then the pain came. It was horrible, like a sword was stuck in my heart and being slowly turned around and around.

"Something's gone wrong," Sam said. Or at least, it sounded like Sam. "She's changing different."

"Whadda you mean?" I asked.

"You aren't growing!"


"Don't talk about short until you look at Anastasia," Quil said, laughing.

"I thought you liked her," I mocked. He blushed. "Is the big bad Quil, gasp, EMBARRASSED?"

"Shut up!" he defended. "Besides, I can't do anything about it." He smirked at either Embry, Jared or Jacob. I couldn't tell. They were all in a line and it was all confusing! AAAAAH! SQUIGGY ALERT! SQUIGGY ALEEEEEEEEERT! I'm thinking like Squiggy too much. SAVE ME.

"Tell me Quil. Or I'll burst your brain in once I'm done," I threatened.

"Oooh frightening. The littlest wolf trying to be the most vicious," Embry mocked.

"Shut it Embry. I'll kick your little tush, too," I growled. And then I howled. Wait, howled?

I was knocked into unconsciousness again from the pain that followed my howl. That's odd to say. Anyway, when I woke up, I had white fur and my pajamas were in shreds next to me. Disturbing.

"Hello little white wolf," Sam said, walking in. "You certainly will be the cutest of the bunch to look at, I'll say."

Disturbing once again. I yipped at him and he just laughed. "Calm down, Little White. You need to come outside now. Well, get dressed in old flip-flops, a tank top, and shorts. We think your genetic quirk might not destroy your clothes, but we may be wrong. We're testing out our theory."

I growled at him, demanding that he get out. I formed back to human as quick as I dared, because it hurt pretty darn bad. I slowly slipped into a human on all-fours and scrambled up, searching for clothes.

Once I had found some and put them on, very much detesting that I couldn’t wear some of my cutest clothes now because I'd die of heat-stroke, I ran outside faster than ever before.

"Hello boys," I said, smiling. "I am now a wolf." They whooped and cheered and a whole bunch of stuff before Sam said, "Enough."

"Time to change?" I asked.

"Time to change," Sam confirmed.

This time it was a lot less painful. I became a wolf gradually, my clothes becoming one with my white fur as I became the werewolf I was born to become.

The boys became their wolf-selves and we headed off into the forest, howling and barking all the way. And I kept my promise to Quil. I smacked him upside the head and heard his brain jiggle. Laughing, I ran ahead and began my life as a werewolf.